Nutrition for Dialysis and Chemo patients

Slidell, LA(Zone 8b)

Looking for nutrition/meal ideas for dialysis and chemo patients. I am the primary caregiver for my grandmother who is on dialysis 3 days a week and my dad who is getting ready to start chemo. I know that my grandmother should stay away from foods high in potassium and phosphorous. Unfortunately, that covers most of the things she would eat. She is a very picky eater and doesn't like vegetables at all, except for carrot souffle, which she thinks is candied sweet potatoes, she says she doesn't eat carrots! lol

My dad was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, which has spread to the liver. He had surgery last week to remove a large colon tumor and also had his gallbladder removed. We see the oncologist Tuesday to discuss starting chemo.

I really need suggestions on good healthy meals I can fix each of them to deal with their individual issues. thanks!

Iola, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi Em, I just seen your post... How is your Dad and Grandmother doing? I just did a search and found this site...
Hope it will help a little...

Slidell, LA(Zone 8b)

Hey Trish - things are going ok. Dad has been doing the chemo pills and started with the infusions yesterday. So far he has been surprisingly fine, only a little queasiness. I hope that continues. Granny's dementia has gotten worse and she fights me about going to dialysis. She just doesn't want to go. Its strange because she will ask you the same question over and over, not remember things from 5 minutes ago, etc., but boy she can be sharp as a tack! LOL I have to check all her pockets before she goes to dialysis b/c she tries to sneak candy with her. She told her nurse Monday that she was going to have to start hiding her candy in her shoe! LOL Then, when they told her she had to come back Wednesday, she right away said, "Oh honey, I'm going to be out of town"! LOL Not! When she's not driving me crazy, she has me laffing!

Thanks for the link, I glanced at it and will look at it more later today. I appreciate the response! :)

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Em...look up and alkalizing diet, and keep him as much as possible on the alkaline DH was just dx'd with the same thing, 01/09/09.
Nutrition is the key in keeping up his immune system to fight the cancer.

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