Calling all writers, especially those who wax poetic! If you have a way with words, here's your chance to put pen to paper and try your hand at writing an award-winning piece for us. Find all the details on our contest page.


1st Place with 87 points:

From KentNC: "Favorite fresh veggie is whatever one I'm eating at the moment, but the top 3 are: tomatoes, squash, and cukes"

Contest picture by KentNC

2nd Place with 84 points:

From lisabees: "This pretty dish of hot peppers gives a whole new meaning to the words "Fruit Bowl"."

Contest picture by lisabees

3rd Place with 76 points:

From adinamiti: "Onions from my garden."

Contest picture by adinamiti

Runner Up with 67 points:

From GalGari: "Hot Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes are a staple of my husband's garden... These peppers were hot enough to curl their own toes and just begged to be in a still life."

Contest picture by GalGari

Runner Up with 63 points:

From adinamiti: "Fresh veggies harvested from my garden."

Contest picture by adinamiti

Runner Up with 56 points:

From beebonnet: "Lettuce alone."

Contest picture by beebonnet

Runner Up with 56 points:

From ginger749: "Home grown Paw Paw."

Contest picture by ginger749

Runner Up with 53 points:

From lisabees: "Carrots and radishes - picked on a crisp, fall day."

Contest picture by lisabees

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