Nightowls 59: Come on in and chat sometime

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

This is the ongoing nightowls thread.Insomniac? Just too much coffee? Stop in and say hello. Even if you're an earlybird, you're welcome to join in. We came from here:

We try to post in boldface so a few friends who struggle with reading on a computer screen can read the posts. For more about such formatting, see

Lani, Wayne jumped right into 10-hour days? Holy cow, that's some stamina.

Hey, do any of you watch Pushing Daisies? Howie and I just love it! I posted a looong blog entry about it today. It's on at 8pm EST, an hour from now. It's such a treat every week!

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waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the new link, hon and was pleased to see that your OT is coming along nicely. In your honor, I tried some caribou coffee and thought it was pretty darn good!! How's Howie doing? I hope Maria drops in over here, too. News about Dais and Diane were an unpleasant surprise, hope all is better on that front too. I s'pose I should lurk less, but I have to limit my addiction to the computer or nothing gets done at all.

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Kimberley since lani got her wish and you said your wish is my command I think I should get a wish fulfilled to. I wish for you to send me 100 bucks or 100 more shares of microsoft they should be equal about now.

Shelia DH says nothing much gets done anyway unless he is at the controls LOL.

Lani nice to know Wayne is back in the traces. I need everyone to be still working so I continue to get a SS check.

Kimberley right now I would settle for no money or stock if you would just replace messenger sniff sniff.

For those of you who don't frequent coffee I as of today am a new grampa. Some of you will remember I am that once five years ago but it is bitter sweet because the childs mother is a real you fill in the blanks.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Ah, so you tried the Bou? Do you remember what roast you had? My favorite is Obsidian.

Ernie, congrats on the new grandbaby, even if the family situation isn't tip top. There's hope for the next generation, right? As far as MSN goes, would that I could, man. I hardly chat anymore. I always enjoy it when I do, but I just don't think to open it. I like Trillian, which lets you login to Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc. at the same time, all from within one program.

Well, I'd better head to bed. Some nightowl, I know. ;)

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Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Kimberley no problem with this family this boy is from Krissy and Tom. The problem is with Laurie and Brian my youngest son. Say hi to Howie for me.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Well, Ernie, he's snoozin', but I'll give him a little squeeze for ya.

Tittering as I toddle off to bed...

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Moab, UT(Zone 6b)

>b< I had a wonderful long post all ready to send. It went bye bye and now I am cranky. So will try again tomorrow.

meanwhile, here's a pic of some brilliant aspen color to brighten your evening. or morning cofffee or whatever.

Thumbnail by BloomsWithaView
Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

WOW. We don't have any color like that this fall. Lucky you!

This is what I've been doing, a mini album of our critters:

Not much else. Oh, we are going to see John Tesh in concert Thursday. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive, but it'll be worth the trip. The concert features dancers from 13-21 years old and a choir and orchestra backing John Tesh. You can watch some videos and listen to his music on my Teshy Goodness page. Yeah, a nerdy fan page. On my site. Who'd a thunkit?

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Blooms you got your signs backwards
it is supposed to be not >b<

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

No, you just put < and then the b, and then the >

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Sheila what did I say lol

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

You said "it is supposed to be not" and I didn't think that kind of advice was worth paying for. Now sit down and be quiet.

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Sheila ok I am not that sick now put up your dukes and we will see who shuts up. You should be ashamed of your self you are prolly scaring the pants right off Miss Blooms. Besides she has a lifetime of free passes for being nice to me. You on the other hand get cost plus 163%.
Unless you are siding with me in the fight of evil like against those like the inheat3 person lol smile.

Moab, UT(Zone 6b)

Ernie, I totally understood what you were saying.

Happy for your re-inaugauration as Grampa. Pleased you will be more in the life of this one. tee hee. Anybody who spoils doggies the way you do would be the perfect Grandpa no matter how many times over.

You are better from the bronchitis? Amazing how many doctors won't believe we know what we have wrong with us. "I've had this before" doesn't seem to hold much water with them.

I had expressed sympathy for both Daisy and Dianne. I understand what Diane is going thru with the recurring infections from tooth to sinus. My husband went thru the same thing for almost a year before success. Hope yours is of much shorter duration.

And Daisy whatever were you doing with that knife? Bless your heart - bet you didn't even realize you were that strong. I'm always surprised at the bruises I give myself.

We're due for a killing freeze tonite. Last wks frost did in my autumn sedums, but the salvia victoria keeps on with it's purple salute. My ever optomistic son told me to quit whining. Said he, "at the rate the seasons move along it'll be spring week after next." He do make me smile. ~~Blooms
More color, this time down-canyon from Telluride.

Thumbnail by BloomsWithaView
Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Gorgeous pictures Blooms!!!! I keep trying to get a photo of the Japanese maple in my front yard but DH forgot to put the batteries back into the charger so they were put back in there yesterday. Well today I went to get them and realized that the breaker had tripped and they are still dead. LOL My JM just glows in red, orange tones. LOVE IT!!!!

Did ya all get out and vote? We went this evening and didn't have to stand in line very long so that was great. Then we went out to dinner for Chinese and DH went off to VFW club so I am alone this evening and listening to FM radio soft rock.

Kimberley I too love John Tesh. He is a great entertainer I think. I'll have to look at your site after my son gets my computer made. This one would tell me that I don't have enough memory to perform that function. Grrrrrrr I hope my new to me computer will be done before Christmas 2020. That is about how fast things move around here. lol

I have been working on a small patio at our front door this week trying to get it all level and get the blocks to be stable underfoot is a pretty big job for me since I can't get on my knees to move things around. I can only hang over the area and work on it that way and the blood rushes to my head and I have to sit down. I figure that putting in almost 100 stepping stones to make this patio will get me to have a good blood flow to my head and maybe I will get some brain power from it to do something else? My luck all it will do is keep me a dizzy blond. LOL

All my hostas are put to bed for the winter and covered over with straw. Keeping them in pots is fine till you have to put them away for the winter. That took the two of us almost a full day to do. DH kept asking if we were done yet and I kept finding more to put away. I am glad that I didn't add too many more to the pots this year and got several of them planted in the ground because that way he didn't get to tell me how many more hostas I had this year over last because I actually ended up with fewer pots than last year so he had to shrink the straw bales a bit to fit what I had better.

Dianne seems to be feeling some better and I think part of it is retiring from that store where she was breathing all that deli grease every day.

Daisy still has a cast on and is starting physical therapy now but can't move her pinky finger at all yet. She can't drive or type so her life has been a bit rough with this injury. I haven't heard much from her lately but I did get that much info from her.

Ernie, I'll bet that puppy is growing like a little Weed. LOL Yup I meant that with both terminologies. Wayne said to tell you that he isn't planning on working much longer so enjoy your SS now while you get it. LOL

Kimberley, I like Trillian too. Haven't found Pushing Daisies but continue to look for it. What network?

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Lani, Pushing Daisies is on ABC. Here in EST it is on at 8pm. You can also watch episodes online at ABC: .

Howie and I made a little video today before we voted:

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Thank you Kimberley for the links to Pushing up Daisies. It is a pretty good show. I have gotten to watch it a couple of times and liked it. Cute video too you guys!

Where is everyone? I come back to this thread after being gone for a long time and everyone goes into hiding? What's that all about anyway? Is it the dog hair on my shirt or that I didn't get my teeth brushed yet? Maybe my long posts offended you? I sure hope not.

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

On a more serious note. My dear friend and former DG member Judithl who started this owls forum by posting that she was looking for me one late late night has been ill for quite some time. Well tonight I got an email from her hubby Terry and this is what he sent me. :o(

Dr Judith Christine Inman Ph.D.
01/07/43 10/27/08
Judith was born in Macon GA. and
Attended schools in the Macon area.
After high school she worked in a
Series of jobs in industry to include the
Telephone company, Georgia Tech
And Litton Industries in the mid 1980ís.
Her advanced education includes a
Bachelor of Arts Degree from Mercer
University (1991) And two Masters Degrees
and a PhD In Counseling Psychology from
Florida State University in Tallahassee. FL (2001).
Following her post doctoral work she formed a
company, Senior Outreach Counseling Services
in Tallahassee structured To provide help to elderly
citizens. She was forced to close The business in
mid 2005 for health reasons.
After years of pain and suffering God has called
Judith Home to Him as a reward for the help she
Has provided so many people over the years.
Dr Judith was preceded in death by her father,
Shirley Joseph Adams Jr. and her mother Daisy
Edythe Anderson, both of Macon GA.
Judith is Survived by her husband, Terence B. Inman
And Her daughter Elisabeth Elliott of Tallahassee and
Her Daughter Theresa Inman of Los Angels CA.
Her brother SJ Adams III of Macon and numerous
nieces and Nephews of Middle Georgia.
Burial will be private with arrangements by
Beggs Funeral Home, Tallahassee Fl.

Rest in peace my dear friend. You are finally out of pain. You will be missed.

This thread was the start of the owls forum:


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Verona, ON

Oh I remember Judith well. She had a wicked sense of humour and although in terrible pain most of the time was quick with a joke. Thank you LAni for posting that as well as the link. Oh my that is now 2 members ffrom the early Owls thread to pass. akes you realize how fragile life is, doesn't it?
Godspeed Judith

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Judith I am sure you remain a pistol. Carry on

Waaaay Down South, GA

Hugs Lani, for the loss of your friend. She was from my home stomping ground. Small world, isn't it?

I'm having so many computer issues lately, I just want to pull my hair out. If y'all don't see me back on line, y'all will know it's cause I'm down *again*.


Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

It sure does make you realize how fragile we all are in the grand scheme of things. Judith didn't come to DG anymore since she couldn't sit at her computer long enough to catch up with what we were saying here but she continued to enjoy the emails that I would send to her with her hubby reading them to her. She had a terrific sense of humor. She helped me and my brother through a very hard time in my life when my sister made waves at my Mom's death and made it so much easier for us to handle. I would phone her occasionally and we would laugh and talk for a very long time about nothing and everything. I will miss her.

Susan, my computer has been telling me it doesn't have enough memory to perform that function for a long time now. My son claims to be building me a different computer and I sure hope it comes soon before I take out the sledge hammer and do this one in. lol Dmail me your phone number so if you aren't online I can phone you to make sure you are ok. I love you dropping in on us here at Owls. I think it is now about the oldest ongoing thread at DG even though it is slower than some of the others we keep going.

Ernie, I am so sorry about your dear friend. I didn't know him but he sounds like he was a great guy to know. HUGS for you my dear friend.

Group hugs for every owl. Thanks I needed that. ;o)

Waaaay Down South, GA

Morning ...
Look for my number Lani. Would love hearing from you. I remember this thread was the first of the continued chat threads I stumbled on when I joined DG. It was so much fun to follow. Much chattier back then. I confess to being a lurker but sure enjoyed the banter that went on.

Today will be a busy one for me. I'll be cooking my cornbread for my dressing, chopping celery and onion, cooking seasoning meat for my turnip greens (I think the Northern folks eat the roots) I'll peal mine and chop them up in the greens. Yum. :) I'll go ahead and boil my eggs and anything else I can think of to make things go easy ... that is if I get off this computer. The DH hooked up the lap top for me to use. It's sad ... but all my recipes and everything are on the puter! LOL I just don't have room for all that stuff in Braille.

Y'all have a blessed day. :)

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh, no, I'm sorry to hear Judith died. I do remember her, and I hate to hear she was in such terrible pain. I am glad it is relieved, but sad to hear she's gone. :(

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Yes Kimberley she was in terrible pain from a collapsed spine due to a car wreck she was in as a teen. She had several surgeries to correct it but it had been deemed several years ago to be beyond help. She never really complained of it to me though.

Joan has posted the obituary for Judith at the memory forum as per my request.

Susan you are caught now and won't be allowed to just lurk here anymore. LOL If you don't post someone is likely to come looking for you. This thread is slower moving than many here at DG but I rather like it that way. I can at least keep up with it unlike so many that there is 12 million posts a day to try to read and acknowledge each poster too.

We are going to my cousin's home in the mountains north of Boise for Thanksgiving dinner without our son since he has to work that day. BUMMER!!!! He and his fiance had planned on going with us but he has to work till late. I was really looking forward to them joining us.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I like it, too, Lani. I can't keep up with the "Coffee and..." threads. I keep up with the Ohio River Valley forum's ongoing threads, but they're like this one and don't start anew each day. I prefer them like this since they don't fill up the whole board and bump others' posts down to the second page so fast.

We were blessed with a bargain today. I'd put a post out in the wanteds area at Craig's List, saying I was looking for a heavy-duty banquet table with folding legs. I put the price I was willing to pay at $15. I figured someone might answer it, but thought I probably put too low a price. A few weeks went by and out of the blue I got an e-mail from a lady who saw the ad. She's downsizing her craft area to a smaller room of her home and her banquet tables won't fit in it. She sold me one of them for $15! I could have had both for $28. I only needed one, though. It's in almost perfect shape for what I need, just a few scratches on top and a little paint. But hey, that's what will happen to it when I scrapbook on it. LOL Howie and I drove into Columbus in terrible Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving-during-rush-hour traffic and grabbed a bite to eat at a little mom & pop coffee shop in town. It was a nice evening.

Oh, my, 8' x 30" of scrapbook and craft space. I'm in Heaven just thinking about it. :)

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Love having a place to set up my crafts and leave them too. I hate to have to drag them out each time I want to do something with them. Your new table sounds perfect for that. My sewing room is like that where I can set it up and leave it but still just jump in for a few minutes while I am waiting for something else to happen.

We are waiting right now for our son to remove the two huge commercial sewing machines I have to his house so I can have that room to spread out with my home sewing machines. I don't use the heavy duty commercial ones anymore so he and his fiance can make good use of them for their costume business. They are making custom medival costumes for people now.

We moved the exercise bike into the spare bedroom last weekend and will also put the treadmill in there with a small TV so I can watch TV while I exercise. We only use the guest room one weekend a year normally and figured we can now use the camper instead so took down the bed. That room is only 8 x 10 so doesn't hold much more than the two pieces of equipment and my four tier plant stand but now it is going to be finally used daily. I am excited about finally having a place to exercise at home. Just hope I can convince myself to get in there and do it. (oops did I say that?)

I managed to get all the electric covers put back in the living room today and removed all of them in the dining room for painting so as soon as we are done doing the ceiling in the living room we can move on to the dining. When we get that done then we will do the walls and then the kitchen comes next.

We dread getting to the office where the computer desk and the sewing is but figure we might be able to get it all done before spring if we keep plugging away at it. If we can do that then we will only have the bathroom to finish and that will take some remodeling so it is waiting till last as we save up to do it right. We want to do a tile shower and radient floor heat with a tile floor since it isn't heated and it sure gets cold taking a shower in there. We blow a breaker every time we put a space heater in so the radient heat will be the best way to do it. Of course that will take a new breaker so the list is long there.

Well I am off to the shower to get ready for the drive tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving all

Waaaay Down South, GA

Just have enough time to pop in to say happy Thanksgiving! Will BBL!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Lani, treadmills make great clothes drying racks. Ask anyone. LOL

Happy thanksgiving, y'all.

Verona, ON

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Kimberley, A clothes drying rack was what it was in the last place we had it stored. It does make a lovely one too. Expensive but lovely. LOL

We just got home about a half hour ago and I am tired. DH has already done chores and dropped into bed. We did get to see our son for a little while this evening so we feel better. It was hard having him working today and we didn't think we could get our fix and hugs from him but it worked out since he got home and we took him some leftovers from our dinner. My cousin was very generous and Eric is happy and full. He said he had a very slow day at work but they were tossing a Rubics cube around and teaching each other how to solve it faster. To get paid for doing that wasn't too bad I guess, he still had a smile on his face since he got double time for his hours today.

Goodnight all and enjoy the sales tomorrow if you go shopping. I will be staying home since we don't need anything and I am about done Christmas shopping anyway.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

No sales for me. I have shopping to do, but it's a mystery shop complete with a hidden camera. I have to go to some apartments and let the rental consultant "sell" me on them. It shouldn't take more than two hours including the time it takes to do the online report portion and it pays $55, not bad. Secret agent woman! LOL There's a small videocam with an external button camera that peeks through a buttonhole and is secured inside the shirt with Velcro. It's pretty nifty.

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

That sounds cool. I used to do mystery shopping but usually it was just go buy a certain type of hamburger and fries and a coke or something and get paid $5 plus the cost of the food. The paper work took more time than the report. I had to rate them on cleanliness too and go into the bathroom and report on it and report on the way the people running it were dressed. It got to be a hassle so I refused one shop and they never contacted me again. LOL

DH and I got about half the ceiling in the LR painted today. My neck gave up before I did and I am paying for that tonight.

I just realized that we only have 5 months till the wedding. YIKES. We have too much to do in that time.

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

Why is this on the Jokes & Humor Forum:
It's not Funny ^_^

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Hi, Rentman. This ongoing thread started in this forum way back when the forum was called Jokes & Chat, back about 5 or more years ago. It stayed put even after the forums were expanded and renamed. I reckon we're grandfathered here. Anyway, it's too tiring trying to be funny all the time. LOL

Well, my mystery shop never happened yesterday. I'm pretty annoyed since I canceled plans in order to do the thing. They only contacted me to do the thing on Tuesday, overnighting the stuff to get it to me Wednesday. Well, I didn't realize they expected me to call and set up an appointment to look at the apartments. I couldn't do that Wednesday night, nor Thursday. And then no one answered yesterday. The shopping company's offices are closed for the holiday weekend, too, so there was no way to reach anyone. Pthbt...Whole day, in the drink and I'll likely not get to do it since the client wanted it done yesterday. It paid $55 for about 2 hours of work, total, too. :/

I do audits for a wireless company. I only audit the store in our town since driving to the others in the Columbus market would be cost-prohibitive. Those are easier since the people know what I'm there for and I have guidelines to read and answer as I go along -- no marathon memory challenges. LOL

Everson, WA(Zone 8a)

Rentman why are you here if you dont like it dont read it ok you want funny here you go smile

Thumbnail by eweed
Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks for the info, I've new with Daves Garden, chat on.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Oh Ernie!! Sharing the honeywagon already? I'm impressed at your generosity.
Don't scare Rentman away , he has good jokes.

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Verona, ON

May we read some then from Rentman? I am always up for a good joke.

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

The last one I posted was 'Dirty Dishes'
Not a real joke but interesting.

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