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palmbob's Journal: Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata western hillside

  • Member: palmbob
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Succulent-like plants in Acton
  • Status: planted in ground at new home

Initial Notes:

Got this 1 gal nice plant... but dinky, at CSSc last weekend. Did well in spot, but had to leave garden, so dug up 7-13... did not take that well, but still some living blades in Sept 2013... should plant out somewhere. Planted early Oct 2013, but not much in the way of living roots... hmmm

Entries and Updates

  Jun 17, 2007  

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  Jul 17, 2007  

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  Apr 5, 2009  

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  Sep 17, 2013  

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  Oct 8, 2013  
finally planted it... hardly any (if any at all) living roots... but still some green leaves so you never know

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