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neutral SteveLloyd941 6 days ago

On a vacation in Jekyll Island, GA, I "discovered" this spider when I almost walked face-first through its enormous web! I had my camera ...read more

negative mondon 2 weeks ago

Jan 7,2017. I have had 1 on this day. I had some on previous days too. This was in my bedroom. They look disgusting. They also have been ...read more

positive AFinSD last month

I have seen this butterfly at various places in San Diego. One of the more memorable encounters happened a few years ago at San Diego Bot...read more

neutral pullenlb last month

I have encountered the small devil scorpion twice in my garage in the past couple of months. I live in LaGrange, GA.

positive LarryScot last month

I have raised them before by cocoon and they are probably more pretty than most of the butterflies and moths in Massachusetts. Their wing...read more