Magazine Scam?

Woodstock, NY(Zone 5b)

A few weeks ago I received Fine Gardening magazine in the mail without ever having subscribed to least not in the last few years.
Today an invoice arrived which was not surprising. I called the customer service number on the invoice and told her the problem and asked her if she knew who signed up for this magazine. She said the link came through Dave's Garden!
What in Heaven's name is going on? Do they have access to members' names and addresses in order to send out magazines as if we had ordered them?
Sounds illegal to me.
Has anyone else received a gardening subscription they didn't request? I would report this to some agency but I have no idea to whom the complaint should be addressed.

Golden, MS(Zone 7a)

TerriKG, thanks for the info. It's helpful to know of such things. Pretty frightening to know that a person's security is not alway secure. Lee

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

These magazine companies slay me.
I am not sure about the DG link but I do know that after a free sample arrives ---invoices frequently show up. The hope is that you'll pay without even thinking. I also get so aggravated with legit magazine subscriptions...the renewal comes YEARS before the subscription is over. I call up and holler and they calmly tell me that if I pay up now I won't 'lose any time' they just add it to the back end. At the rate those renewals arrive in the mailbox - I'd have to live until I was 120 to get what I paid for.

Marin, CA(Zone 9b)

I recall getting an add when I logged in for a free copy of a magazine.
It asked you if you would like to have one. The fine print said that if you accepted you automatically were subscribed UNLESS you wrote them to unsubscribe.

I don't remember if this was the magazine we are speaking of.
Did you respond on DG to a free magazine perhaps?

I am certain our information on here is kept safe and confidential.
If you have concerns, you can always contact the admins here to discuss your concerns.

Hope this helped, Christie

Archer/Bronson, FL(Zone 8b)

I just ran across this thread and thought to let you know what I know.

A free issue was offered through DG and they also sent a bill with it/before it or after it. If you wanted it, you just paid for the subscription. I also had forgotten about the free issue as it was quite delayed in arriving.

However, another glitch to this offer was, you may have started receiving a lot of email solicitations from a lot of different sources.
Since I am pretty narrow in my use of the internet, I knew immediately why these emails were coming. I blocked senders and they kept coming, like on a rotation. It took me a lot of requests to "unsubscribe" before they finally stopped coming.

Now I am very wary of requesting anything free on the 'net.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

I got one of those Fine Gardening magazines and had to write and tell them to not send anymore. I now think like this: if I did not subscribe, it is their loss if I keep the mag. I am tired of being taken advantage of. If I distinctly ask for a subscription or catalog, I am bound to pay. If not, their loss. Luciee

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