farm journal Nov 16

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

This is something that we used to do just about every day here on the Farm Forum, a daily journal of the happenings on the farm, weather, births, all the things that make up a day in the life of a farm. I've missed it, and decided this morning to start one out and see if we can keep it going.

We are having what the Weather Channel calls a 'lake snow event'. Around here, we just call it November. We've probably had about 3 inches and there are little flurries that fly through, some with more snow, some with less.

We didn't make it to church this morning for several reasons. Stan spent all day yesterday putting a new elevator under the barn cleaner chain, actually finished it this morning and did get the barn completely cleaned for the first time in about a week. Then he had to go to his brother's, the one who had a stroke, and put hay out. He was going to spread there, too, but the tractor wouldn't start and he'll go back tomorrow and do it. His brother will have surgery on Thursday and with any luck at all, will be back to himself (more or less) after a couple of weeks of recovery. I went out to get milk for the house, and Stan was just getting to feeding calves so I fed the one bottle baby. She's a little Jersey/Holstein cross who will go to the sale barn on Tuesday. She's cute as a fawn, with a dark red coat and white spots on her feed and head, but not one that we want to keep. We had trouble breeding her dam, so that's the reason her daddy was a Jersey. And no, I don't understand why that works, but it does.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Thanks for starting this Kathleen. I also have missed the farm reports we did many years ago. How is Stan's ankle? I hope it healed up without damage from him not following the doctor's orders and staying off it. Farming for a living is tough.

We don't have snow yet, but it has been down low on the hills above us a couple of times. Our nights get down to about 22 some nights and somewhat warmer on others. I've been cleaning flower beds, enlarging some, and making some new ones. I cleaned out one that had become so overgrown with wild rosebushes, self seeded phlox, a couple of invasive weeds, and quackgrass, that it took about 3 weeks to complete the job. Then of course the one on the other side looked worse so I had to do that one too.

I ended up with a lot of iris divisions and needed to put them somewhere, so I made a little bed to plant them in, then made another larger one. These were places where I wanted flower beds anyhow.

A week ago one of my horses had a colic that required a trip to the vet. He recovered ok but I spent a night getting up and going out to walk him at 2 hour intervals, and kept him in the horse trailer tied up so he couldn't lie down while the oil and water the vet put down him via a nasal tube worked it's way through his system. I didn't want him to roll and twist a gut while he had a lot of gas in there. Several years ago we lost his mother to a colic, and the memory is still fresh.

Some of the ranchers near us are already feeding hay to their beef cattle, but the neighbor next to us, the one I help with sheep and cattle, still has pasture for his animals. We had some rain, maybe an inch or 2 all together, spread over several small storms, followed by warmer weather, that was enough to revive some of the pasture grass. All his lambs have been sold, and all the yearling cattle that were destined to be meat, so that took the pressure off the pastures just about the time we got some rain.

My rototiller, after about 25 years of faithful service, declined to run when I wanted to turn the cornstalks and other garden rows under, so it went to a repair shop a couple of weeks ago. We need to check and see if it is fixed. There were a lot of machines ahead of ours but we hope he fixed it and just forgot to call us. And sometimes you just have to keep after them. He might not think I want to use it this fall. You know what they say about even the worst plowing job in the fall being better than the best one in the spring. I hope to get the garden turned before we get snow. Right now it has the perfect amount of moisture.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Hello Everyone!

I have been busy trying to get up fire wood for the winter.. I get so far with it and then turn over the job to my Husband.. We have some pretty big logs out in front of our house that need to be split.. That's his job.. Last year the County Electric people wanted to cut down trees under the electric lines.. They cut down some pretty big trees.. and made in moveable logs.. I loaded them with the skid loader and moved them up to the house.

Yesterday was the first day for gun season for white tail deer.. I am hoping lots of hunters are successful and hopefully more will want to fill their freezers with meat instead of line their walls with trophy bucks. The hunter that we lease to has taken one in so far for us to put in the freezer.. I will give most of the meat to my adult children.. and I told my husband we need to concentrate on cleaning out the freezer so we can put fresh meat in there.

Oh , Kathleen, How I wish I could buy that little heifer from you.. But, As much as I wish I was milking a cow, I know that I won't have time until I retire from my payin' job. But, That little heifer sounds like exactly what I would want.

I have a cow that looks like she has an infected tooth.. Need to get her to the vet.. My brother wanted to borrow my hereford bull. He is going to sell all his calves next year. For borrowing our bull he is going to graze two cows over the winter. He has mostly angus cows.. The crosses gain better..

It's a beautiful sunny day today.. Yesterday it was spitting snow. I am feeding hay to the cattle.. They seem to nibble on the hay and then go graze a bit and then back to the hay.. Hoping to be able to graze more this winter.. and not use quite so much hay.. as we buy our hay..

I picked two peppers out of the Green House this morning.. They are a little spicy hot .. Wish I had a couple of tomato plants in there.

MaryE, Now when you talk about what you are doing I can imagine where you are.. What beautiful country you live in..

Kathleen, Thanks for starting the journal again.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

It's good to see both of you.

We still have heifers out. I took some apple peels and rotten apples out to them before lunch. The 4 youngest still stay out in the orchard where they spent the summer. They are looking a bit grim today, didn't even rush at the apple peels. Stan said at lunch, after he gave them a big round bale, that they will probably go in the barn tomorrow. We have eight down at the rented pasture and some out behind the barn. I suppose it depends on how much snow we really get on when they come in. Oh, and if there's room for them!

Stan is healing well and the docs have both said that he's good to go. He's learning that there are limits (welcome to MY world), and has asked for help a couple of times when he wouldn't have before the break.

KJo, I thought of you this morning when I was feeding the little heifer, who has white spots on her FEET, not her feed. She'd probably make someone a good family cow, if they have a bunch of kids or make butter and cheese. Her mother is good enough that we've kept her in spite of her nasty disposition. She's a pusher and a stomper and a head thrower. Hmmm, on second thought, you DON'T want this calf!

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Well shut mah ever-loving piehole, look who's here! Nice to see the farm reports again, even nicer to be able to "visit" ya'll farms and homes again!

Life at MoonDance Farm goes on. Not nearly as cold as where you are, Kathleen, but this week we'll be getting nights down into the lower 20's. I love the cold weather (off and on!) cus I like having the wood stove fired up in the shoffice, the wood smoke smell permeating the outdoor air, the frozen chicken poop on the ground as I walk thru the pens (unable to squish between my toes), and, of course, the extra flavor the cold weather brings to my brassica crops! I took a huge cooler of beautiful broccoli to mkt on Sat! What happy customers we had! And the greens, (turnip, mustard, kale, rape) are a regular staple this time of year (especially when I splurge and add a smoked turkey leg to the pot!).

Many of my chickens aren't paying rent right now (no eggs!) but some are about to start soon. (They just turned 20 weeks old.) Other chickens are in the "soon to be in the freezer" pen (apparently preferring to offer me meat instead of eggs?).

Enough yapping from me for now. Will be watching and reading this thread (and more to come?) to try and keep up with all the farmers/growers checking in!

Hope you and yours are happy and healthy!
Very best to All,

Thought For The Day:
Ever wonder what the speed of lightning would be if it didn't zigzag?

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

This sounds like a fun forum!
Our "farming" is pretty well done for 2008. We finished packing away Glad & Dahlias on Wednesday. No more oil getting burned up in the greenhouse. Plowed my field just before rain moved in. Farmers here are having trouble getting done now because of being to wet. It will soon freeze up here.
My baby chicks are growing like weeds & eating very good. We got 125 Gold Star layers. They were hatched October 1. Plans are for them to be laying just in time for next years market.
Wednesday, the old hens are going to the locker plant to become soup stock. We have about 40. $2 a piece to have them butcher, wrapped & frozen. I don't think that's to bad.
Cabinet shop is super busy. We have projects for 7 different people going right now. Running out of room to store the completed ones. Can't deliver yet because houses aren't ready.
Our low so far was 22. About average. Most nights only around 32. Days are running between 35 & 45. After growing up in northern MN, this is like WARM!

More later,

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hi everyone!
It is so good to see y'all. What a busy last few days we've had.

We returned to Louisiana for a very quick visit and just got home a few hours ago. This was the first time Jesse went back to Louisiana since we moved. It had been 21 months since he laid eyes on our hometown. It was a very quick trip and we have now officially closed down our Landscaping business. No more ties! over, done..kaput.

I missed my little farm while I was gone, all the animals fared is good to be back in the country. The traffic was terrible.

I'm going curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, I'm fighting off a terrible head cold. I'm going to have to come back and read everyone's postings later. I can't think straight..well, not that I ever could anyway..ha!

Good evening all.

Waddy, KY

It's finally turned cold down here and really it's for the birds! We finally got some rain this weekend, enough to fill up some of the holes in the creek that had been dry since the middle of July. Most of the creeks still aren't running.

We've moved the spring freshening cows to our hill farm to graze up there until probably(hopefully) the first of the year. We're so short of hay that we bought 150 rolls from the next county over and finally got them all home and unloaded. Hopefully that will get us through maybe January. What we'll do then I'm not sure.

We're starting our fall breeding run. We started feeding MGA to the heifers on Friday. We'll syncronize the heifers to freshen about 2 weeks before the older cows so they can have a little more time to get back in shape before we rebreed.

I've got one more week of regular market and we'll be done for the year. I've still got turnips, kale, broccoli, butternuts and a few cabbage plus my baked and canned goods. I'm sort of looking forward to not rushing around on Saturday trying to get things done.

I wish our other house was finished but that always seems to take the back burner. The nephew did get some more drywalling done but it's sooo slow. So very discouraging sometimes.

Stay warm everybody!


Prophetstown, IL(Zone 5a)

so glad to see this forum revived! waving hello to everyone. Winter has come early to my little place - already had our first snow flurries - and the temps are really cold already - we got UP to freezing yesterday.

I added a *new to me* flock of hens to my coop last week. My old girls are 'on vacation' so the eggs are far and few between. My goats (Betty, Barney and Fred) still believe that I am their personal servant. And yesterday I had to wrangle them to administer wormer since Fred (a lovely but unthrifty wether) looks like he has bottleneck again.

It's the time of year that strays start showing up on doorsteps around here. People often drop off unwanted pets in the country. A pretty tortoise shell cat showed up at my porch door the last week in September - I thought she looked pregnant. A week later (once she had apparently approved me) she brought me two adorable kittens. Another cat has taken up residence in the hay loft. It's a regular Wild Kingdom over here.

I am far behind in my winterizing chores this year due to a sick DH. But I did manage to fill the barn with hay and straw. Gardens and orchard aren't cleaned up yet and I'm still trying to find some firewood. My paying job has been extraordinarily busy the last few months but I'm grateful to have a job when so many don't.

It's so good to see old friends in the Farm Forum - I hope everyone will keep posting


Thumbnail by jerseyridgearts
Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Catherine, it's nice to see you again. Cute kitties! I'm thankful that you still have a good job and hope you can find some firewood before winter.

We will pick up the repaired rototiller today and I WILL get the garden residues turned under! I feel like we are living day to day on borrowed time with the weather. Between trying to get as much done as possible outside, we are also getting ready for 10 or 11 Thanksgiving guests who will arrive Wednesday evening and stay until Sunday afternoon. We won't have time to collapse until later!

It's so nice to see everybody, lets keep this going!

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

We hauled our old hens to the locker plant today. 28 less mouths to feed. A few are already spoken for. Probably have no trouble getting rid of them!

Otherwise, weather is so miserable we can't do much outside. Wind blows hard from one way or another every day. Good for all the windmill power plants around here.

My son just let the baby chickens into the area the old hens had. Said they are having
a ball checking it all out.

Well, off to the cabinet shop.


Waddy, KY

Cold damp weather is the pits. Somehow it seems to just go through me. MIL has been in the hospital for a week and a half but should get home today. That will make things easier for all here as I won't be spending the night at the hospital. She will still need someone staying at her house for a while but her couch is a lot more comfortable to sleep on than a little cot at the hospital. These bones don't seem to appreciate Spartan anymore.

I bought some fruit trees that were supposed to be delivered in mid October while it was still warm. They finally showed up on my porch yesterday. I hope to get all 11 of them planted this weekend. I also have about 7 more blueberry bushes to get in the ground. I guess I'll surround all of them with chicken wire after planting to keep the rabbits and the deer from destroying them.

Bernie, it's a shame we aren't closer in distance. You could do our cabinets whenever we get around to finally being ready for them. As it is we've looked at two houses in the area that had Amish cabinetmakers build theirs. I think that's probably the route that we'll go. They beat the heck out of what Home Depot and Lowes offers from what I can see.

Everybody have a good day!


Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Delivery is available!

I loved coming there for KY RU & would stop in KY anytime.

Check out my web site


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Humansville, MO(Zone 6a)

I'm sure glad this was started this again .Elle and I just came in from giving the goats there tetanus shot. Still got two to catch will try this afternoon or in the morning
I finally finish up the roof on the last section of the rabbit barn. This has been a ongoing project since spring every time I thought I would get to it something came up. I would of dance a jig last night but was to tired by the time I finish.
I also made Elle nest boxes for her chickens And she has one young hen starting to use it.She now has 7 eggs We think it is just one hen yet I was surprised that they even started as late in the year as it is. The last one is starting to get a little bigger.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Hey, Dave, could you send me the dimensions for your nest boxes, please? Our relief milker is wanting to make some for an Ag Tech class and is having difficulty finding plans.

Good to see everyone!

Waddy, KY

It's raining pretty hard here this morning. All summer long we needed rain so it's time to get the water table back up to par.

I got my ten fruit trees planted yesterday afternoon but didn't get the rest of the blueberries in the ground. They're still in pots so at least it's not a big problem. I need to get the trees surrounded by chicken wire before the deer use all of them for rubs. They took the new cherry tree I planted this spring and reduced it to a chewed toothpick. I only hope there's a bud that will come back on it this spring. The only good deer is venison.

We got some wood split this weekend. DS was in from Berea and was able to help for a few hours. Big 19 year olds can get lot of heavy work done in a short amount of time....

DH has gone to the hill farm this morning to check on the bred cows. At least we shouldn't have to water up there today. But with all the deer hunters out there it's good to make sure everyone's accounted for.

Catherine, strays is usually how we get all of our pets. I've never had to take a kitten off anyone's hands. Usually they just show up at our cat dish. Right now I'm down to four tame cats and one wild white one. I wouldn't mind the white one so much if it didn't pick fights with one of the tame males. They're both so beat up that they look like they stuck their heads in a hammermill. And the tame one never provokes the attack. That's what irritates me so much!

Have a good day everyone!


Prophetstown, IL(Zone 5a)

Glad you're getting some good rain, Janet. Wasn't it last summer that the drought was so bad in KY? I looked at a house on some acreage in Kings Mountain (SE of Berea?) and the whole area was parched.

Took the whole Cat family to the vet today - turns out one of the girl kittens is a boy....Mom got fixed and the kittens got shots...guess I'm a cat owner.

Final Harvest is underway here despite that we had some snow over the weekend...the roads are full of combines and grain haulers. Oh and orange vested deer hunters.

Guess I'm letting Fall garden cleanup least in the flower gardens...the birds are quite irritated if I start rummaging around in there.

Still looking for firewood...usually it's plentiful but apparently not this year.

Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

It's so nice to see people posting about their happenings on their farms and families!

Question: Since we all used to post daily, with a new thread (i.e., Farm Journal Nov 16. Farm Journal Nov 17, etc) would ya'll be up to maybe making it a weekly thread? That way none of us will feel pressure to post everyday when we get too busy to do so (like me, please!).

Perhaps we could start a weekly thread, that way it will be more in tune to the date/season as well as keep the thread shorter (dial-upper here.).

Since this is a new week should we consider a "Farm Journal, Week of Nov 24" or the like, then change it weekly?

Any input?


Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Sounds like a good idea, Shoe.
So here is the new thread;

I will start one every week for a time & see how it goes.

Someone bumped up your thread about shrinking your turkey. Jo, (roadrunner) said we needed it to make Thanksgiving complete!

Have a Great Evening!

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

OH My. I'll never live that turkey day down, will I?

Thanks, Bernie. Heading to the new thread.

Thanks for taking on opening a new one each week! You're the best!


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