1st Place with 298 points:

From shihtzumom: "This beautiful Catheral Quilt was made by my mother many years ago. A lot of hard work went into this beautiful quilt. It now hangs on the wall in my bedroom. Thanks Mom!"

Contest picture by shihtzumom

2nd Place with 283 points:

From picabo: "Hard to display a Kingsize quilt, Helps to have two cats offer to hold it down."

Contest picture by picabo

3rd Place with 234 points:

From Maja_52: "The small girl was dreaming about her own dog but her school marks were not satisfying for her parents. So I have sewn her for Christmas a "Dogs' Dream" - the second quilt in my life. But... she was better and better till December, so she became for Christmas her own Chico AND his dreams! "

Contest picture by Maja_52

Runner Up with 144 points:

From picabo: "A Queensize quilt made for my daughter. No dull color here. ;))"

Contest picture by picabo

Runner Up with 142 points:

From Qwilter: "I named this quilt "Too Many Pieces" This CA King size quilt contains 74 fabrics in 220 - 7" blocks. There are over 2000 pieces in the quilt. Each block contains 2 fabrics and no 2 blocks are the same. I collected the fabrics for 4 years and then worked on the quilt on & off for another 2 years."

Contest picture by Qwilter

Runner Up with 115 points:

From ginger749: "One of My favourite Quilts."

Contest picture by ginger749

Runner Up with 31 points:

From ginger749: "This quilt is very shiny. Almost glows in the dark."

Contest picture by ginger749

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