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ThumbnailPlant name
Image of Dais cotinifolia Dais
Dais cotinifolia
Image of Dais cotinifolia Dais
Dais cotinifolia
Image of Agave Agave, Hybrid Agave 'Blue Glow'
Image of Agave applanata Agave, Cream Spike Agave 'Cream Spike'
Agave applanata
Image of Amaryllis belladonna Belladonna Lily, Naked Lady
Amaryllis belladonna
Image of Brunsvigia josephinae Josephine's Lily
Brunsvigia josephinae
Image of Fuchsia magellanica Hardy Fuchsia
Fuchsia magellanica
Image of Rhododendron brookeanum Vireya Rhododendron
Rhododendron brookeanum
Image of Acacia melanoxylon Blackwood
Acacia melanoxylon
Image of Lagarostrobos franklinii Huon Pine
Lagarostrobos franklinii
Image of Dudleya pulverulenta Chalk Lettuce, Live-Forever
Dudleya pulverulenta
Image of Hedychium gardnerianum Kahili Ginger, Ker-Gawl
Hedychium gardnerianum
Image of Westringia longifolia Westringea
Westringia longifolia
Image of Grevillea lanigera Spider Flower, Woolly Grevillea 'Mt. Tamboritha'
Grevillea lanigera
Image of Xerochrysum bracteatum Strawflower, Paper Daisy, Everlasting Daisy, Golden Everlasting
Xerochrysum bracteatum
Image of Crowea Waxflower 'Fesitval'
Image of Banksia spinulosa Dwarf Hairpin Banksia 'Birthday Candles'
Banksia spinulosa
Image of Narcissus Misc. Daffodil, Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete'
Image of Magnolia x soulangeana Saucer Magnolia, Tulip Tree
Magnolia x soulangeana
Image of Chionodoxa forbesii Glory of the Snow 'Blue Giant'
Chionodoxa forbesii
Image of Tropaeolum majus Nasturtium 'Alaska Mixed'
Tropaeolum majus
Image of Prunus subhirtella Weeping Cherry Tree, Weeping Higan Cherry 'Pendula'
Prunus subhirtella
Image of Campanula Campanula 'Champion Pro Lavender'
Image of Hippeastrum cybister Amaryllis 'La Paz'
Hippeastrum cybister
Image of Clivia miniata Clivia 'Longwood Debutante'
Clivia miniata
Image of Begonia x hiemalis Amstel Begonia, Rieger Begonia 'Carneval'
Begonia x hiemalis
Image of Aechmea Aechmea Bromeliad, Urn Plant 'Harvey's Pride'
Image of Alocasia Dwarf African Mask,Dwarf Amazon Elephant's Ear 'Poly'
Image of Cercis siliquastrum Judas Tree, Love Tree
Cercis siliquastrum
Image of Phyllostachys vivax Running Bamboo
Phyllostachys vivax
Image of Medicago arborea Moon Trefoil, Tree Medic, Shrub Medic, Shrub Medick, Tree Medick
Medicago arborea
Image of Bletilla striata Species Orchid, Hardy Ground Orchid, Striped Bletilla, Urn Orchid, Bletilla
Bletilla striata
Image of Rosa banksiae Lady Banks White Rose, Evergreen Multiflora, White Lady Banks' Rose, Rosier de Lady Banks 'Alba Plena'
Rosa banksiae
Image of Acacia montana Mallee Wattle
Acacia montana
Image of Woodwardia radicans European chain fern
Woodwardia radicans
Image of Brahea armata Mexican Blue Palm, Blue Hesper Palm, Gray Goddess
Brahea armata
Image of Taxodium huegelii Mexican Cypress, Montezuma Cypress
Taxodium huegelii
Image of Rosa banksiae Species Rose 'Lutea'
Rosa banksiae
Image of Sarracenia Common Pitcher Plant 'Snowflake'
Image of Rosa China Rose, Miniature Rose 'Pompon de Paris'

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