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Latin Lookup

Species within the genus "Lopadium"

FamilyGenusSpeciesCommon NameMore Info
Bacidiaceae Lopadium alpinum Schadonia alpina
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium augustini Augustin granular lichen
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium coralloideum coral granular lichen
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium disciforme disc granular lichen
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium dodgei Dodge's granular lichen
Letrouitiaceae Lopadium domingense Letrouitia domingensis
Bacidiaceae Lopadium fecundum Schadonia fecunda
Brigantiaceae Lopadium fuscoluteum Brigantiaea fuscolutea
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium fuscum Calopadia fusca
Bacidiaceae Lopadium gemellum Schadonia alpina
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium Korber granular lichen
Brigantiaceae Lopadium leucoxanthum Brigantiaea leucoxantha
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium pezizoideum granular lichen
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium phyllocharis Tapellaria epiphylla
Ectolechiaceae Lopadium puiggarii Calopadia puiggarii
Letrouitiaceae Lopadium vulpinum Letrouitia vulpina

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