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Blue Clipper (Parthenos sylvia)

Order: Lepidoptera (le-pid-OP-ter-a) (Info)
Family: Nymphalidae (nim-FAL-ih-dee) (Info)
Genus: Parthenos (PAR-the-nos) (Info)
Species: sylvia (SIL-vee-a) (Info)


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Long Beach, California
San Diego, California (2 reports)
San Francisco, California

Members' Notes:


On Aug 3, 2006, artcons from Fort Lauderdale, FL (Zone 10b) wrote:

Although not shown in mine due to the limited available light, the white patches are there. An explanation provided by FSU is below.
The common name, clipper, is an allusion to the speciesí white wing patches that look like the multiple billowing sails on the mighty sailing trade ships of Cramer's day. The white patches are located on the clipper's forewings and stand out against a background that varies in color. The appearance of this Indo-Australian butterfly fluctuates across its broad geographic distribution. The wings may change in size and be blue, green, orange or brown, but the white patches remain unchanged in all of the 26 subspecies.

This butterfly picture taken at the Key West FL Butterfly Conservatory August 2005