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Catalpa Sphinx Moth (Ceratomia catalpae)

Order: Lepidoptera (le-pid-OP-ter-a) (Info)
Family: Sphingidae (SFIN-gi-dee) (Info)
Genus: Ceratomia (ser-a-TOH-me-a) (Info)
Species: catalpae (ka-TAL-pee) (Info)


This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Vincent, Alabama
Crawfordville, Florida
Griffin, Georgia
Glen Carbon, Illinois
Benton, Kentucky
Coushatta, Louisiana
Stilwell, Oklahoma
Columbia, South Carolina
Crossville, Tennessee
Killeen, Texas
Linden, Texas
Plano, Texas
Charlottesville, Virginia
Lexington, Virginia
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Members' Notes:


On Aug 13, 2006, melody from Benton, KY (Zone 7a) wrote:

One of the Hornworm moths, the Catalpa Sphinx caterpillar feeds on the Catalpa tree foliage and although they can be quite messy, they tend to do little than cosmetically damage the trees.

They are also known as Fishbait moths, and sometimes Catalpa trees are intentionally planted just to harvest the numerous caterpillars that descend upon the tree.

The caterpillars are collected, frozen and sold as fishing bait.

The caterpillar is fuzzy with lengthwise yellow, green and black stripes, a shiny black head and a black 'horn' on it's rear end.

Sometimes two generations a year are produced.