Millsap, TX

I started some P. Actinia from seed last Winter it has grown 25ft up into the trees but has yet to bloom.. Anyone have any idea on how long it takes??? It is getting the time of yr I m going to have to cut back and mulch or bring it in.. I had heard it is only Hardy Z9 but it has withstood 34*F temps more than once with no leaf burn...I would appreciate any info!!


When you say last winter, do you mean 07/08? Most passies take 2 years to bloom, so it may be next year.


Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

Mine Took 2 years al tho Some Will Bloom at 12 or 18 Months

Millsap, TX

Very early '07...I have yet to cut it..
How far can I cut it back?? (it is 25' up in the tree) and still expcept blooms?
Thanks Ya'll!

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

id cut it back to 4 feet

Millsap, TX

Thanks Paul!

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