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Yellow-nosed Albatross (Thalassarche chlororhynchos)

Order: Procellariiformes
Family: Diomedeidae
Genus: Thalassarche
Species: chlororhynchos

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On Dec 30, 2008, rntx22 from Houston, TX (Zone 9a) wrote:

From wikipedia:
Pelagic. This small, slender albatross glides and banks like a shearwater. Once considered conspecific with the Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross and known as the Yellow-nosed Albatross.

Large seabird. Black and white with a grey head and large eye patch. Can be told from the Indian Yellow-nosed by its darker head. Relative to other mollymawks it can be distinguished by its smaller size (the wings being particularly narrow) and the thin black edging to the underwing. Grey-headed Albatross has a similar grey head but more extensive and less well defined black markings around the edge of the underwing. Salvin's Albatross also has a grey head but has much broader wings, a pale bill and even more narrow black border's to the underwing.

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