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PlantFiles comments by dogbane

PlantFiles: Comments by dogbane

dogbane has left comments for the following 63 plants:

Plant name
Peacock Ginger, Peacock Plant, Resurrection Lily
Kaempferia pulchra
Snow Poppy, Chinese Bloodroot
Eomecon chionantha
Zedoary, Temu putih, Hidden Ginger, Red Leaf Spice Ginger
Curcuma zedoaria
Bird's Nest Fern, Crow's Nest Fern
Asplenium nidus
Salvia Species, Blood Sage, Scarlet Sage, Texas Sage
Salvia coccinea
Japanese Cleyera
Ternstroemia gymnanthera
Loquat, Japanese Plum
Eriobotrya japonica
Peacock Moss, Peacock Spikemoss, Love-in-a-Tangle, Blue Spikemoss
Selaginella uncinata
American Elder, Common Elderberry
Sambucus canadensis
Chinese Tallow Tree, Candleberry Tree, Chicken Tree, Popcorn Tree, Florida Aspen
Triadica sebifera
Red Cedar Juniper, Eastern Red Cedar
Juniperus virginiana
Butterfly Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Pleurisy Root
Asclepias tuberosa
African Mask, Amazon Elephant's Ear 'Amazonica'
Canna Lily, Indian Shot
Canna indica
Balloon Flower, Chinese Bellflower, Japanese Bellflower 'Sentimental Blue'
Platycodon grandiflorus
Walking Iris
Neomarica candida
Ivy Leaved Violet, Australian Violet, Trailing Violet, Tasmanian Trailing Violet
Viola banksii
Southern Magnolia
Magnolia grandiflora
Salvia Species, Lyreleaf Sage, Cancer Weed, Wild Sage
Salvia lyrata
Japanese Ardisia, Marlberry
Ardisia japonica
Shrimp Plant
Justicia brandegeeana
English Ivy, Common Ivy
Hedera helix
Japanese Privet, Waxleaf Privet
Ligustrum japonicum
Peacock Flower, Bicolor Iris, Evergreen Iris, Spanish Iris, African Iris
Dietes bicolor
Carolina Silverbell
Halesia carolina
Possum Haw Holly, Possumhaw, Deciduous Holly
Ilex decidua
Foster Holly, Foster's Holly 'Fosteri'
Ilex x attenuata
Fringe Tree, Old Man's Beard, Grancy Graybeard
Chionanthus virginicus
Cat's Claw
Macfadyena unguis-cati
Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower
Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Pomegranate 'Nana'
Punica granatum
Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'
Onoclea, Sensitive Fern, Bead Fern
Onoclea sensibilis
Flowering Fern, Royal Fern
Osmunda regalis
Japanese Shield Fern, Autumn Fern
Dryopteris erythrosora
Japanese Climbing Fern
Lygodium japonicum
Giant Salvinia, Water Fern, Kariba Weed, Aquarium Water Moss, Koi Kandy, Butterfly Fern, Cat's Tongu
Salvinia molesta
Giant Salvinia, Water Spangles, Water Fern, Floating Fern
Salvinia minima
Water Hyacinth
Eichhornia crassipes
Japanese Crepe Myrtle, Crape Myrtle 'Natchez'
Lagerstroemia x fauriei
Football Lily, African Blood Lily, Powderpuff Lily
Scadoxus multiflorus
Asiatic Jasmine, Asian Jasmine
Trachelospermum asiaticum
Eranthemum, Blue Sage
Eranthemum pulchellum
Giant Blue Flag Iris
Iris giganticaerulea
Zig Zag Iris
Iris brevicaulis
Louisiana Iris, Abbeville Red Iris, Abbeville Swamp Iris
Iris x nelsonii
Yellow Flag, Yellow Iris, Water Flag Iris
Iris pseudacorus
Trumpets, Watches, Biscuit-Flower, Yellow Pitcher Plant
Sarracenia flava
Common Fig, Edible Fig, Higo 'Brown Turkey'
Ficus carica
Copper Iris
Iris fulva
Southern Swamp Lily, American Crinum
Crinum americanum
Crinum Lily, Powell Lily
Crinum x powellii
Peruvian Daffodil
Hymenocallis festalis
Water Oak
Quercus nigra
Rocket Larkspur
Consolida ambigua
Edging Lobelia, Annual Lobelia, Trailing Lobelia
Lobelia erinus
Sweetgum, Red Gum, Liquid Amber
Liquidambar styraciflua
Variegated Spider plant, Airplane Plant 'Variegatum'
Chlorophytum comosum
Sweet Olive, Fragrant Tea Olive
Osmanthus fragrans
Maidenhair Tree
Ginkgo biloba
Rough-leaf Dogwood
Cornus drummondii
Sycamore, Buttonwood, American Sycamore, American Planetree
Platanus occidentalis
Giant Bird of Paradise, Natal Strelitzia, Wild Strelitzia
Strelitzia nicolai

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