Journal: Feb. 16, 2001

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Have a great weekend everyone and smile :)

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hello folks. Thanks for the smile Trish! I needed it. DH just left, we are both a little anxious this morning. He is going to deliver a bid to a customer. It is a nice bid and we really would like to have it approved. So please keep us in ya'll prayers that God's will is done.(Hopefully His will is in our favor..LOL) It is warm and windy here today. By Sunday weather guy is saying back to the 30's for one day only. I guess I can handle that! Happy friday all, blessings, Lisa

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Ah, the pear tree is in full bloom! Spring is here (even if the calendar doesn't agree). . . Perennials are popping up - for some reason I'm always afraid they won't show their beautiful faces again. Now that I've learned how to grow from seed, won't have to expend so much $$$.

We moved a 6' camellia yesterday - rain today is a God-send for it. Prayers that it will survive. I have a very large persimmon that's in the "wrong" place, DH doesn't know yet that we are going to move it, lol. I will surpize him later.

Ordered Jeanne DeArc and Bayse Purple roses yesterday - oh, can hardly wait to get them: Jeanne is a beautiful white shrub with yellow centers and Bayse is dark, dark, velvety reddish/purple with yellow. Pure magic. . .

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Today is cloudy and cold here again. I started more seedlings this a.m.-will have to update the journal.
Lisa I hope you get the contract-do you get to drive lil sprout?
Grits hope the transplanting takes hold and grows great for you.
Wrestling again tomorrow-prayers for Teig-indiviual district
Hope everyone has a safe n happy weekend-Take care

southeast, NE

Good afternoon. Brrr - it's cold out with a wind chill below 0. But the sun is shining. Our wood furnace isn't working correctly. The automatic starter doesn't work. Dh had to try to start it by hand - house still smells like starter fluid. Did I tell you that our goat, Blondy, had her kids last week. One is all white. Dh wants to keep her. We really don't need another goat but she is prettier than usual.

Dori - good luck at the tournament. Nebr state wrestling tournaments are happening this weekend. A girl made it to state in the 103 lb category - she lost on the first round.

Lisa - good luck on the bid!

You all have a good day!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

The sun is shining here. I do wish spring would hurry and get to central Missouri but I think we are in for a long wait. We hung more lights in the bird house the other day to encourage egg laying from the ducks, banties, etc. of course this probably means we'll have more early pigeon squabs too.
We had the 600 gallons of LP gas we paid for last fall delivered this morning. It filled the 1000 gallon tank and will last until next fall I'm sure. We are so glad we paid for it last fall.
Jewel, I remember keeping animals just because they are cuter, prettier, have unusual markings, are the runt, etc. In fact we have some of those around here now. The problem is that those babies grow up to be adults and often aren't so darling then. But then sometimes they are the sweetest ones around.
Have a fabulous and blessed weekend everyone.

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