Farm Journal - Nov 30 - Dec 6

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Happy end of long weekend.
I overate today. This was our day for the Thanksgiving feast. Stuffing was wonderful. Turkey was done just right. And pie, oh my!

Tomorrow my MIL is moving into a different apartment. Same building just a different unit. This building has three sections of 4 apartments each. She was in the west end. The laundry room is in the center section. She is 90 years old & needed to go outside & down a sidewalk to get to the laundry. She now will be right by it. The owners put new carpet in nearly the whole apartment.
So she should have it pretty nice now.

I got an order for a kitchen island from showing the one at the flea market last weekend.

Be back later.

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Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

HEy Bernie and all...
WEll, we had a nice thanksgiving at our daughter's, but hardly any leftovers. So today I cooked a turkey and all the fixins, had my other daughter and her family out and now I have leftovers.

I don't believe I've even walked out the door today. It was a rainy, yucky day. Ralph did something to his back and has been babying it all day :( It is still nice and toasty warm in here with the wood furnace going. Funny but the dog and cat keep sneezing, as well as Ralph. Wonder if they all got the same cold!

I have to go back to work tomorrow; 3 more weeks and then I'm going to enjoy this time off. We may travel to MA for Christmas but haven't made the decision yet. Need to find someone to stay with the house and animals. I had most of this past week off and I got so much done in the house, but still no decorations up.

I hear we are going to have snow tomorrow. I love snow if I don't have to be out in it.

Everyone have a great day and a super week.


Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

I am caught up in the cabinet shop, so went to work on greenhouses today. This one is getting a complete makeover. I tore out the old benches earlier. They came with the house. They are 4 x 8 made out of 2x4's, covered with 1 x 1 hardware screen. We are using them for chicken pens. Work good for the roof to keep them from flying out.

I am putting in the benches I make out of hat channel & steel studs.
Much more sturdy & trays slide off of them better.
This house will be used to grow the Hostas & perennials.

This picture shows how the benches will be.

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Waddy, KY

Bernie, those benches look really wide. Is it hard to reach clear across them or do you even have to?

No snow here but that nasty blowy bone chilling damp cold. MIL is still in the hospital. I'm still staying with her at night and I think the two of us are starting to get used to the routines of being woke up at all hours of the night. At least I fell back to sleep a lot faster last night. Between the time at work and the time at the hospital I've seen home only about 3 hours a day here recently. I can hear my bed calling my name rather plainly.

I want to try to start getting ready for the Horse Park Southern Lights KY Proud Festival that's the weekend of the 12-13. I need to make up a couple more batches of salsa and get started on my baking. Having never done this festival before I have no idea on what to expect in terms of crowds or buying habits to know how much product to take. We'll just have to wing it this year. After this I'm done for the year. I've been working on the daylily website price list and have most of next years prices set. Just need to add in my new inventory and get the list to the webmaster to get the site updated. It's been slow going.

My nephew has been working some on the drywall at the house. He's almost finished and ready to start painting some more. I'm hoping that DH can get the wood furnace hooked up here in the coming weeks and can get things warmed up some in there to keep the drywall seams from cracking in the cold. We had a little scare last week when we realized that we had forgotten to drain and blow out all the water pipes. Fortunately none of them burst so we dodged the bullet there. I'd surely love to be in this house by next summer. We've been working on it for 6 years and my patience is about to reach it's limits.

Kathy, hope Ralph's back is better. Pulled muscles are the pits and bring your whole general outlook on life wayyy down when you're hurting.


Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Howdy Folks!

Kathy, you and Ralph sound like me, I didn't cook any turkey until a couple days past T-giving Day. (Smoked a brined turkey breast and some extra legs on my smoker grill. They came out cooked and flavored to perfection!)

Coldish and windy here today (for me anyway!). (Probably would be a heat wave to Bernie!) Tomorrow looks much nicer so will be working on setting a couple fence posts and fixing a little bit of fencing. Also need to start cleaning up the greenhouse so I'm all ready for seeding/potting up in February.

Off to gather eggs and sweet talk some grumpy hens that are yapping about the cold. Brrr.

Best of All to all of ya'll.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

You guys all sound busy..
Bernie, Your projects all amaze me..

Did anyone see the Moon, Venus and Jupiter last night? I was so anxious to see the display.. Got off work at 5:30 PM at the University Hospital where I work... I took pictures in front of the hospital while waiting for Hubby to pick me up.. Watched the moon get covered by clouds as we drove home.. I was anxious to try out my new camera..

There is a beautiful sky tonight.. Just the moon is over a bit from the two planets.. I was easy to find the short in the electric fence tonight.. I could see the spark in the dark... Cows were peaceful.. I hauled out two large bales of hay.. They already had two bales.. I'm ready for more winter weather tomorrow..

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

We had a housefull over the Thanksgiving weekend. They started arriving Wednesday about 9pm and all but one stayed until Sunday about noon. We had a good crew for cooking and clean up, and all had time for some fun too. The turkey, 20+ pounds, was pretty much down to bones by Saturday noon, so we made soup with homemade noodles for Saturday night dinner, plus buscuits and a salad made of raw brocolli cut into little bites, green onion, apple, nuts, raisins, fried bacon bits, and mixed with a sweet and sour bacon dressing.

The past few days have had just enough rain to make our clay soil stick to our shoes. The soil in the garden got too wet to do a second rototilling job, so the tiller is in the shed for the winter. I'm glad I got it done once. There were a couple of days when I could have done it again, actually had it in the plan of the day twice, but I was too busy with Thanksgiving preparations to get to it. We had some rain before everyone left, so that took care of my little window of opportunity.

One of the things we did while everyone was here, was to stack and burn a lot of limbs. My weed piles from the vegie garden got burned too. I had a few little chores on my do list, but we didn't get to them. I did about half of them today.

This afternoon we went to a community meeting about a big powerline that is proposed to come through our area. We are near the alternate route. It's one of those 3 wire ones on steel towers that are up to 190 ft tall, with lights to keep planes from hitting them. I don't want to look at our beautiful mountains through power lines and I hate riding under power lines on a horse. The power would be carried to Idaho, not used locally. The only neighbor who is in favor of it was not at the meeting. He owns a lot of land and is seeing $ signs. His parents were at the meeting, they are not in favor of it. The meeting was held in the fire hall, they moved the trucks outside and we were out of the wind but there was no heat in the building, and it was only about 35 outside. Probably inside too. Not bad, but after standing on cement for an hour and a half, we were both cold.

KathyJo, I missed seeing the moon last night, and tonight is cloudy too. Usually we have a clear sky to see things like that. I remember looking at a comet a few years ago. It was visable for about a week but we had to get behind the hay shed and away from the yard light to see it.

Shoe, did you mention a stew pot to those hens? They might need inspiration. Do you give them extra light?

Bernie, your greenhouse benches are beautiful. You always have such interesting projects.

Janet, that is a LONG, L-O-N-G time to be working on a house you can't even live in yet. We always move in to old houses, then start tearing the house apart and live in the mess with improvised wiring, plumbing, holes in walls, plastic sheets for temporary outside walls, sawdust, sheetrock dust, etc. We have used the woods at times when the bathroom was being redone and the toilet was sitting on the porch. Ah fun!! I hope you can get into it by next summer. How about some pictures of the work in progress?

Prophetstown, IL(Zone 5a)

hello all....bracing for our first real winter snowstorm although we've had snow the last week. One of my wethers has been sick (bottle jaw) since before Thanksgiving and my vet who has been treating him is out of town - and her partner was sick with the flu today. Referred to another vet who came out today and checked poor Fred over...wonderful vet - detailed exam, medications, 50+ mile r/t and some training for a more than economical price. Hoping that the goat starts to improve especially with low temps forecast in the single digits next week.

Bernie - those are wonderful greenhouse benches - showed DH your photos because that task has been on his *hunny do* list for quite a while.

Sounds like everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe tomorrow's 1/2 foot of snow will help me get in the holiday mood.


Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

We were traveling home at about 7 PM. I had my 11 year old Grandson with me. We were talking about the moon & "stars" by it. Didn't realize until the news came on that the stars were actually the planets. Sky was very clear here. Temp dropped to 9 before going up again. It was 25 at 5 AM & got to 42 today. We have a snow storm on the way for tomorrow.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

I saw the moon and planets the night before when the moon was just a sliver and west of them. I tried to take some pictures, but didn't have my tripod where I could get to it and there are at least two moons in all the pics! I should have just grabbed the old 35 mm. It's been pretty cloudy since, although it is clear this morning.

We have to take the Trailblazer to the dealer today to get some recall work done on it. It has a nasty gas leak - took 4 gallons of gas to go 20 miles on Monday. Stan's talking about trading, but at this point, it's just talk.

A friend and I may be going shopping today - the weather is supposed to be sunny and up to 40. Snow for the rest of the week, so I hope we can get it in. She and her husband and five children have taken in four nieces. They now have kids ranging in age from 8 to 18, with six of them being teenagers. We've been helping where we can and the family and churches involved and the community have been wonderful. They are in the process of becoming their permanent legal guardians, but it is a long and tortuous trip.

Stan had two new heifer calves yesterday, a refreshing change after having had nothing but bulls all summer - 14 out of 17 births. We have had a better run lately. The young man who milks mornings took the heifer half of a mixed set of twins home. She'll make good beef in a year or two. His four little ones were all excited about having a calf in the barn with the horses.

Oh, KathyJo, that discussion about flashlights and spotlights had to do with what you could do should you find you have no lights on your tractor, not that anyone would do that. Hmmm.

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

We had the lights go out on a trailer once that we used to go back and forth to the market....we didn't have time to take it to the shop, so we went to the dollar store and bought some flashlights and duct tape. Found some red reflective tape. We tape the flashlights to the trailer and when we got ready to travel, we just turned them on and went on our way, ha, ha. BTW, we did have brake lights, just not tail lights, don't remember why now. Think the mice had eaten the wiring.

But some things take drastic measures, ha, ha...

The sun is shining right now, but they are saying 70 percent of snow tonight.

Janet, I didn't know your MIL was in the hospital. I hope that all ends up well. We are still doing market every other Saturday from 10 to noon on East Market STreet in Louisville. We so desperately need a baker at this market; if you're looking for another one, consider it. We do it Tuesday afternoons from April to October. The driving distance for you from Waddy would be a little less than our distance from Payneville to Lville.

Kathleen, how's your BIL doing? How is Stan's foot doing? And how are you feeling?

Shoe, KathyJo, and Bernie, you guys just amaze me with how busy beavers you always are!

Wednesday at church, we are having Taco night tonight so I have to go in and set up and clean up, plus do my normal job of cleaning the church. There is a possibility I may not be out of a job after all, but I won't know until next week. Keep prayers going, if you don't mind.

Ralph's back is feeling a bit better, but our house smells like an IcyHot factory!!!

Have a great day,

Hempstead, TX(Zone 8a)

Hello All -

Well, my Thanksgiving with my DH was a pot of chicken and duck gumbo, a big salad, and then we went off to repair the fence and feed the cows. Enjoyed the time - it seemed as though the day went so slow. I like that feeling.

As winter has set in here, well in my neck of the woods it may only last a day or two, folks are coming around looking to buy hay, others are selling their cattle so they do not have to feed them. The auction barns are full. I am looking to add two more angus to my small herd, and hopefully they will be already bred and ready to deliver sooner than later.

My DH and I recently bought a new tractor and he is looking around for anything he can do with it. In reality it was so needed and we had been depending on neighbors to help us - which they did with grace. But we finally had to bite the bullet.

So, since having it, we have been able to shred our pastures, move our fire pit, straighten out the horse fence that my little bay scrunched down as he reached over to eat hay out of the meadow. Most importantly we can now help others. If my old friends in NYC could see me now!

Looking forward to this weekend as DH will be home - duck season is on a hiatus for ten days. I have made him a very long list (some of the things he can do with his tractor) of options - I thought that might help move things along.

Anywhoo - sounds like all you guys are busy and cold - wish we could have some of your cold and snow. I miss it bunches.


Humansville, MO(Zone 6a)

Well things have been going along great . Got up yesterday morning sun shining put cold was suppose to get to 20* that night instead it dropped to 14* well I get up and turn on the cook stove very little gas. The regulator is mess up not letting the gas through but it starts working as it warms up a little. I go take care of the goats, chickens, and dogs then I go to the rabbit barn There I fine three water lines froze opps they weren't running fast enough. so I get the watter bottles out to water and rabbits . Then warm up the water lines. They have heat cable in them but I wasn't running them Trying to save money one 75 foot line totally gone at least 20 foot of another and the third got lucky it wasn't broke guess what I'm going to do the few days
everyone have a great day, oh the joys of farming
These water lines have 28 or 29 water valves screwed into them so we have to drill and tap the pipe for each valve

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Waddy, KY

MIL still in the hospital. Since I've been spending the night with her that pretty much means each night I'm home for 2-3 hours at best. With fixing everybody else some supper and getting myself a shower that pretty much has taken up the week. The MD's keep telling my MIL that she's getting better, that they just have 2 more cultures to grow out to see what is causing her pneumonia. I know she's better because she's got her keen wit back and like me she's longing for her own bed and she's dying for something more than a sponge bath.

Kathy, I haven't had a chance to talk to DH about the East Mkt. St. market. Is that the Phoenix Hill Mkt? Since I'm not retiring it would have to be something that he and one of the kids would do since it would be an afternoon mkt. so it would be totally up to them. I've got #2 child graduating this spring and right now no job lined up other than farm work. I don't know where that's going. It could be that she does some additional markets even though that's her least favorite thing to do.

Looks like it will be cold this weekend. I think I'll stay inside and bake.


Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Janet, Yes, that is the Phoenix Hill Farmers Market. We just finished our 2nd year and we are on the steering committee. We will go there starting tomorrow a.m. every other Saturday from 10 to noon. If you want to come and join us, let me know ahead of time and I can let Bob, he owns the store, that you will be there. It gives us a little extra income throughout the winter and we have to sell our meat and eggs somewhere ;)

This has been a cold week and the ground is too hard to get the turnips out. :( The cabbage is pretty frozen as well. It is December, after all. We will have apples tomorrow, along with garlic and honey, and homegrown popcorn...

Every have a good weekend.

:) Kathy

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Dave, come up here for a couple weeks of training on to handle cold! Ever see the cartoon about a guy spitting & it freezes before it hits the ground, it's true!

Sorry to here of your misfortune.

Kathy, I didn't think the ground would freeze there. Ours must be down pretty good now. People are out on the ice fishing. About 6" of ice on the lakes. First year in a long time the lakes froze over decent. No warm spells this year.
We are supposed to get snow tonight.

Melissa, congrads on the tractor. You will be using it like your right arm shortly. We have a loader bucket on one of ours & use it for everything.
I saved about $700 on gravel for our new shop building. I found a small vein in our field & hauled it to our building site with the tractors. It took a while, but better than shelling out $.

Just back from Mankato. Needed to see a lady about a new kitchen & get a haircut. I think it is still black Friday, as busy as everywhere was.

I stopped for lunch at Old Country Buffet. They had a dish called "Cajun Dirty Rice". Very spicy & very good. Is that actually a Cajun dish ?

Gas was $1.59 where I stopped to fill up today. I would have saved $125 on our trip to KY RU & Kathy's & Badseeds in Sept. My high price then was $4.29 a gallon!

I better do something constructive,

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Bernie, It was $1.54 yesterday in Brandenburg. ;) Yes, it freezes, usually not this early, but we've had at least a week, maybe longer of freezing temps. And some spitting snow. We have market this a.m. and it is raining out now. It is supposed to snow today.

;) Kathy

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Dirty rice is indeed a Cajun staple. It's cold here and spitting snow. I am sick and so is my rooster. DH picking up some drops for him today. It is supposed to rain tonight so I am thinking of bringing him in the house. The 2 hens are fine.

Prophetstown, IL(Zone 5a)

hello is beyond freezing early in the season too. I can't fathom breaking the ice in waterers twice a day 'til March! Several inches of snow and it's starting to flurry again. The barn is staying just below freezing. Am too afraid to use the heat lamps this year since the barn is full of hay and straw.

Oh...dirty rice sounds good today...and a big pot of gumbo, huh?

still doctoring Fred the goat although he's looking better - had a vet farm visit last week and so we should be on the up side.

Watching the mailbox for seed catalogs (and judiciously throwing away the Christmas catalogs this year) - helps me believe that Spring will be here sooner than it seems.

Stay Warm.


Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Brought my roo in. He is in a big gray tote. I pushed a keflex pill down his throat and he is resting now. Seemed to perk up in the warmth of the house. I am saying prayers for him.

Went home for TG and my Mom made a huge pot of shrimp bisque. It was wonderful!

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

I got HPS, Totally Tomatoes, Johnny's, Harris, Stokes, Indiana Berry, Dixondale Plants, Park, so far. Ordered from 2 already. I will be ordering heavy right after Christmas. I like to have all my seeds on hand early. When you need certain varieties & lots of it, you need to get them early!

Nearly done with my benches. Need to go out to my parts pile to get a few more pieces. To cold & windy to venture out there today.
My Grandson helped me put in some water lines. Ran out of parts there, too.

Minnesota Gophers basketball are playing Cornell today. They were behind by 14 points early in the second half. They turned it up a notch & are leading by 18 now with only seconds left. Won by 17. Now they are 8 & 0 for the year.
Thank you Kentucky for letting us have Tubby Smith for a coach!


Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

We still don't have snow so I have been cleaning out a weedy corner where a 500 gal propane tank used to sit. Hopefully, about an hour from now I can put landscape cloth over the area, weight it down with a few rocks and leave it until spring. The plan at this time, subject to change of course, is to put a couple of half barrels and some other planters there, add a chair or two, and have a sitting room. It's in a funny little corner where the shop makes a jog, so it would have 2 walls but no roof.

The geraniums in some half barrels are finally being dug out and repotted today. I kept forgetting to do it. Only one out of about a dozen look like toast. They are going into gallon pots in the gh for the winter and may be part of the new garden room next summer.

Cajun, I hope you and the rooster both recover quickly. I wonder if he will crow in the morning? This morning I was reading about your exciting horseback ride, glad nobody was hurt and the horses stayed somewhat under control. Yes, God was there keeping all of you safe. I just thought of something... at one of my rides they gave out bear bells to put on the horses, if I can find mine I'll send it to you. I think I still have your addy from when I sent the rhubarb.

Catherine, I'm glad to hear that the goat is better. Poor guys don't understand what's happening when they get sick. Glad you got a farm vet out to see him.

Yesterday I added a 5 gallon bucketfull of old horse manure to my rhubarb plants and covered them up with moldy hay for the winter. They should wake up happy in the spring.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Catherine, Did you ever get your neat GH going? and how did all of your lovely fruit trees do this year?

I've only gotten three catalogs.. Vermont Bean Seed Company, Pinetree, and Totally Tomatoes.. Since my Brother is talking about building me a cattle panel greenhouse, I might just go a little crazy.. I keep going over's online catalog.. Since I'm learning to graft trees, I am going to order rootstock from them.

My middle daughter wants to come home for a week this summer.. bring her RV, and can veggies.. Works for me...

Fed the cows today.. Wanting to make sure I wasn't out in the snow that is supposed to be coming our way tomorrow. Thought I'd have to break ice on the pond, but so far , so good.


Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks a million. The bears seem to be getting pretty plentiful here abouts.

Your room sounds like it will be very relaxing. Please post some pics when you finish it.

My rhubarb grew well until the cold. I mulched it and covered it with hay. I am looking forward to seeing it again in the spring. Thanks again for sending it. I should be able to harvest some next season, right?

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Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

We had a good market today, despite the cold, cold weather. The wind kicked up and the rain and snow started shortly after we got there. The roads were treacherous and it took us 1.5 hrs just to get out of the city, so many wrecks all over, especially I 64. I was so bundled up, should have taken a picture with my ear muffs and mittens and 3 layers of clothes...and nice winter coat.

Had to go clean church after the market, we just got new carpeting, new pew pads and they really made a mess! I would be embarrassed to leave such a mess for someone else to clean up! Staples all over the sanctuary and I know I didn't get them all. I was also shocked at the damage the carpet layers did to our altar and the sides of our pews. I'll have to bring that to someone's attention.

Well, I'm enjoying a little popcorn and then I'm going to hit the hay.

Have a good night and stay warm...

:) Kathy

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

New thread is here;

Sorry it's late!

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