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PlantFiles comments by punaheledp

PlantFiles: Comments by punaheledp

punaheledp has left comments for the following 94 plants:

Plant name
Guava, Tropical Guava, Goiaba, Ara-goiaba
Psidium guajava
Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Tickseed Coreopsis
Coreopsis lanceolata
Umbrella Plant, Umbrella Papyrus, Umbrella Palm
Cyperus involucratus
Nasturtium 'Empress of India'
Tropaeolum majus
Canary Creeper, Canary Bird Vine
Tropaeolum peregrinum
Fern tree
Filicium decipiens
Croton 'Interruption'
Codiaeum variegatum
Violet Wood Sorrel
Oxalis violacea
Crown Flower, Giant Calotrope, Giant Milkweed, Swallow-wort
Calotropis gigantea
Walking Iris, Apostle Plant
Neomarica gracilis
Asparagus Fern, Sprenger Asparagus 'Sprengeri'
Asparagus densiflorus
Dollar Plant, Jade Plant, Jade Tree, Money Tree
Crassula ovata
Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower
Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Passionfruit, Granadilla, Qarandila, Maracuja, Passion Vine, Passionvine
Passiflora edulis
California Poppy Red 'Mikado'
Eschscholzia californica
Yellow Walking Iris
Trimezia martinicensis
Klondike Cosmos, Sulphur Cosmos, Orange Cosmos
Cosmos sulphureus
Edging Lobelia, Annual Lobelia, Trailing Lobelia
Lobelia erinus
Sweet Alyssum, Sweet Alison, Seaside Lobularia 'Violet Queen'
Lobularia maritima
Madagascar Jasmine, Bridal Wreath, Bridal Bouquet, Hawaiian Wedding Flower, Stephanotis, Wax Flower
Stephanotis floribunda
Foxtail Agave, Dragon-Tree Agave, Spineless Agave
Agave attenuata
Rose Periwinkle, Cayenne Jasmine, Madagascar Periwinkle, Old Maid, Vinca
Catharanthus roseus
Kahili Ginger 'Kahili Fiesta'
Hedychium gardnerianum
Yellow Ginger
Hedychium flavescens
White Ginger, Garland Lily, Butterfly Ginger
Hedychium coronarium
Southern Maidenhair Fern, Common Maidenhair Fern, Venus Hairfern, Venus's Hair
Adiantum capillus-veneris
Blackberry Lily, Leopard Lily
Belamcanda chinensis
Chinese Forget-Me-Not 'Firmament'
Cynoglossum amabile
Nerium oleander
Floss Flower, Ageratum 'Blue Horizon'
Ageratum houstonianum
Toad Flax, Baby Snapdragon 'Dwarf Fairy Bouquet Mix'
Linaria maroccana
Impatiens, Busy Lizzy
Impatiens walleriana
Sweet William 'Wee Willie'
English Rose, Austin Rose 'Crown Princess Margareta'
English Rose, Austin Rose 'Geoff Hamilton'
English Rose, Austin Rose 'Golden Celebration'
Floribunda Rose 'Iceberg'
Floribunda Rose 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg'
Floribunda Rose 'Sun Flare'
Whisk Fern, Skeleton Fork Fern, Moa
Psilotum nudum
Whisk fern, moa, moa nahele, pipi, o'o moa
Psilotum complanatum
Red Ginger
Alpinia purpurata
Candlenut Tree, Varnish Tree, Kukui, Indian Walnut, Candleberry Tree
Aleurites moluccana
Canna Lily, Indian Shot 'Red Stripe'
Canna indica
Natal Plum
Carissa macrocarpa
Hawaiian Snowbush, Snow Bush, Snow-on-the-Mountain, Sweetpea Bush
Breynia disticha
Whitehead Spike-sedge
Kyllinga nemoralis
Scented Geranium 'Van Leenii'
Pelargonium citrosum
Pink Shower, Pink Cassia, Pink Lady
Cassia javanica
Rainbow Shower Tree
Cassia x nealiae
Pink Shower Tree
Cassia bakeriana
Pink Shower Tree, Coral Shower Tree
Cassia grandis
Artocarpus altilis
Australian Pine, Horsetail Casuarina
Casuarina equisetifolia
Saltmarsh, Longleaf Ironwood, Swamp Oak
Casuarina glauca
Norfolk Island Pine, Star Pine
Araucaria heterophylla
Cook's Pine, New Caledonian Pine, Coral Reef Araucaria
Araucaria columnaris
Coconut Palm
Cocos nucifera
Miniature Decorative Dahlia 'Little Tiger'
Litchi chinensis
Aloe Vera, Medicinal Aloe, Savila
Aloe vera
Ivy Gourd
Coccinia grandis
Yellow Himalayan Blackberry
Rubus ellipticus var. ordatus
Prickly Florida Blackberry, Sawtooth Blackberry
Rubus argutus
Molucca Raspberry
Rubus sieboldii
Hill Raspberry, Mysore Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Indian Raspberry
Rubus niveus
Rubus glaucus
Dianthus, China Pinks
Dianthus chinensis
Hawaiian Ti Plant, Good Luck Plant, Green Ti Plant
Cordyline fruticosa
Zinnia 'Pinwheel Mix'
Weeping Fig, Chinese Banyan
Ficus benjamina
Cuban Laurel, Indian Laurel Fig, Green Island Fig, Chinese Banyan
Ficus microcarpa
Mondo Grass, Monkey Grass
Ophiopogon japonicus
Philodendron 'King of Spades'
Ananas comosus
Spanish Moss
Tillandsia usneoides
Mesquite, Kiawe, Algaroba
Prosopis pallida
Blanket Flower, Indian Blanket, Gaillardia 'Golden Goblin'
Gaillardia x grandiflora
Strawberry Guava, Thai Guava, Cattley Guava, Cherry Guava, Chinese Guava, Purple Guava, Kuahpa
Psidium cattleianum
Floribunda Rose 'Grand Prize'
Parrot's Beak 'Lady Di'
Heliconia psittacorum
Variegated Spade Leaf Philodendron 'Variegatum'
Philodendron domesticum
Hawaiian Umbrella Tree, Dwarf Umbrella Plant, Arboricola Tree, Hawaiian Elf
Schefflera arboricola
Schefflera, Umbrella Tree, Octopus Tree
Schefflera actinophylla
Sea Grape
Coccoloba uvifera
Windowleaf, Ceriman, Split-leaf Philodendron, Mexican Breadfruit
Monstera deliciosa
Floribunda Rose, Shrub Rose 'Lady Guinevere'
Gazania, Treasure Flower
Gazania rigens
Floribunda Rose, Cluster Flowered Rose 'Ladies in Waiting'
Shrub Rose 'Lemon Zest'
Floribunda Rose 'Cotillion'
Coral Vine
Antigonon leptopus
Summer Snapdragon, Angel Flower 'AngelMist Lavender'
Angelonia angustifolia
Japanese Persimmon, Oriental Persimmon, Sharon Fruit, Kaki 'Fuyu'
Diospyros kaki

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