How do we make a windmill for our farm?

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

We would like to make our own windmills to generate electricity and for water. Does anyone know if free windmill plans are available anywhere? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)


Goldendale, WA

glenda,i dont know how deep your well is.there are some sights i have been looking into.i do not know anything about them,i am also interested in wind energy,solar.these site i may check into more.hope this will be of some help.go back woods home forums,you will find a lot on these try the backwoods forums as there are many on there who talk about windmills and building things.good luck,hope this helps. also try

Clarkson, KY and

from the Sustainable Alternatives forum -the homemade solar panels guy also did a homemade windmill which looked pretty good to me...

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