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Put a Cork in it...

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

As Oregonians we treasure our environment, our ancient and managed forests.

The cork forests of the Mediterranean are second to the Amazon Forest in importance to the worlds’ biosphere. These forests are in danger. The increased use of plastic stoppers and aluminum screw caps are reducing the use of natural cork - increasing the danger of global warming.

Cork trees naturally remove carbon from the air and sequester it in their bark - and pump oxygen back into the atmosphere. If we choose wine sealed with natural cork, we help the environment. Conversely, aluminum ore mining and processing, using high levels of electricity, is resulting in substantial negative ecological effects. The same is true of petroleum-based plastic stopper manufacturing.

Thank you for choosing (and recycling) the environmentally sustainable choice - natural cork!

Jim Bernau

P.S. Plus, as wine ages in the bottle, high quality natural cork is the best for wine quality.

Recycling boxes are available at 11 Whole Foods stores in the region. When distributors deliver wine to these stores, they will pick up the cork and it eventually winds up at Western Pulp’s Corvallis warehouse. Look for Willamette Valley Vineyards sustainable cork recycling program, Cork ReHarvest.

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