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southeast, NE

We've been raising sheep for 35 years. Instead of relying on the farm markets, I want to try to sell direct to customers. We can't sell meat directly due to Dept of Agriculture rules. We plan on selling live lambs and deliver to the butcher. The buyer would buy the live lamb and pay the butcher. The market is very very good right as there is a shortage of lamb. I thought we would sell about $30 over market since the market is so good. I also thought we should ask for a deposit before we deliver to the butcher. I work in a fairly large office building and I thought I would just pass some cards around during breaks, etc. We also have a diverse ethnic group of people in our community and I would like to post cards in the ethnic grocery stores.

Any suggestions or opinions?

I will also post in the "Poultry and Livestock" section.

Waddy, KY

It sounds like you're headed in the right directions especially with the ethnic community. If they have a little newspaper you might put an ad in it too. The problem I'm seeing right now is that people don't have enough cash at one time to make a purchase as major as bulk meat or joining CSA's. Are you going to consider a payment plan?


Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

Janet and NJ,

Just food for thought...we have the largest amount of CSA members this year that we have ever had :)

We often are asked about sharing a side of beef or a pig or even a lamb, and sometimes whole ones. We do not take payment plans (can't afford to). We do, charge a price on hoof and will deliver to the butcher. We then have them contact the butcher on what cuts they want and they pay the processing fees.

Another thing you could do is let your butcher know that if anyone calls looking for such that you have them available. Sometimes your butcher is your best advertising.

I just recently got a website through Vista Print that is very reasonable and it is another way for you to get the word out. check out my website if you'd like..


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