cold sore or fever blisters

Del Valle, TX

been reading alot of these great ideas for saving money and would like to know if anyone knows a home made cure for fever blisters as the medicine is really high thanks georgiapeach

Waynesboro, MS(Zone 8a)

Spirit of camphor- campho phenique

Del Valle, TX

thanks hemetal will sure try it

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

sometimes it helps to put alcohol on it - like vodka.
I mean, just dab it on with a tissue or something, and do this frequently.
It's ok to have sips in between if you desire..... LOL

Del Valle, TX

dutchlady sounds like fun

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

comfrey juice/sap

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

I use ice on my lip as soon as I feel the tingle, rarely get them beyond a tiny spot.

New Iberia, LA

Spray Lysol disinfectant on your finger and rub it on the fever blister. It is the best thing that I have ever used. If you catch it early it works even better.

Radford, VA(Zone 7a)

Lemon Balm is said to have antiviral properties. It is a perennial and easy to grow.

Rapid City, SD(Zone 4b)

I for some reason used to get these darn things it seemed like all the time. And tryed everything for a quick cure, and they hurt so bad too. The newest thing that I have used now and use nothing else is hand sanitizer. I just dab it on , use it often there is a bit of a sting when first applied but well worth it. The blisters seem to dry up and cure much faster then anything else I have used. And on an even higher note I don't seem to get them as often at all.

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

That is great; I guess the bottom line is anything that has a high alcohol content works. I like vodka though LOL

Rapid City, SD(Zone 4b)

lol ME TOO !!!

Del Valle, TX

thanks all for the ideas

(Laura) Olympia, WA(Zone 8a)

I read that Rosemary tea helps, and DH seems to have had some success with it.

(Taylor) Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

go to a health food store and buy a bottle of L-Lysine. I guarantee this works, and is much cheaper than a prescription. Take one or two capsules, and you'll stop it in its tracks.

If you already have one, it will be gone in a day or two(depending on its stage).

This comes from the book Prescription for healing, which is all about natural remedies, instead of prescriptions. Wonderful reference book, by the way.

While you are at the health food store, you may want to buy a copy of it, also :0)

It lists just about every affliction known to man, and will tell dozens of things you can take for each of them, listed by most helpful, to somewhat helpful. It even tells what you should avoid, what vitamins you should take more of, for that particular ailment, and so on...

We had a girl at the office that got just terrible ones...they were huge, and lasted 3 weeks on her...she spent a fortune for daily prescription, until we looked it up in that book...saved her a bundle!

Tipton, MO

A small dab of ammonia does it for me. Whenever you feel an itch or a tingle dab a q tip in ammonia and gently rub the area. May need to apply the ammonia several times but it works.

Medford, NJ

I agree with the poster who mentioned L-Lysine. Not that expensive, maybe $6 or $7 for a bottle that will last a year or so depending on how often you get cold sores...the way to stop the virus from getting to the point where you have full-on blisters is to do it from the inside - anything you use topically is only going to dry out the blisters, meaning they will still be obvious, and the whole point is to not get to that stage! If you take the lysine as soon as you feel that first telltale tingle, the blister will hardly even get a chance to develop. Or, if you know you get cold sores when you run a temp, then take some LLysine at that time. Some people take the lysine daily as a preventative, but I just take mega doses (5 or 6 pills a few times a day) when I feel the attack coming on. Lysine is safe in big doses - though I would check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for YOU - problem is, most doctors don't want ppl to use natural cures, and alot of doctors have stock in presciption meds....obviously they make their living from us relying on them to cure us - so, don't always believe everything they say! do your own research!!!

By the way, since I started doing this several years back, I very infrequently even get any cold sores anymore, not even when I am sick. Not sure if the Lysine stays in your system long term or not, maybe I am just growing out of the cold sores. My mom didn't believe it worked, but last time she had a cold sore coming on, I picked up some LLysine for her and she is now a believer!

Napoleon, OH

I'm with Polyacre, I keep hand sanitizer with me at all times - in my purse, on my desk, by the kitchen sink - it has prevented the breakthough of numerous sores. It does sting a little at first - and of course if you lick you lips it tastes awful - but it has worked amazingly for me!

I've also read and heard about the L-Lysine but have never tried it.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

L-lysine will work successfully. I was told by my Dr to use a B complex vitamin and when I take it on a daily basis, I have no fever blisters or canker sores. I am delighted as I can now eat tomatoes, melons ~ all that good stuff that would trigger them for me!

BTW, if you are into self torture, my DM would dab a bit of alum on an open fever blister. Still makes me cringe just to think about it, tears run, salivary glands drool ~ pain and agony but it cauterizes it.

Medford, NJ

oops -- meant to post this in the AV forum, sorry!

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Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

My family uses alum on canker sores.
I remember as a kid my brother was always taking my drinks. He knew I would never drink after him so he ended up with the drink. One day I made a big glass of ice water with a spoonful of alum in it. It dissolves clear. Let's just say it was the last time he stole my drink.

Greensboro, AL

Ice. Camphophenique.

Coos Bay, OR(Zone 9a)

L Lysine now comes in a salve and Really stops them fast. I just went through a siege of them and now take the tablets and have the salve on hand, too. My husband started getting one just the other day and applied the salve. Viola. Gone on the first dab. I wish I had seen this thread when I got them. I would have tried some of the alcohol based ones---especially the Vodka. LOL

New Iberia, LA

Speedpicker was right about the L Lysine. I tried it about a month ago and the blister was gone in a day or two. Good to know about the salve.
Thanks for sharing the info.

Chewelah, WA(Zone 5a)

Another vote here for the L-lysine. I've been using it for years and taken at the very first sign will stop cold sores in their tracks. Seems like 3 times a day is about the smallest effective dose. Didn't know it came in a salve....have to look for that!

Maben, MS(Zone 7b)

L-Lysine user here have used it for yrs and was told to take one table daily and if I had a fever blister to take 3 a day have clears them up quick, I used to get them if I got real up set but this has really helped.

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