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PlantFiles comments by spaceman_spiff

PlantFiles: Comments by spaceman_spiff

spaceman_spiff has left comments for the following 31 plants:

Plant name
Silk Cotton Tree, Kapok Tree, Red Silk Cotton Tree
Bombax ceiba
Sweet Shrub, Carolina Allspice, Strawberry Shrub, Bubby Bush, Sweet Betsy, Florida Spice Bush, Flori
Calycanthus floridus
Common Lilac, French Lilac 'Monore'
Syringa vulgaris
Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant Tree, Flame Tree, Peacock Flower, Gulmohar
Delonix regia
Golden Shower Tree, Purging Cassia, Golden Chain Tree, Indian Laburnum
Cassia fistula
Yellow Poinciana, Copperpod, Horsebush, Yellow Jacaranda
Peltophorum dubium
Chinese Tallow Tree, Candleberry Tree, Chicken Tree, Popcorn Tree, Florida Aspen
Triadica sebifera
Swamp Lily, ašucena-do-brejo
Crinum erubescens
Canna Lily 'Florence Vaughan'
Canna x generalis
Ghost Plant, Mother of Pearl Plant
Graptopetalum paraguayense
Walking Iris, Apostle Plant
Neomarica gracilis
Golden Rat Tail
Cleistocactus winteri
Hoya, Wax Plant, Porcelain Flower
Hoya carnosa
Travelers Palm
Ravenala madagascariensis
Neoregelia Bromeliad
Neoregelia ampullacea
Neoregelia Bromeliad
Neoregelia pauciflora
Lifesaver Plant
Huernia zebrina
Rain Lily, Rainlily
Zephyranthes citrina
Tiger Flower, Mexican Shell Flower
Tigridia pavonia
Dancing Bones Cactus, Drunkard's Dream, Spice Cactus
Hatiora salicornioides
Devil's Trumpet, Horn of Plenty, Downy Thorn Apple 'Double Purple'
Datura metel
Queen of the Night
Selenicereus grandiflorus
Spear Orchid, Skyline Spear
Sansevieria cylindrica
Bloodflower, Swallow-wort, Butterfly Weed, Mexican Milkweed, Scarlet Milkweed 'Silky Deep Red'
Asclepias curassavica
Snake Plant, Yellow Chincherinchee, Sun Star
Ornithogalum dubium
Hooker's Evening Primrose
Oenothera elata
Orchid Cactus, Strap Cactus
Disocactus ackermannii
Four O'Clock, Marvel of Peru
Mirabilis jalapa
Camphor Tree, Camphor Laurel
Cinnamomum camphora
Tasman Flax Lily, Tasmanian Flax Lily 'Variegata'
Dianella tasmanica
Live Oak
Quercus virginiana

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