Crab Spider, Northern Crab Spider (Misumenops asperatus)

Order: Araneae (ah-RAY-nee-ee) (Info)
Family: Thomisidae
Genus: Misumenops
Species: asperatus


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

San Antonio, Texas

Members' Notes:


On Jan 8, 2007, htop from San Antonio, TX (Zone 8b) wrote:

The northern crab spider (Misumenops asperatus) is one of the "flower spiders" (named as such because they usually hunt in similarly-colored flowers for visitors such as bees and flies). Although it is called northen crab spider, it does make its home in Texas as well as other southern states. It is similar to its relative the goldenrod spider (Misumena vatia); however, it is smaller. Its has striped legs. In contrast to its larger relatives whose background color of the abdomen may be white but are more often yellow, its abdominal background color is often whitish or even a pale greenish color; however, its coloring may vary. It has two longitudinal stripes behind the eyes on the carapace. The body is not as hairy as most spiders' bodies are. The top surfaces of the abdomen, carapac... read more