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Welcome to BugFiles, a database designed to help gardeners identify the insects, spiders, and butterflies in their gardens. BugFiles continues to grow through the collaborative efforts of 3,010 gardeners from around the world. Any registered user may add new insects, images, comments, and ZIP codes. Learn more about BugFiles in our BugFiles FAQ

There are 7,338 bugs listed, with 16,939 images and 3,131 comments in our database.

You may search for entries by common or scientific name, or browse through an entire order of bugs to find what you're looking for. If you would like to add your own photo, description, or other details to a particular insect or bug, you will find the links to do just that under the current information within each entry.

If you know of a bug that is not yet in our database we invite you to add it. (You must be a registered member of Dave's Garden to create new entries, or add information and photos to our database. Membership is free, click here for instructions.)

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Browse bug orders:

OrderOrder Common NameImage
Acari Mites and Ticks Thumbnail of American Dog Tick (Dermacentor variabilis)
Amphipoda Amphipods Thumbnail of Land Hopper (Arcitalitrus sylvaticus)
Araneae Spiders Thumbnail of Writing Spider, Scribbler, Black and Yellow Argiope (Argiope aurantia)
Architaenioglossa Apple Snails Thumbnail of Florida Apple Snail (Pomacea paludosa)
Basommatophora Thumbnail of Freshwater Limpet (Ferrissia petterdi)
Blattodea Cockroaches Thumbnail of Common Shining Cockroach (Drymaplaneta communis)
Cephalostigmata Pseudocentipedes, Symphyla Thumbnail of Pseudocentipede (Hanseniella sp.)
Coleoptera Beetles Thumbnail of Reddish-brown Stag Beetle (Pseudolucanus capreolus)
Collembola Springtails Thumbnail of Springtail (Podura aquatica)
Decapoda Crabs and Crayfish Thumbnail of Red Swamp Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdad, Mudbug (Procambarus clarkii)
Dermaptera Earwigs Thumbnail of Linear Earwig (Doru lineare)
Dictyoptera Mantids Thumbnail of Chinese Mantid (Tenodera aridifolia)
Diptera Flies Thumbnail of Lesser Brown Blowfly, Bluebodied Blowfly (Calliphora augur)
Embiidina Webspinners Thumbnail of Black Webspinner (Oligotoma nigra)
Ephemeroptera Mayflies Thumbnail of Mayfly (Hexagenia limbata)
Geophilomorpha Soil Centipedes Thumbnail of Soil Centipede (Strigamia sp.)
Haplotaxida Earthworms Thumbnail of Grey Worm (Aporrectodea caliginosa)
Hemiptera True Bugs Thumbnail of Cactus Coreid Bug (Cheilinidea vittiger)
Homoptera Cicadas, Hoppers and Aphids Thumbnail of Dog Day Cicada, Chicharra (Tibicen canicularis)
Hymenoptera (part 1) Ants Thumbnail of Bulldog Ant, Bull Ant, Inchman (Myrmecia forficata)
Hymenoptera (part 2) Bees Thumbnail of Honeybee (Apis mellifera)
Hymenoptera (part 3) Wasps Thumbnail of Common Yellow Jacket (Paravespula vulgaris)
Isopoda Isopods, Slaters and Woodlice Thumbnail of European Sow Bug (Oniscus asellus)
Isoptera Termites Thumbnail of Long-jawed Desert Termite (Gnathamitermes perplexus)
Julida Julid Millipedes Thumbnail of Black Portuese Millipede (Ommatoiulus moreleti)
Lepidoptera (part 1) Butterflies Thumbnail of Butterfly Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa)
Lepidoptera (part 2) Moths Thumbnail of Ornate Tiger Moth (Apantesis ornata)
Lithobiomorpha Stone Centipedes Thumbnail of Stone Centipede (Lithobius peregrinus)
Mecoptera Scorpion-flies Thumbnail of Scorpion Fly (Panorpa communis)
Megaloptera Alderflies, Dobsonflies Thumbnail of Eastern Dobsonfly (Corydalus cornutus)
Neuroptera Lacewings Thumbnail of Golden-eyed Lacewing (Chrysopa oculata)
Odonata (part 1) Damselflies Thumbnail of River Jewelwing (Calopteryx aequabilis)
Odonata (part 2) Dragonflies Thumbnail of Sedge Darner, Common Hawker (Aeshna juncea)
Opiliones Harvestmen Thumbnail of Harvestman (Megalopsalis serritarsus)
Orthoptera Grasshoppers and Crickets Thumbnail of Yellow-winged Locust (Gastrimargus musicus)
Phasmatodea Stick Insects and Walking Sticks Thumbnail of Two-Striped Walkingstick, Palmetto Walkingstick, Devil Rider, Musk Mare (Anisomorpha buprestoides)
Plecoptera Stoneflies Thumbnail of Stonefly (Trinotoperla sinuosa)
Polydesmida Polydesmid Millipedes Thumbnail of Flat-backed Millipede (Oxidus gracilis)
Psocodea Book Lice, Bark Lice Thumbnail of Barklouse (Myopsocus australis)
Pulmonata Slugs and Snails Thumbnail of Pacific Sideband (Monadenia fidelis)
Scolopendromorpha Scolopendromorph Centipedes Thumbnail of Orange-footed Centipede (Cormocephalus aurantipes)
Scorpiones Scorpions Thumbnail of Wood Scorpion (Cercophonius squama)
Scutigeromorpha House Centipedes Thumbnail of House Centipede (Allothereua maculata)
Solifugae Windscorpions
Spirobolida Spirobolid Millipedes Thumbnail of American Giant Millipede (Narceus americanus)
Systellommatophora Land Slugs Thumbnail of Florida Leatherleaf (Leidyula floridana)
Thysanoptera Thrips Thumbnail of Thrip (Aeolothrips sp.)
Trichoptera Caddis-flies Thumbnail of Netspinning Caddisfly (Smicridea fasciatella)
Tricladida Flatworms, Land Planarians Thumbnail of Mollusc-eating Hammerhead Worm (Bipalium vagum)
Uropygi Tailed Whip-scorpions Thumbnail of Giant Vinegarone (Mastigoproctus giganteus)
Zygentoma Silverfish Thumbnail of Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)

The latest images:

Moth (Hypena baltimoralis) C_A_Ivy Image
Periodical Cicada, Seventeen Year Cicada (Magicicada septendecim) queball Image
Periodical Cicada, Seventeen Year Cicada (Magicicada septendecim) queball Image
Periodical Cicada, Seventeen Year Cicada (Magicicada septendecim) queball Image
Grape Leaffolder (Desmia funeralis) C_A_Ivy Image
Pink-masked Pyralid Moth (Aglossa disciferalis) C_A_Ivy Image
Painted Lichen Moth (Hypoprepia fucosa) C_A_Ivy Image
Pasture Grass-veneer Moth (Crambus saltuellus) C_A_Ivy Image
Snout moth (Lipocosma sicalis) C_A_Ivy Image
Moth (Metarranthis homuraria) C_A_Ivy Image
Black-banded Owlet moth (Phalaenostola larentioides) C_A_Ivy Image
White Lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata) LlllPppp Image
White Lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata) LlllPppp Image
White Lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata) LlllPppp Image
White Lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata) LlllPppp Image
American Carrion Beetle (Necrophila americana) C_A_Ivy Image
Ebony Jewelwing, Black-winged Damselfly (Calopteryx maculata) C_A_Ivy Image
The Batman Moth (Coelostathma discopunctana) C_A_Ivy Image
Tawny-edged skipper (Polites themistocles) C_A_Ivy Image
Tawny-edged skipper (Polites themistocles) C_A_Ivy Image
Crossline Skipper (Polites origenes) C_A_Ivy Image
Crossline Skipper (Polites origenes) C_A_Ivy Image
American Tent Caterpillar (Malacosoma americanum) C_A_Ivy Image
Angle-winged Emerald (Chloropteryx tepperaria ) C_A_Ivy Image
Leaf-footed Bug (Leptoglossus oppositus) C_A_Ivy Image

The latest comments:

BugMemberRating Type
Hammerhead Worm (land planarian) (Bipalium kewense) Jeffxlh Negative
Periodical Cicada, Seventeen Year Cicada (Magicicada septendecim) queball Positive
Splendid ground beetle (Carabus splendens) peejay12 Positive
White Lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata) LlllPppp Positive
Silverleaf Whitefly (Bemisia argentifolii) adeniumgrower Negative
Beetle, Spotted Lady Beetle, Pink Spotted Ladybeetle (Coleomegilla maculata) Chillybean Positive
Hammerhead Worm (land planarian) (Bipalium kewense) shores90 Neutral
Native Cranberry Moth (Poecilasthena pulchraria) RosinaBloom Positive
Red Wasp, Paper Wasp (Polistes carolina) Scribbles646 Neutral
Frosted Elfin Hairstreak (Callophrys irus) C_A_Ivy Neutral
Chrysanthemum Lace Bug (Corythucha marmorata) DWMike Neutral
Giant Leopard Moth (Hypercompe scribonia) spikey2 Neutral
Great Golden Digger Wasp (Sphex ichneumoneus) Papa2Girls Positive
Fall Webworm, Tiger Moth (Hyphantria cunea) Chillybean Positive
Milbert's Tortoiseshell (Aglais milberti) weedsfree Neutral
Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) Chillybean Negative
Clover Casebearer (Coleophora alcyonipennella) kennedyh Neutral
Ragwort Crown-boring Moth, Black-headed Conch (Cochylis atricapitana) kennedyh Neutral
Periodical Cicada, Seventeen Year Cicada (Magicicada septendecim) Chillybean Positive
Monarch (Danaus plexippus) nan7valleys Positive
Red Damselfly, Red Coat Damselfly (Xanthocnemis zealandica) RosinaBloom Positive
Pennsylvania Leatherwing, Goldenrod Soldier Beetle, Soldier Beetle (Chauliognathus pensylvanicus) Chillybean Positive
Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) coriaceous Negative
Viburnum Leaf Beetle (Pyrrhalta viburni) coriaceous Negative
Winter Moth (Operophtera brumata) coriaceous Negative

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