Journal Feb. 15, 2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Mornin' folks! Checking in at a balmy 73* this morning. The humidity must be 110%! Very cloudy. It looks like more rain tomorrow. At least it is not cold. I can't do much outside due to the mud. Looks like no tilling for a long time...(sigh) Jewel, glad to here from you yesterday. My prayers go out to you and your friends family. How sad. Dori-how did the match go? Mary, are you getting any riding with all that snow? Have a great day all, Blessings, Lisa

Hi everyone - today is my first day back in the groove after all the action - no phones and I had to go to Atlanta yesterday for an eye appointment. It feels good to be back in front of my puter and garden to get some work done!

It's foggy and 55* this morning, supposed to reach upper 60s. I plant onions today!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

we did it-another district team champ-saturday will be indiviual districts-looking for a 3peat for Teig! The first meet was with rival school and it was hard! Now the team will head to Regionals in travercity..yahoooooo
Today the high will be 30! brrrrrrr No sign of sun either!
We had a beautiful snow yesterday, big flakes floating slowly to the ground! The roads were very icy last night coming home.
Lisa I know you are "itchin" to till up some soil-hope things dry up for you soon.
Dave n Trish glad thingz are back to norm and you are all safe.
Mary-we use to have ponies n horses-long ago, they were always so much fun to ride...LOL>>my sis was on our pony and i grabbed a weed and gave it to my nephew and said "hit it"(lol)my sis had the rodeo ride of her life, stopping just short of the electric fence(she had been yelling wooo)thank god I could always out run her! ;]
Today I have to do my chores-always and play in the basement with my seedlings-sometimes I just mix the dirt around in the bucket wishing I could go out to the garden!
My girlfriend calls every morning to see whats new at daves-she hasnt got a computer-YET!
have fun n stay safe
have fun n stay safe

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Congrats, Dori. I don't know what I'd do, Dave, if my internet connection or your web site was down! Phones I could handle, but please don't take away my DSL!

It was cold driving to work today, but the sky was clear and the moon and stars were out. I could see the outlines of cows on the hills. I had the heater on full and the window rolled down - the air smelled of wild mustard greens, dirt and cows. The pastures are greening and the calves are bulking up. California Poppies are budding and blooming, and sparkled bright orange when my headlights pick them out of the darkness.

Take care, everyone. Have a wonderful day.


Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. We have 10* here this morning and Dave is planting onions down in Tennessee! I was thinking of that yesterday, in pots here of course. I have done that before, put about 20-25 seeds in a 4 inch pot and had nice little onions to set out in a row when I could work the ground. Since I am dying to plant something at least I can do that! Getting days with suitable conditions for riding is just a real iffy day by day thing. I get pretty anxious about it this time of year when I have a lot of time on my hands. Frustrating as it is I always have a horse ready to do a 50 miler when the endurance riding season starts, so I know I don't need to sweat it. When the time comes I may have a problem getting my trailer out to take the horse to the ride location! Most years we don't get this much snow. My poor garden is so frozen I gave up trying to dig holes to bury the compost type garbage and put it in a 5 gallon bucket with a tight lid to be buried later. Meanwhile it is no problem because it is on the back porch frozen. I need go back to setting out about 3 rows of bagged leaves along the garden rows and have a spot where I can dig anytime I can move a bag. Last winter I really didn't need them, so I got lazy and got caught this winter. In the spring I just move the bags, plant my vegies, and use the leaves for mulch later when the soil is warm. Gotta check and see if I have or need to buy onion seed. I also need to inventory all my seeds and get an order written up. A good cabin fever activity. Jewel, it was good to hear from you, I hope the lamb/ewe problems are over, I know they seem to come in batches. Lisa, you can get out and wiggle your toes in the mud for me, been a long time since I saw any mud! Have a good day everyone. Count your blessings.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I'm so glad to hear you have service again, Dave & Trish. Life would certainly be different around here is we didn't have the internet. Or phone.
I had intented to plant peas in the next few days if it warms up somewhat. Then I read an article that said they won't do well if the ground is too cold. Guess I'll have to postpone that for a while.
The best way to describe the weather today is COLD. It looks like a winter wonderland outside. The trees and other plants are covered with a light coat of ice and frost. Picture perfect.
DH is still working on DGS's schooling computer. It's been down for nearly 2 weeks. DGS is doing his work on paper and this computer. The other computer finally crashed a few days ago. Then he couldn't get it to remember that it even had a modem much less cough up the correct driver. He had to take the modem out, find all the numbers, etc. and go onling on this one. It's a good thing we have a second computer or we would be in the shop the that one.
Have a great day everyone.

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