As our knowledge of the world expands and as exploration increases, scientists and botanists are finding a plethora of new plant species. Word does not usually spread quickly about the newest additions that will benefit the backyard gardener. I was, for example, quite surprised to read that scientists are working on adding firefly genes to flowers so the flowers glow in the dark. I am not making this up!

In the midst of all this, there have been some fun discoveries. I have searched through files and identified a few that may be great additions to your backyard garden. In fact, some of these are so wonderful, you might want to send this article to a friend as you exchange joy and seeds.

The Monogrammed Sunflower.

This sunflower has been designed by Odean Labs, Ink. If you look closely, you will notice the distinct "O" in the center. This "O" represents, of course, Odean Labs, Ink. The next Sunflower being developed will have a "C" in the center.

The Owner of Odean Labs, Ink is Chuck L Too and this photo is copyrighted as are all the other photos in this article.


Christmas Tree Fern

This plant produces bio-degradable Christmas tree decorations in late fall. This picture shows the beginning stage of the growth of fern bulbs. Although the fern is quite scrawny, the decorations will grow to 5 times this size, especially with an optical zoom added to the soil. Interestingly enough, the young tender shoots of this fern are edible.


Fiber Optics Funya

Scientists are working with this plant to produce a "green" fiber optics. As you can see, this picture was taken in total darkness and yet the plant is illuminated in an un-earthly glow. Each tiny cell of this plant captures light at the speed of sound and magnifies it over long distances. On the downside, there are some interference problems near cell towers and this plant is considered invasive.


Cotton Grass

I'm sure you recognize this as pampas grass. However, what you probably do not know is that pampas grass is being researched for its cotton-like properties. Seeds for this special variety have been donated by the AreU For-real No. Foundation. The foundation has restricted public access to the seeds as they are afraid that it will hurt the cotton industry. But I know where you can get a secret supply of the seeds (and some Florida swampland that never floods available for sale.)


Seedless Heirless

Roses are no exception. Rose enthusiasts are always trying to create the best new rose. You are among the first to read about the newest addition to the rose family. This is a rose and watermelon hybrid. It is called 'Waterloo' and it actually smells like a watermelon. It is also seedless. The picture has been provided courtesy of the Nottingham Jo Kerr Gardens.


Triple Rose Delight2

Another amazing rose! You are not going to believe the size of these roses or the number of petals. This is called 'Triple Rose Delight 2' and it is truly a delight to show you these pictures provided by Rotf L. This is the only picture that has been released to the public and it better not show up on eBay. Of course, in case you did not know, Dave's Garden will (seriously) defend the rights to your images that have been uploaded to


Decoy Chas

This lovely plant actually sports small brown leaves in the middle of the flower sprays. If you look closely at the picture to the right, you will see one of the fully developed leaves in the largest spray. Smaller brown leaves are not very identifiable in the other sprays, but if you look close enough you might spot them. These decoys attract other butterflies to your garden. You'll be amazed at the change. Chuck L Too with Odean Labs, Ink has been trying to import this plant into the United States but has met resistance because the leaves look too much like butterflies. However, wouldn't you agree that the triangle of the "wings" could not be actually mistaken for a butterfly?


Eating Zinnias

I could not decide if I should show you this plant or not. It appears to be a regular zinnia. However, it has been crossed with a carnivorous plant. If you stare at the center of the flower, past the bright pink and past the bright yellow...into the very center of the will notice the feeding center. The next two pictures will show the flower in action.

Image I'm sorry this is a bit blurred. It is reported that the flower begins to close rapidly when an insect lands on it. Thus, the blur.
Here is a side view. The center has closed over the insect and the outside petals will close all the way. However, Zinnias are loved by many beneficial insects, including butterflies. I think the company L-augh NEtime needs to re-think this hybrid. Please, please write to this company.

Iris For U

This final plant, the 'Iris For U' is another hybrid. This is a cross between, of course, an Iris and a bit of laughter and sunshine. This plant says:

Iris For U a Happy April Fools Day!

Do you see the laughter in the air?

Please feel free to laugh and to leave a comment or two. Thank you for reading.