New cold remedies?

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

Has anyone tried any of those new cold remedies you've seen advertized lately? I kept my germy lil DGD this weekend,she gave me her cold.I fell like crud and I have too much to do to wait out a head cold.


Plano, TX

i just caught a cold and so i would like to know too but i am not sure which ones you are talking about?

Natural Bridge, VA

I use Zicam at the first sign of a cold and it always knocks it out. You have to use it just as directed, though. Works for me!

Big Red:
I have been researching vitamin D for the past few months and I have to say, the more I look into it, the more I think it is at the pinnacle of our health or sickness. Now, unfortunately, the sun, for most of us, is not intense enough for our bodies to produce it.
However, it can be obtained from animal sources such as cod liver oil.
For the purpose of a cold of flu, according to Dr. Mercola, is to take 1000 iu's for every kilogram of body weight for three days. Dr. William Grant (a leading vitamin D researcher) says we can take that amount up to a week w/o concerns.
I weigh 220 lbs, so it would come out (100kgs) to about 100,000 iu's per day for 3 days. He claims this will decrease severity of the cold or flu and can be taken as a preventive afterwards (in normal doses of course).
I personally am stocking up on Carlson's vitamin D, sold in bottles of 360 count (2000 iu's) and intend to take 2000 to 4000 iu's per day as a prophylaxis. Probably skip a day or week here and there as oral vitamin D(3) can and will build up in your body and can have ill effects if taken in excess for long periods of time. Come spring, it is out in the garden and enjoying the sun with no sunscreen and covering or coming indoors before sunburn takes place, of course.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

Is Zicam the spray or the swab?

I just know I have felt like I've been dragged thur a knothole backwards. Slept most of yesterday.I never get sick unless a germy kid come around me...LOL. Ususally just hub's me and the furbabies until a DGK comes around.

I ready to swallow about anything to keep from being sick. If Momma's sick..don't nuthing get done.I feel a bit better today but not ready to tackle more than sitting at the computer sneezing.I hate sneezing. G figure why???...LOL


Natural Bridge, VA

You can get Zicam in swab or spray form. I like the swabs but I think there's more waste there. The nasal spray is fine.

Waaaay Down South, GA

I just recently felt like my cold from Christmas was coming back and got Zicam in swabs. They worked for me. :)

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

I gotta go get some. I'm feeling better today but not 100%

Waaaay Down South, GA

I think the secret is to start within a certain time frame of feeling your symptoms coming on. Good luck!

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I take coloidal silver when I get a cold and echinacea.

I also take on a regular basis cardio cocktail from the health food store, it' s loaded down with vitamin d.

I haven't been sick in a long time, cept for those darned heart attacks LOL

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