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PlantFiles comments by caron

PlantFiles: Comments by caron

caron has left comments for the following 72 plants:

Plant name
Blackfoot Daisy, Black Foot Daisy, Plains Black Foot Daisy
Melampodium leucanthum
Harmal Peganum, African Rue, Syrian Rue
Peganum harmala
Melaleuca, Broad-leaved Paperbark, Punk Tree, Tree Paperbark
Melaleuca quinquenervia
Ferny Azolla
Azolla pinnata
Caulerpa, Killer Algae, Mediteranean Clone
Caulerpa taxifolia
Anchored Water Hyacinth, Peacock Hyacinth
Eichhornia azurea
Hydrilla, Water Thyme
Hydrilla verticillata
Hygrophila polysperma
African Elodea, Oxygen Weed, Curly Water Thyme, Curly Waterweed
Lagarosiphon major
Ambulia, Asian Marshweed
Limnophila sessiliflora
Arrowleaf False Pickerelweed
Monochoria hastata
Heartshape False Pickerelweed
Monochoria vaginalis
Japanese Arrowhead
Sagittaria sagittifolia
Giant Salvinia, Water Fern, Kariba Weed, Aquarium Water Moss, Koi Kandy, Butterfly Fern, Cat's Tongu
Salvinia molesta
Giant salvinia
Salvinia herzogii
Wetland Nightshade
Solanum tampicense
Exotic Bur Reed
Sparganium erectum
Croftonweed, Eupatorium, Sticky Snakeroot
Ageratina adenophora
Sessile Joyweed
Alternanthera sessilis
Onionweed, Asphodel
Asphodelus fistulosus
Animated Oat
Avena sterilis
Tropical Spiderwort, Benghal Dayflower
Commelina benghalensis
Common Crupina
Crupina vulgaris
Alfombrilla, Lightning Weed, Sandwort Drymary
Drymaria arenarioides
Spiny Emex, Devil's Thorn, Spiny Three-corner Jack
Emex spinosa
Goat's Rue
Galega officinalis
Giant Hogweed
Heracleum mantegazzianum
Brazilian Satintail
Imperata brasiliensis
Cogongrass, Cogon Grass, Satintail, Japanese Blood Grass
Imperata cylindrica
African Box-thorn
Lycium ferocissimum
Mile-a-Minute Weed, Bittervine, Chinese Creeper, American Rope
Mikania micrantha
Giant Sensitiveplant
Mimosa invisa
Thorny Sensitiveplant
Mimosa pigra
Serrated Tussock Grass
Nassella trichotoma
Tiger Pear
Opuntia aurantiaca
Longstamen rice
Oryza longistaminata
Red Rice
Oryza rufipogon
Pennisetum clandestinum
Mesquite, Kiawe, Algaroba
Prosopis pallida
Creeping Mesquite
Prosopis strombulifera
Rottboellia cochinchinensis
Bramble, Wild Blackberry
Rubus fruticosus
Wild Sugarcane
Saccharum spontaneum
Wormleaf Salsola
Salsola vermiculata
Solanum torvum
Tropical Soda Apple
Solanum viarum
Winged False Buttonweed
Spermacoce alata
Tridax, Cadillo Chisaca, Coat Buttons
Tridax procumbens
Giant Dodder
Cuscuta reflexa
Lesser Broomrape
Orobanche minor
Branched Broomrape
Orobanche ramosa
Alhagi pseudalhagi
Cypress Spurge, Bonaparte's Crown, Graveyard Moss
Euphorbia cyparissias
Woad, Dyer's Woad
Isatis tinctoria
Meadow Knapweed
Centaurea pratensis
Mediterranean Sage
Salvia aethiopis
Taeniatherum caput-medusae
Creeping Spurge, Donkey Tail, Myrtle Spurge
Euphorbia myrsinites
Purple Loosestrife
Lythrum salicaria
Rush Skeletonweed, Naked Weed, Gum succory, Devilís-Grass, Hogbite
Chondrilla juncea
Chinese Bush Lespedeza, Sericea Lespedeza
Lespedeza cuneata
Squarrose Knapweed
Centaurea triumfetti
Tansy Ragwort
Senecio jacobaea
Yellow Starthistle, Golden Starthistle, Yellow Cockspur, St. Barnaby's Thistle
Centaurea solstitialis
Absinthe, Absinth, Wormwood, Mugwort
Artemisia absinthium
Chinese Clematis
Clematis orientalis
Hawk weed, Hawkweed, Fox and Cubs, Orange Hawkweed, Devil's Paintbrush, Grim-the-Collier, Red Daisy
Pilosella aurantiaca
Spiny Plumeless Thistle
Carduus acanthoides
Spotted Knapweed, Ballast Waif
Centaurea biebersteinii
Fivestamen Tamarisk, Salt Cedar
Tamarix chinensis
Tamarix parviflora
Saltcedar, Salt Cedar, Five-stamen Tamarix, Tamarisk
Tamarix ramosissima

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