Our annual end-of-summer contest is here, come on down to the Dave's Garden County Fair!


1st Place with 43 points:

From gardenpom: "Pride of Barbados flowering."

Contest picture by gardenpom

2nd Place with 40 points:

From mjsponies: "Hoya boutii....It really feels like it looks !!"

Contest picture by mjsponies

3rd Place with 34 points:

From DebinSC: "Mimosa blossom"

Contest picture by DebinSC

Runner Up with 32 points:

From gardenpom: "Underneath a beautiful Pride of Barbados flower."

Contest picture by gardenpom

Runner Up with 28 points:

From VA_Wild_Rose: "A happy Phalaenopsis Orchid on my windowsill"

Contest picture by VA_Wild_Rose

Runner Up with 28 points:

From Schpatze: "The intricacy of an Orchid. "

Contest picture by Schpatze

Runner Up with 28 points:

From danmo: "Beautiful Orchid "

Contest picture by danmo

Runner Up with 25 points:

From jmorth: "Orchid"

Contest picture by jmorth

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