American Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber)

Order: Phoenicopteriformes
Family: Phoenicopteridae
Genus: Phoenicopterus
Species: ruber

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On Sep 9, 2009, plantladylin from (Zone 1) wrote:

We have only seen the American Flamingo a couple of times in our area, at Ponce de Leon, Inlet feeding along the marsh area. They are amazingly beautiful birds.

My book about Florida birds states that the American Flamingo are most often seen in the Everglades and that birds seen in the Miami, Florida area may be the result of escaped zoo animals, although birds visiting the Florida Bay area may be wild birds from the Bahamas, Cuba or the Yucatan. The birds that regularly occur in southeast Florida, and occasionally elsewhere in the state are likely from the captive flock in Hialeah and occasional migrants from the Bahamas and Cuba.

The adult American Flamingos are primarily pink except for the black primaries and bill tip. Juvenile birds are mostly white ... read more