What kind of mushroom in potted plant?

Claremore, OK

We've had rain, rain and more rain. This is something I have seen before mushrooms coming up in potted plants. Does anyone know what these little darlings are?

Thumbnail by darlindeb
Claremore, OK

Here is a close-up of the mushroom.

Thumbnail by darlindeb
Plano, TX

i don't know what it is but i have one in a potted plant too
and i am thinking that maybe a little mushroom growing in a little glass terrarium might be fun--along with some moss -on an old peice of rotted wood maybe

Claremore, OK

That would be cute.

Fischer, TX(Zone 8b)

Some sort of Marasmius, which is often a catch-all genus name for small, delicate mushrooms that we can't really identify readily.

Claremore, OK

Thank you for the info.

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