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positive mudpiegirl 1 weeks ago

We first got to know this bird when living in Austin, TX, and they came to represent the best of Texas to us. Big, brash, and more

positive RobertCrandall 2 weeks ago

Far and away our favorite bird here in southeast Michigan. This year we had about 15 of them at once. Sadly we notice they have a love more

positive katznk9s 2 weeks ago

Although some might not like them, I love them. I love their call, admire the beautiful shiny iridescent black coat of the males, and more

positive mensamom 2 weeks ago

Every spring and fall my yard is full of Robins on their way to and fro. I love to see them frolicking around the yard, gobbling up more

neutral 2QandLearn last month

They like to nest in our neighbor's Oak trees . . . and, to hoard the sunflower seeds I put out for ALL the seed eating birds. So, I'm more