Hanging Tree

Gonzales, LA(Zone 9a)

Here is something someone might be interested in, I have a bottle tree, but I needed a place for the grandkids to hang towels and swimsuits except all over the lawn chairs so my husband made me a hanging tree. I didn't want a clothes line so this is what we came up with and it is near the toy box so they can put away their toys and hang their towels at the same time.

Thumbnail by dayflower
Natural Bridge, VA

Like it! Could you glue bottles on the ends?(to avoid possible breakage)

Gonzales, LA(Zone 9a)

it is tilted enough that the bottles wouldn't fall off so it could be used as a bottle tree also, I'm going to put some wooden balls on the ends of the dowels because I've already ran into it and scrapped myself with the sharp ends of the dowels and I'm afraid some kid may get hurt like it is.

Mukwonago, WI

we have something in the house like that, since we are avid snowboarders, we use it for a mitten rack.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I love your pergola (sp) with the swing.

Gonzales, LA(Zone 9a)

thanks, we did go to Hobby Lobby and get some round wooden balls and put on the ends of each dowel because I ran into one of them and got scraped, and I got to thinking they were dangerous sticking out there like that, also they look much better now

Brimfield, MA(Zone 6a)

I, too love the pergola your swing is hanging from! I've been trying to describe to my husband what I want, and this is it! Do you have any other photos that would show the other angles?

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