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gold coin grass

Midland, TX(Zone 8a)

gold coin grass, aka.....
Chinese gold coin grass
Jin Qian Cao
lysimachia christinae

I had gallbladder surgery last month, and unfortunately I also have stones in the common duct, and these were not removed when the gallbladder was removed. I might have to have another surgery (endoscopic) to get the stones out of the duct. I am told this is a dangerous procedure, so I am looking for alternate methods to get the stones to pass or dissolve.

In my reasearch I read about an herb called gold coin grass. It is frequently used in gallbladder and liver "flushes," but I am not willing to try that. But I also read that taken over a long time (daily for 12 mos.) that using only the herb can dissolve the stones. So, I ordered some and took my first dose (1 T in a cup of hot tea). Not too bad tasting--very herby--but there is a dramatic side effect. Seems it is also a powerful diuretic! After taking this for a few days, I can see that no one should take it daily. It would seriously upset one's electrolyte balance if taken over time.

BUT, I thought I would pass this info on to any of you interested in an occasional "natural" diuretic. I researched this herb some more, and I found that it has other properties....

lithontripic (dissolves gall and kidney stones)
diuretic (causes frequent urination)
antiphlogistic (anti-inflammatory)
cholagogue (promotes discharge of bile)
depurative (purifies blood)
febrifuge (anti-fever)

Does anyone have any experience with this herb? As for me, I will keep it around but only use it occasionally.


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