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Phoenix/Arizona hikers here?

Phoenix, AZ

Anybody know what that tall/narrow spire is that you can see from Saguaro Lake to the East? I've seen it when I go kayaking at the lake and looks like it would be a fun place to hike out to (but impossible to climb without gear).

Crossville, TN

Bleak...You'd do better to post this in the Southwest Forum...I don't know the answer but one of the folks there will...

And also check out the get together (round up) that Benny is going to have at his place. FUN! Jo


Phoenix, AZ

Thanks! I did that a while ago when this post went stale, and I got a few ideas. At first I thought it was too far North to be Weaver's Needle, but now I think that is it. I looked again when I went last weekend to Saguaro Lake to kayak and figure that has got to be it. If you're a hiker and like wildlife go around the lake, I saw a few Bald Eagles there!

Crossville, TN

The most hiking I do is in Wal Mart and Fry's....LOL

Are you planning to attend Ben's get together? Jo

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