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DiOhio's Journal: Dahlia McKnight's Memory Asteraceae McKnight's Memory Raised Dahlia Bed summer, feed closet winter

  • Member: DiOhio
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Bulbs & Tubers That Need to be DUG: Dahlia
  • Status: Lost This Plant

Initial Notes:

Walmart I think
This one still alive and blooming in 2004
Lost this plant winter 05-06

Entries and Updates

  Aug 28, 2003  
McKnight's Memory, a bloom with more yellow than red

Thumbnail of Dahlia

  Sep 28, 2003  
McKnight's Memory more RED than yellow

Thumbnail of Dahlia

  Oct 22, 2004  
McKnight's Memory, very poor color, hardly any red at all and only one or two blooms on the entire plant.

Thumbnail of Dahlia

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