African Collared Dove, Barbary Dove (Streptopelia risoria)

Order: Columbiformes
Family: Columbidae
Genus: Streptopelia
Species: risoria


This bird has been reportedly found in the following regions:

Mesa, Arizona
Daytona Beach, Florida
Angleton, Texas

Members' Notes:


On Jan 30, 2013, Resin from Northumberland
United Kingdom (Zone 9a) wrote:

Synonym Streptopelia roseogrisea


On Jan 22, 2013, frogymon from Lisle, IL (Zone 5a) wrote:

Much lighter colored than the more common Eurasian Collared Dove and lacks the white band at the top of the collar.


On Dec 27, 2008, plantladylin from (Zone 1) wrote:

The Second Edition Florida's Birds, A Field Guide and Reference states that the Ringed Turtle Dove has been bred in captivity for hundreds of years for use in research and by magicians, or sold as pets. It also states that there are no natural wild populations known to exist today.

The book states their range is statewide in Florida but this is my first sighting in 40+ years here. I'm assuming this one I saw hanging out in my backyard for a few days this summer, was an escaped pet. It didn't seem too fearful, perching low in a tree, but would not fly down to feed until I sat on a bench a few feet away. Beautiful bird with a lovely song!