Wrinkled Snail, Wrinkled Dune Snail (Candidula intersecta)

Order: Pulmonata
Family: Helicidae
Genus: Candidula
Species: intersecta

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On Jan 19, 2013, dull2shinetoo from Verona, VA wrote:

This species is often found in open, dry areas (e.g., pastures and coastal plains). It is reported to be a pest of apples, pears, plums and peaches. The snail will damage the fruit while it is still attached to the tree. Apart from the direct, reduced market value of the fruit, this type of feeding damage allows for secondary infections to the fruit and tree. In some instances, the tree may die from such infections. This species also feeds on both the seeds and the seedlings of cereal crops. The wrinkled dune snail has the propensity to aggregate on vertical structure (e.g., plants, fences); as such, they often pose a contamination risk to cereal grains during harvest, as well as allow for secondary infestation by fungal pathogens, which may make the grain toxic. In field cropping systems,... read more