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Electrical Magnetic and Radio Frequencies [EMF and RF]

Alexandria, IN(Zone 6a)

In today.s world we are bombarded by a lot of electrical and electronic devices. Are there any dangers associated with this?
Some doctors and other people believe so. There are meters to test electrical fields. Still, you can run your own simple test to get a "field" idea about your own home's hot spots of disturbance. Use a small portable radio set on AM and tuned to 500 or just above that. Turn the volume up and then approach your different electrical devices. As you get about 3 feet from many you will hear the noise increase and within 2 feet it may be fairly intense.

The worst devices include Plasma TV screens, CFL bulbs, halogen lamps, copiers, touchlamps, wireless plug-in jacks, dimmer switches, varible speed drive motors, and fluorescent lights with electronic ballast[newer types].

If you wish to lessen exposure to things like cell phones, don't hold the thing tightly to your ear and also rotate use to the other ear. Also you can use a speaker where practical. It likely is better to have entertainment centers and computers with printers on outside walls where practical.
There are devices made that address this electrical pollution. The website below sells a plug in device that filters this pollution. How? Hey, I don't vouch for that but it likely is a good thing.


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