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echoes's Journal: Asiatic Lily 1b Brenda Watts Lilium I. Preston N:1939 greenhouse

  • Member: echoes
  • Journal: Propagation
  • Category: 2009: Cuttings and divisions: Lily scaling
  • Status: recently potted


  • On Dec 1, 2009, "bulblets formed" occurred.
  • 22 days later, on Dec 23, 2009, "cooling period started" occured.
  • 171 days later, on Jun 13, 2010, "potted up" occured.

    Initial Notes:

    Valley K

    I (b) Brenda Watts clone

    Parentage: Stenographer Group selection from Preston Hybrids
    Hybridizer: R: I.Preston N:1939. LYB 8: 156, fig.25 (1939).
    Description: Brilliant orange-red, spotted dark brown at centre; petal tips reflexed. Fls 140mm wide. Stems 1.0-1.5m.

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