completed one pot

Payson, AZ(Zone 7a)

Decided that I would do something besides sit and watch the rain, so glazed a pot Only glazed the leaves and the inside. Kind of different.

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Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

Nice---what cone do you fire to? This looks like earthenware---am I right?

Payson, AZ(Zone 7a)

Cone 6 I think,Can't remember even thinking about it. I just put them in the kiln and watch it for about thirty min, untill it heats up in steps, you know what I mean, so many minutes on low,etc.Yes, earthenware. I used to use the white, off-white clay most of the time, but now I really like the red-brown color, especially after it is bisque fired.

Chamberlain, SD

When did you glaze and fire this pot? I like your idea to only glaze the leaves. Will you use it in your garden or is it a gift?

I glaze fired a bunch of pots last year in May and some turned out great, but some of the glazes didn't fire, at all or completely. I am really unsure as to why that happened. There could be three reasons that I've thought of at this time. 1-I'm not used to turning it on, and didn't get it on all they way, so it wasn'r firing hot enough. 2-The cone I was using for it didn't burn hot enough to get the glaze to react properly. 3-The glazes are too old.

Any ideas?

Gilroy (Sunset Z14), CA(Zone 9a)

I've successfully used glazes that were YEARS old, so my guess is you didn't get your kiln to a high enough temperature for your glazes to mature.

Payson, AZ(Zone 7a)

Got me.
I just throw ,well not exactly throw , but put them in and hope for the best. So far so good. I guess we have to make mistakes once in awhile. I guess my time is coming. I do carefully open the lid and say a prayer before I look in, but one of these know the rest of the story.
Sorry, I am of no help. Hope you get some good advice.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Hey JoAnne, I just had my first lesson in 'throwing' a week or so ago and made 3 pots for my plants. Maybe at the next swap we can compare pots and pottery experiences.

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