Lesser European House Spider (Tegenaria domestica)

Order: Araneae (ah-RAY-nee-ee) (Info)
Family: Agelenidae
Genus: Tegenaria
Species: domestica


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Members' Notes:


On Jan 27, 2008, Malus2006 from Coon Rapids, MN (Zone 4a) wrote:

This is the most common house spider in Minnesota. They are found in most houses. They often seem to prefer certain areas of a house and are also found in large numbers outside of a house. Outside they seem to prefer the walls of a house, arbors, vines, rocks, and are the primary species that make the webs in the corners of a house or anything solid but have complex surfaces that the spider can hide in that have sat outside for at least a few months during the warm season. Inside a house, beside fungus gnats (tiny flies that are attracted to houseplants but nothing else), are often the only insect species that thrive in the house during the winter - even Minnesota winters! They are found in houses all year round, leaving webs mainly in corners and on structures that have not been disturbed... read more