Rain Barrel Co Op

Akron, PA(Zone 6b)

If you are considering a rain barrel this year to help with the watering needs of your garden, and you are not able or wanting to build your own, there is an Interest Thread on the co op forum

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Thanks. Rain barrels interest me, and in fact I have 3 so far and 2 more ready to build (plumb) which takes care of all my downspouts. The grade from them down to the garden has very little head so it will just be a trickle, maybe not enough to use anything but a 5/8" hose. I really wanted to use drip emitters but won't have enough pressure just from gravity.

Additionally, I am buying a small sump pump to pump water from my creek a few feet uphill to my garden. It will give me more water pressure, and the excess will drain right back into the creek. Next year, if I have the money, I will convert the pump to run off a solar panel; just cannot afford the components this year.

Akron, PA(Zone 6b)

Could you use the pump to pump the water out of the rain barrels, when you need a little more pressure? Neat idea to be able to convert your pump to solar...that is the way to go, for sure.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Turns out I may not need to buy a pump... we just discovered a submersible pump is still in the spring box. I knew the pressure tank, etc. was still in the root cellar. This house used to be hooked up to the spring before the mandate of town water. Tank looks fairly new but I have no idea when the county made the houses on our road hook up to town water.

There's no power to the pump and root cellar anymore but I had a 200 amp panel box installed 2 years ago so there's plenty of power available. Not having to buy a pump (if this one still works) will give me a few sheckles towards a solar panel to run it, maybe by next year.

Akron, PA(Zone 6b)

What a pleasant surprise!

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