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Plants grown happily by 01_William

Common nameLatin nameLocation
American Black Nightshade, Common Nightshade, Black Nightshade, Eastern Black Nightshade
Solanum ptycanthum
Solanum ptycanthum Cornelia, ga
American Wisteria 'Amethyst Falls'
Wisteria frutescens
Wisteria frutescens Demorest, ga
Angle-pod, Maroon Carolina Milkvine
Matelea carolinensis
Matelea carolinensis Athens, ga
Annual Blue-Eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium rosulatum
Sisyrinchium rosulatum Demorest, ga
Aquilegia Species, Canadian Columbine, Wild Columbine
Aquilegia canadensis
Aquilegia canadensis Cornelia, ga
Asclepias Species, Redring Milkweed, White Milkweed
Asclepias variegata
Asclepias variegata Cornelia, ga
Asclepias Species, Swamp Milkweed, Rose Milkweed, Swamp Silkweed
Asclepias incarnata
Asclepias incarnata Demorest, ga
Bigleaf Magnolia, Large-leaved Cucumber Tree
Magnolia macrophylla
Magnolia macrophylla Cornelia, ga
Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower
Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Clerodendrum thomsoniae Cornelia, ga
Blue Toadflax, Old-field Toadflax, Canada Toadflax
Nuttallanthus canadensis
Nuttallanthus canadensis Cornelia, ga
Butterfly Pea Vine, Atlantic Pigeonwings
Clitoria mariana
Clitoria mariana Cornelia, ga
Campanula Species, Appalachian Bellflower, Small Bonny Bellflower, Southern Harebell
Campanula divaricata
Campanula divaricata Cornelia, ga
Carolina Desert Chicory, Leafy False Dandelion, Florida Dandelion
Pyrrhopappus carolinianus
Pyrrhopappus carolinianus Demorest, ga
Carolina Modiola, Carolina Bristle-mallow, Creeping Mallow, Red-flowered Mallow
Modiola caroliniana
Modiola caroliniana Cornelia, ga
Catesby's Trillium
Trillium catesbaei
Trillium catesbaei Cornelia, ga
Cinnamon Fern
Osmunda cinnamomea
Osmunda cinnamomea Cornelia, ga
Clammy Groundcherry
Physalis heterophylla
Physalis heterophylla Cornelia, ga
Common Evening Primrose, Night Willow-herb, Hoary Evening Primrose
Oenothera biennis
Oenothera biennis Demorest, ga
Crossvine, Cross-Vine, Trumpet Flower
Bignonia capreolata
Bignonia capreolata Demorest, ga
Cry Baby, Cockspur, Fireman's Cap Tree, Brazillian Coral Tree
Erythrina crista-galli
Erythrina crista-galli Cornelia, ga
Devil's Grandmother
Elephantopus tomentosus
Elephantopus tomentosus Cornelia, ga
Dwarf Crested Iris
Iris cristata
Iris cristata Cornelia, ga
Fan Clubmoss, Southern Gound Pine, Southern Running Cedar, Southern Running Pine
Lycopodium digitatum
Lycopodium digitatum Cornelia, ga
Flower Of An Hour, Venice Mallow
Hibiscus trionum
Hibiscus trionum Demorest, ga
Solanum carolinense
Solanum carolinense Cornelia, ga
Indian Pink
Spigelia marilandica
Spigelia marilandica Cornelia, ga
Ivy-Leaved Morning Glory
Ipomoea hederacea
Ipomoea hederacea Cornelia, ga
Jack In The Pulpit
Arisaema triphyllum
Arisaema triphyllum Cornelia, ga
Japanese Mazus
Mazus pumilus
Mazus pumilus Cornelia, ga
Longiflorum-Asiatic (L.A.) Hybrid Lily 'Royal Sunset'
Lilium Athens, ga
Lonicera Species, Coral Honeysuckle, Trumpet Honeysuckle
Lonicera sempervirens
Lonicera sempervirens Cornelia, ga
Man of the Earth, Big-root Morning Glory, Wild Potato Vine
Ipomoea pandurata
Ipomoea pandurata Demorest, ga
Meadow Beauty
Rhexia virginica
Rhexia virginica Cornelia, ga
Mouse Ear Hawkweed
Pilosella officinarum
Pilosella officinarum Cornelia, ga
Netted Chain Fern
Woodwardia areolata
Woodwardia areolata Cornelia, ga
Oakleaf Hydrangea
Hydrangea quercifolia
Hydrangea quercifolia Cornelia, ga
Onoclea, Sensitive Fern, Bead Fern
Onoclea sensibilis
Onoclea sensibilis Demorest, ga
Orchid, Dendrobium Gatton Sunray
Dendrobium Cornelia, ga
Ox-Eye Daisy, Field Daisy, Marguerite, Moon Daisy
Leucanthemum vulgare
Leucanthemum vulgare Cornelia, ga
Passiflora Species, Apricot Vine, Maypop, Purple Passion Flower, Passion Vine
Passiflora incarnata
Passiflora incarnata Cornelia, ga
Asimina triloba
Asimina triloba Cornelia, ga
Petunia, Supertunia Petunia 'Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso'
Petunia Athens, ga
Pink Rain Lily, Rainlily, Fairy Lily, Zephyr Lily
Zephyranthes grandiflora
Zephyranthes grandiflora Cornelia, ga
Rebutia muscula
Rebutia muscula Athens, ga
Rhododendron 'Mrs. Tom H. Lowinsky Group'
Rhododendron Cornelia, ga
Rose of Sharon, Shrub Althea
Hibiscus syriacus
Hibiscus syriacus Cornelia, ga
Rudbeckia Species, Common Black-eyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy
Rudbeckia hirta
Rudbeckia hirta Demorest, ga
Salvia Species, Lyreleaf Sage, Cancer Weed, Wild Sage
Salvia lyrata
Salvia lyrata Cornelia, ga
Cuscuta gronovii
Cuscuta gronovii Demorest, ga
Scarlet Star Glory, Orange Morning Glory
Ipomoea coccinea
Ipomoea coccinea Cornelia, ga
Self-Heal, Selfheal, Heal All
Prunella vulgaris
Prunella vulgaris Cornelia, ga
Shuttleworth Ginger, Mottled Ginger, Largeflower Heartleaf
Hexastylis shuttleworthii
Hexastylis shuttleworthii Cornelia, ga
Small's Penstemon, Pink Beardtongue
Penstemon smallii
Penstemon smallii Cornelia, ga
Smartweed, Big Seeded Smartweed, Pink Knotweed, Pinkweed, Pennsylvania Smartweed
Persicaria pensylvanica
Persicaria pensylvanica Demorest, ga
Species Daylily, Orange Daylily, Tawny Daylily, Ditch Lily
Hemerocallis fulva
Hemerocallis fulva Cornelia, ga
Species Lilium, Tiger Lily
Lilium lancifolium
Lilium lancifolium Cornelia, ga
Species Orchid, Cranefly Orchid, Crippled Crane Fly Orchid, Tipularia
Tipularia discolor
Tipularia discolor Cornelia, ga
Species Orchid, Downy Rattlesnake Plantain, Adder's Violet, Hairy Goodyera
Goodyera pubescens
Goodyera pubescens Cornelia, ga
Species Orchid, Grass Pink, Tuberous Calopogon
Calopogon tuberosus
Calopogon tuberosus Cornelia, ga
Species Orchid, Small Greenwood Orchid, Clove Like Platanthera
Platanthera clavellata
Platanthera clavellata Cornelia, ga
Species Orchid, Stemless Lady's Slipper, Moccasin Flower, Short Inflorescence Cypripedium
Cypripedium acaule
Cypripedium acaule Lula, ga
Species, Natural Hybrid Orchid, Rose Pogonia, Snakemouth Orchid, Adder's Mouth
Pogonia ophioglossoides
Pogonia ophioglossoides Cornelia, ga
Spotted Wintergreen, Striped Pipsissewa, Striped Prince's Pine
Chimaphila maculata
Chimaphila maculata Cornelia, ga
Stout Blue-eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium angustifolium
Sisyrinchium angustifolium Cornelia, ga
Sweet Pea, Everlasting Pea
Lathyrus latifolius
Lathyrus latifolius Cornelia, ga
Tall Ironweed
Vernonia gigantea
Vernonia gigantea Demorest, ga
Tall Morning Glory
Ipomoea purpurea
Ipomoea purpurea Demorest, ga
Tall White Lettuce
Prenanthes altissima
Prenanthes altissima Cornelia, ga
Tick Trefoil
Desmodium nudiflorum
Desmodium nudiflorum Cornelia, ga
Tropical Hibiscus 'Candy Wind'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Cornelia, ga
Tropical Hibiscus 'Montego Wind'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Cornelia, ga
Tropical Hibiscus 'Rojo'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Cornelia, ga
Tropical Hibiscus 'Starry Wind'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Cornelia, ga
Tropical Hibiscus 'Sunny Wind'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Cornelia, ga
Trout Lily, Adder's-Tongue
Erythronium americanum
Erythronium americanum Cornelia, ga
Trumpet Vine, Trumpet Creeper, Cow-itch Vine, Hellvine
Campsis radicans
Campsis radicans Augusta, ga
Two-Leaved Toothwort, Crinkled Toothwort, Crinkleroot
Cardamine diphylla
Cardamine diphylla Cornelia, ga
Upland Dwarf Violet Iris
Iris verna var. smalliana
Iris verna var. smalliana Cornelia, ga
Upland Dwarf Violet Iris
Iris verna var. smalliana
Iris verna var. smalliana Demorest, ga
Venus Flytrap
Dionaea muscipula
Dionaea muscipula Cornelia, ga
Viola Species, Bird's Foot Violet, Crow Foot Violet
Viola pedata
Viola pedata Cornelia, ga
Virginia Snakeroot, Black Snakeroot
Aristolochia serpentaria
Aristolochia serpentaria Cornelia, ga
Water Spider Lily, Carolina Spider Lily
Hymenocallis caroliniana
Hymenocallis caroliniana Cornelia, ga
Wild Carrot, Queen Anne's Lace
Daucus carota
Daucus carota Cornelia, ga
Wild Evergreen Ginger, Little Brown Jug
Hexastylis arifolia
Hexastylis arifolia Cornelia, ga
Wild Petunia
Ruellia humilis
Ruellia humilis Demorest, ga
Wild Quinine, American Feverfew
Parthenium integrifolium
Parthenium integrifolium Cornelia, ga

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