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Eclipse's entries

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Image Flower beds at night with brug in bloom (Inca Sun) 
Image Brug Hybrid "Inca Sun" loaded at night.Over 300 flowers on small tree. 
Image Brug Ecuador Pink profile upward
Image Brug Versicolor Peach upward 
Image Brug Versicolor Ecuador pink 
Image Brug Hybrid "Inca Moon" 
Image Datura Meteloides "White Moonflowers" same spot for 30 years. 
Image Brug Versicolor Alba 
Image Versicolor orange at night 
Image Brug Hybrid "Butterscotch clone #1" Large golden orange flowers 
Image Brug Hybrid "Moonshine" at night 
Image Brug Hybrid "Inca Sun" closeup single 
Image Brug Insignis hybrid "Jamaican Yellow" 
Image Brug Hybrid "Milk N Honey" skyward view 
Image Sanquinea closeup 
Image Brug "Inca Moon" group shot 
Image Brug planters with tropicals (Frosty pink) 
Image Brug hybrid "Inca Moon" uplook 
Image Brug "Inca Moon" in landscape 
Image Brug Hybrid 'Clare Mills' dinnerplate sized blooms that turn white 
Image Brug Ecuador pink uplook 
Image Ecuador pink day 2 
Image Brug Ecuador pink cluster 
Image Brug Versicolor Alba 
Image Brug Ecuador pink upward view 
Image Brug versicolor pink skyward 
Image Brug Versicolor pink tree 
Image Brug 'Moonshine' at night