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Plants grown happily by CaptMicha

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Achillea Species, Yarrow, Milfoil, Soldier's Woundwort, Staunchweed
Achillea millefolium
Achillea millefolium Brookeville, md
Achillea, Fern-Leaf Yarrow 'Coronation Gold'
Achillea filipendulina
Achillea filipendulina Brookeville, md
Allium, Canadian Garlic, Meadow Garlic, Hyacinth Meadow Garlic
Allium canadense
Allium canadense Brookeville, md
Allium, Field Garlic, Stag's Garlic, Wild Garlic
Allium vineale
Allium vineale Brookeville, md
American Bittersweet
Celastrus scandens
Celastrus scandens Brookeville, md
American Mayapple, Mandrake Root
Podophyllum peltatum
Podophyllum peltatum Brookeville, md
American Pokeweed, Inkberry, Pidgeonberry, Pokeberry
Phytolacca americana
Phytolacca americana Brookeville, md
Amur Honeysuckle
Lonicera maackii
Lonicera maackii Brookeville, md
Asclepias, Common Milkweed, Butterfly Flower, Silkweed, Silky Swallow-wort, Virginian Si
Asclepias syriaca
Asclepias syriaca Brookeville, md
Asiatic Lily 'Sorbet'
Lilium Brookeville, md
Astilbe, False Spirea, False Goat's Beard 'Bremen'
Astilbe x arendsii
Astilbe x arendsii Brookeville, md
Beauty Bush
Kolkwitzia amabilis
Kolkwitzia amabilis Brookeville, md
Bee Balm, Beebalm, Bergamot, Firecracker Plant, Horsemint, Mountain Mint, Oswego Tea 'Marshall's Delight'
Monarda didyma
Monarda didyma Brookeville, md
Bidens Species, Bearded Beggarticks, Swamp Marigold, Western Tickseed
Bidens aristosa
Bidens aristosa Brookeville, md
Bitter Dock, Broad-leaved Dock, Butter Dock
Rumex obtusifolius
Rumex obtusifolius Brookeville, md
Black Bamboo
Phyllostachys nigra
Phyllostachys nigra Brookeville, md
Black Medic
Medicago lupulina
Medicago lupulina Brookeville, md
Sanguinaria canadensis
Sanguinaria canadensis Brookeville, md
Bloody Mary, Bloody William, Dusty Miller, Lychnis, Mullein Pinks, Rose Campion
Silene coronaria
Silene coronaria Brookeville, md
Bloody Mary, Bloody William, Dusty Miller, Lychnis, Mullein Pinks, Rose Campion 'Angel's Blush'
Silene coronaria
Silene coronaria Brookeville, md
Buddleja, Butterfly Bush, Golden Butterfly Bush 'Honeycomb'
Buddleja x weyeriana
Buddleja x weyeriana Brookeville, md
Buddleja, Butterfly Bush, Orange-eye Butterfly Bush, Summer Lilac 'Dartmoor'
Buddleja davidii
Buddleja davidii Brookeville, md
Butterfly Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Pleurisy Root
Asclepias tuberosa
Asclepias tuberosa Brookeville, md
Butterfly Pea Vine, Atlantic Pigeonwings
Clitoria mariana
Clitoria mariana Brookeville, md
Calla Lily 'Naomi'
Zantedeschia Brookeville, md
Campanula, Korean Bellflower 'Elizabeth'
Campanula takesimana
Campanula takesimana Brookeville, md
Canadian Columbine, Wild Columbine
Aquilegia canadensis
Aquilegia canadensis Brookeville, md
Canadian Horseweed, Fleabane, Hogweed
Conyza canadensis
Conyza canadensis Brookeville, md
X Pardancanda norrisii
X Pardancanda norrisii Brookeville, md
Cardoon, Artichoke Thistle
Cynara cardunculus
Cynara cardunculus Brookeville, md
Catchweed Bedstraw, Sticky Willy, Goose Grass, Cleavers
Galium aparine
Galium aparine Brookeville, md
Nepeta cataria
Nepeta cataria Brookeville, md
Chameleon Plant 'Chameleon'
Houttuynia cordata
Houttuynia cordata Brookeville, md
Chameleon Plant 'Chameleon'
Houttuynia cordata
Houttuynia cordata Brookeville, md
Chicory, Italian Dandelion, Radicchio, Succory, Witloof
Cichorium intybus
Cichorium intybus Brookeville, md
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chionanthus retusus
Chionanthus retusus Brookeville, md
Chinese Peony, Garden Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'
Paeonia lactiflora
Paeonia lactiflora Brookeville, md
Chinese Rose Of Sharon 'Melmauve'
Hibiscus sinosyriacus
Hibiscus sinosyriacus Brookeville, md
Choke Cherry, Chokecherry, Virginia Bird Cherry
Prunus virginiana
Prunus virginiana Brookeville, md
Christmas Fern, Dagger Fern, Polystic Faux-acrostiche
Polystichum acrostichoides
Polystichum acrostichoides Brookeville, md
Clematis, Early Large-flowered Clematis 'Arctic Queen'
Clematis Brookeville, md
Clematis, Viticella Clematis, Late Small-flowered Clematis 'Confetti'
Clematis Brookeville, md
Common Lilac, French Lilac
Syringa vulgaris
Syringa vulgaris Brookeville, md
Common Lilac, French Lilac 'President Lincoln'
Syringa vulgaris
Syringa vulgaris Brookeville, md
Common Periwinkle, Creeping Myrtle, Flower-of-Death
Vinca minor
Vinca minor Brookeville, md
Common Rue, Garden Rue, Herb of Grace, Herbygrass
Ruta graveolens
Ruta graveolens Brookeville, md
Corn Speedwell
Veronica arvensis
Veronica arvensis Brookeville, md
Corn Speedwell
Veronica arvensis
Veronica arvensis Brookeville, md
Creeping Charlie, Gill-over-Ground, Ground Ivy, Hedgemaids, Alehoof
Glechoma hederacea
Glechoma hederacea Brookeville, md
Creeping Juniper, Trailing Juniper, Creeping Cedar 'Wiltonii'
Juniperus horizontalis
Juniperus horizontalis Brookeville, md
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora Brookeville, md
Crown Vetch
Coronilla varia
Coronilla varia Brookeville, md
Cypress Spurge, Bonaparte's Crown, Graveyard Moss
Euphorbia cyparissias
Euphorbia cyparissias Brookeville, md
Darley Dale Heath, Darley Heath, Winter Heath 'Mediterranean White'
Erica x darleyensis
Erica x darleyensis Brookeville, md
Dianthus Species, Wild Pinks, Maiden Pinks
Dianthus deltoides
Dianthus deltoides Brookeville, md
Dicentra Species, Fringed Bleeding Heart
Dicentra eximia
Dicentra eximia Brookeville, md
Dwarf Indigo Bush, Dwarf Wild Indigo, Fragrant False Indigo
Amorpha nana
Amorpha nana Brookeville, md
Eastern Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood
Cornus florida
Cornus florida Brookeville, md
Eastern Prickly Pear, Devil's Tongue, Low Prickly Pear
Opuntia humifusa
Opuntia humifusa Brookeville, md
Echinacea Species, Eastern Coneflower, Eastern Purple Coneflower
Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea purpurea Brookeville, md
Empress Tree
Paulownia tomentosa
Paulownia tomentosa Brookeville, md
English Holly
Ilex aquifolium
Ilex aquifolium Brookeville, md
English Laurel, Common Laurel, Cherry Laurel 'Otto Luyken'
Prunus laurocerasus
Prunus laurocerasus Brookeville, md
False Indigo, Blue Wild Indigo
Baptisia australis
Baptisia australis Brookeville, md
False Solomon's Seal, Spikenard, Solomon's Plume, Feathery False Lily of the Valley
Maianthemum racemosum
Maianthemum racemosum Brookeville, md
Field Bindweed
Convolvulus arvensis
Convolvulus arvensis Brookeville, md
Field Mustard
Brassica campestris
Brassica campestris Brookeville, md
Field Pansy, Johnny Jump Up
Viola bicolor
Viola bicolor Brookeville, md
Flowering Pear, Callery Pear 'Bradford'
Pyrus calleryana
Pyrus calleryana Brookeville, md
Forked Blue Curls, Bluecurls
Trichostema dichotomum
Trichostema dichotomum Brookeville, md
Foxglove Penstemon 'Husker's Red'
Penstemon digitalis
Penstemon digitalis Brookeville, md
Foxglove, Common Foxglove, Purple Foxglove, Lady's Glove
Digitalis purpurea
Digitalis purpurea Brookeville, md
Garlic Mustard, Hedge Garlic, Jack by the Hedge
Alliaria petiolata
Alliaria petiolata Brookeville, md
Gay Feather, Dense Blazing Star 'Kobold'
Liatris spicata
Liatris spicata Brookeville, md
Geranium Species, Carolina Cranesbill, Carolina Geranium
Geranium carolinianum
Geranium carolinianum Brookeville, md
Coptis trifolia
Coptis trifolia Brookeville, md
Groundnut, Potato Bean
Apios americana
Apios americana Brookeville, md
Hairy Toad Lily 'Variegata'
Tricyrtis hirta
Tricyrtis hirta Brookeville, md
Hardy Hibiscus, Rose Mallow, Swamp Mallow 'Moy Grande'
Hibiscus moscheutos
Hibiscus moscheutos Brookeville, md
Hardy Hibiscus, Rose Mallow, Swamp Mallow 'Moy Grande'
Hibiscus moscheutos
Hibiscus moscheutos Brookeville, md
Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina
Nandina domestica
Nandina domestica Brookeville, md
Hedge Bindweed, Wild Morning Glory
Calystegia sepium
Calystegia sepium Brookeville, md
Heirloom Double Narcissus, Double Daffodil 'Rip van Winkle'
Narcissus Brookeville, md
Hemp Dogbane, Indian Hemp
Apocynum cannabinum
Apocynum cannabinum Brookeville, md
Himalayan Balsam, Indian Balsam, Policeman's Helmet, Ornamental Jewelweed
Impatiens glandulifera
Impatiens glandulifera Brookeville, md
Holy grass, Sweetgrass, Seneca Grass, Vanilla Grass, Buffalo Grass, Zebrovka
Hierochloe odorata
Hierochloe odorata Brookeville, md
Honeysuckle, Late Dutch Honeysuckle, Woodbine
Lonicera periclymenum
Lonicera periclymenum Brookeville, md
Honeysuckle, Late Dutch Honeysuckle, Woodbine 'Serotina'
Lonicera periclymenum
Lonicera periclymenum Brookeville, md
Hosta ventricosa
Hosta ventricosa Brookeville, md
Hosta ventricosa
Hosta ventricosa Brookeville, md
Hosta 'Honeybells'
Hosta Brookeville, md
Hybrid Columbine 'Crimson Star'
Aquilegia Brookeville, md
Hybrid Columbine 'Spring Magic Blue and White'
Aquilegia Brookeville, md
Hybrid Columbine 'Spring Magic Pink and White'
Aquilegia Brookeville, md
Indian Strawberry, Mock Strawberry
Duchesnea indica
Duchesnea indica Brookeville, md
Jack in the Pulpit, Devil's Nip, Cobra Lily, Indian Turnip, Indian Almond, Pepper Turnip
Arisaema ringens
Arisaema ringens Brookeville, md
Japanese Barberry 'Aurea'
Berberis thunbergii
Berberis thunbergii Brookeville, md
Japanese Honeysuckle
Lonicera japonica
Lonicera japonica Brookeville, md
Japanese Persimmon, Oriental Persimmon, Sharon Fruit, Kaki
Diospyros kaki
Diospyros kaki Brookeville, md
Japanese Pieris, Andromeda, Lily of the Valley Shrub 'Scarlet O'Hara'
Pieris japonica
Pieris japonica Brookeville, md
Japanese Wineberry, Wine Raspberry
Rubus phoenicolasius
Rubus phoenicolasius Brookeville, md
Johnny Jump-Up, Heartsease, Wild Pansy
Viola tricolor
Viola tricolor Brookeville, md
Kidneyleaf Buttercup, Small-flowered Buttercup, Littleleaf Buttercup
Ranunculus abortivus
Ranunculus abortivus Brookeville, md
Pueraria montana var. lobata
Pueraria montana var. lobata Brookeville, md
Ladino Clover, White Clover, White Dutch Clover
Trifolium repens
Trifolium repens Brookeville, md
Lady's Bedstraw, Fleaweed, Gallion, Maiden's Hair, Petty Mugget, Cheese Rennet
Galium verum
Galium verum Brookeville, md
Ladybells, Lady Bells
Adenophora stricta
Adenophora stricta Brookeville, md
Lamb's Ear
Stachys byzantina
Stachys byzantina Brookeville, md
Lamb's-Quarters, White Goosefoot, Fat Hen, Wild Spinach
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium album Brookeville, md
Large Hop Trefoil, Hop clover, Yellow clover
Trifolium aureum
Trifolium aureum Brookeville, md
Lavandula Species, English Lavender
Lavandula angustifolia
Lavandula angustifolia Brookeville, md
Lily Turf, Lilyturf, Monkey Grass
Liriope muscari
Liriope muscari Brookeville, md
Live Oak
Quercus virginiana
Quercus virginiana Brookeville, md
Meadowsweet, Queen of the Meadow
Filipendula ulmaria
Filipendula ulmaria Brookeville, md
Meadowsweet, Queen of the Meadow
Filipendula ulmaria
Filipendula ulmaria Brookeville, md
Mile-a-minute Weed, Asiatic Tear Thumb
Polygonum perfoliatum
Polygonum perfoliatum Brookeville, md
Miniature Moss Rose 'Double Treat'
Rosa Brookeville, md
Miniature Rose 'Feisty'
Rosa Brookeville, md
Motherwort, Cow Wort, Lion's Ear, Lion's Tail
Leonurus cardiaca
Leonurus cardiaca Brookeville, md
Muscadine, Southern Fox Grape, Scuppernong, Bullace
Vitis rotundifolia
Vitis rotundifolia Brookeville, md
Northern Dewberry
Rubus flagellaris
Rubus flagellaris Brookeville, md
Oakleaf Hydrangea
Hydrangea quercifolia
Hydrangea quercifolia Brookeville, md
Onoclea, Sensitive Fern, Bead Fern
Onoclea sensibilis
Onoclea sensibilis Brookeville, md
Oriental Lily 'Star Gazer'
Lilium Brookeville, md
Ox-Eye Daisy, Field Daisy, Marguerite, Moon Daisy
Leucanthemum vulgare
Leucanthemum vulgare Brookeville, md
Pekin Lilac, Peking Tree Lilac
Syringa reticulata subsp. pekinensis
Syringa reticulata subsp. pekinensis Brookeville, md
Philadelphia Fleabane
Erigeron philadelphicus
Erigeron philadelphicus Brookeville, md
Pink Flowering Almond, Dwarf Flowering Almond 'Rosea Plena'
Prunus glandulosa
Prunus glandulosa Brookeville, md
Pink Ladies, Mexican Evening Primrose, Showy Evening Primrose
Oenothera speciosa
Oenothera speciosa Brookeville, md
Pink Speedwell 'Erika'
Veronica spicata
Veronica spicata Brookeville, md
Platycodon Species, Balloon Flower
Platycodon grandiflorus
Platycodon grandiflorus Brookeville, md
Poison Ivy, Eastern Poison Ivy
Toxicodendron radicans
Toxicodendron radicans Brookeville, md
Porcelain Berry Vine, Amur Peppervine
Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata
Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata Brookeville, md
Prairie Smoke, 3-Flower Avens, Purple Avens, Old Man's Beard
Geum triflorum
Geum triflorum Brookeville, md
Queen of the Prairie, Meadowsweet
Filipendula rubra
Filipendula rubra Brookeville, md
Raspberry, Red Raspberry, European Raspberry
Rubus idaeus
Rubus idaeus Brookeville, md
Ravenna Grass, Plume Grass, Hardy Pampas Grass
Saccharum ravennae
Saccharum ravennae Brookeville, md
Red Barked Dogwood, Red Twig Dogwood, Tatarian Dogwood 'Aurea'
Cornus alba
Cornus alba Brookeville, md
Red Cedar Juniper, Eastern Red Cedar
Juniperus virginiana
Juniperus virginiana Brookeville, md
Red Dead Nettle, Purple Dead Nettle
Lamium purpureum
Lamium purpureum Brookeville, md
Red Mulberry Tree
Morus rubra
Morus rubra Brookeville, md
Ribwort Plantain, Narrowleaf Plantain
Plantago lanceolata
Plantago lanceolata Brookeville, md
Rue Anemone, Wood Anemone, Windflower, Crowfoot
Thalictrum thalictroides
Thalictrum thalictroides Brookeville, md
Russian Sage
Perovskia atriplicifolia
Perovskia atriplicifolia Brookeville, md
Safflower, False Saffron, American Saffron, Dyer's Saffron
Carthamus tinctorius
Carthamus tinctorius Brookeville, md
Salvia Species, Lanceleaf Sage, Lambsleaf Sage, Mintweed, Rocky Mountain Sage
Salvia reflexa
Salvia reflexa Brookeville, md
Sand Vine, Honey Vine, Blue Vined Milkweed, Honeyvine Milkweed
Cynanchum laeve
Cynanchum laeve Brookeville, md
Shasta Daisy
Leucanthemum x superbum
Leucanthemum x superbum Brookeville, md
Siberian Iris
Iris sibirica
Iris sibirica Brookeville, md
Siberian Squill
Scilla siberica
Scilla siberica Brookeville, md
Skunk Cabbage, Skunk Weed, Polecat Cabbage, Stinking Poke, Fetid Hellebore
Symplocarpus foetidus
Symplocarpus foetidus Brookeville, md
Skunk Cabbage, Skunk Weed, Polecat Cabbage, Stinking Poke, Fetid Hellebore
Symplocarpus foetidus
Symplocarpus foetidus Brookeville, md
Sky Pilot, Skunk Polemonium, Sticky Polemonium
Polemonium eximium
Polemonium eximium Brookeville, md
Smartweed, Big Seeded Smartweed, Pink Knotweed, Pinkweed, Pennsylvania Smartweed
Persicaria pensylvanica
Persicaria pensylvanica Brookeville, md
Snow Crocus, Golden Crocus
Crocus chrysanthus
Crocus chrysanthus Brookeville, md
Southern Dewberry
Rubus trivialis
Rubus trivialis Brookeville, md
Southern Magnolia
Magnolia grandiflora
Magnolia grandiflora Brookeville, md
Species Orchid, Bog Torch, Species Orchid, Snowy Platanthera
Platanthera nivea
Platanthera nivea Brookeville, md
Species Orchid, Kirtle Pink, Preacher in the Pulpit, Showy Galearis
Galearis spectabilis
Galearis spectabilis Brookeville, md
Species, Wild Rose, Beach Rose, Japanese Rose, Saltspray Rose, Ramanas Rose
Rosa rugosa
Rosa rugosa Brookeville, md
Species, Wild Rose, Buschel Rose, Multiflora Rose, Wreath Rose
Rosa multiflora
Rosa multiflora Brookeville, md
Spicebush, Spice Bush
Lindera benzoin
Lindera benzoin Brookeville, md
Spotted Jewel Weed, Touch-Me-Not
Impatiens capensis
Impatiens capensis Brookeville, md
Spotted Lady's Thumb, Red Shank, Crab's Claw, Lady's Pinch, Redleg, Peachwort, Kiss Me Over The Gard
Persicaria maculosa
Persicaria maculosa Brookeville, md
Spring Beauty, Good Morning Spring, Virginia Springbeauty
Claytonia virginica
Claytonia virginica Brookeville, md
Spurred Butterfly Pea
Centrosema virginianum
Centrosema virginianum Brookeville, md
Star of Bethlehem, Nap at Noon, Snowdrop, Eleven-o'clock Lady, Sleepydick
Ornithogalum umbellatum
Ornithogalum umbellatum Brookeville, md
Summer Snowflake, Snowbell, Dewdrop
Leucojum aestivum
Leucojum aestivum Brookeville, md
Swamp Milkweed 'Ice Ballet'
Asclepias incarnata
Asclepias incarnata Brookeville, md
Swamp Milkweed, Rose Milkweed, Red Milkweed, Swamp Silkweed, White Indian Hemp
Asclepias incarnata
Asclepias incarnata Brookeville, md
Sweet Cherry, Mazzard Cherry, Wild Cherry
Prunus avium
Prunus avium Brookeville, md
Sweet Violet, English Violet, Garden Violet
Viola odorata
Viola odorata Brookeville, md
Sweetbay Magnolia, Silver Bay, Swamp Bay
Magnolia virginiana
Magnolia virginiana Brookeville, md
Sycamore, Buttonwood, American Sycamore, American Planetree
Platanus occidentalis
Platanus occidentalis Brookeville, md
Tiger Lily
Lilium lancifolium
Lilium lancifolium Brookeville, md
Cardamine concatenata
Cardamine concatenata Brookeville, md
Tree of Heaven, Chinese Sumac, Stink Tree
Ailanthus altissima
Ailanthus altissima Brookeville, md
Trumpet Vine, Trumpet Creeper, Cow-Itch Vine
Campsis radicans
Campsis radicans Brookeville, md
Tulip Poplar, Tulip Tree
Liriodendron tulipifera
Liriodendron tulipifera Brookeville, md
Velvet Leaf, Butter Print, China Jute
Abutilon theophrasti
Abutilon theophrasti Brookeville, md
Venus' Looking-glass
Triodanis perfoliata
Triodanis perfoliata Brookeville, md
Verbascum, Hybrid Mullein, Ornamental Mullein 'Banana Custard'
Verbascum Brookeville, md
Verbascum, Hybrid Mullein, Ornamental Mullein 'Snow Maiden'
Verbascum Brookeville, md
Violet Sage, Ornamental Meadow Sage, Balkan Clary, Perennial Woodland Sage 'Caradonna'
Salvia nemorosa
Salvia nemorosa Brookeville, md
Virginia Creeper, Woodbine
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Brookeville, md
Viridiflora Tulip 'Artist'
Tulipa Brookeville, md
Weeping Cherry Tree, Weeping Higan Cherry 'Pendula'
Prunus subhirtella
Prunus subhirtella Brookeville, md
Western Sword Fern, Sword Fern, Western Swordfern
Polystichum munitum
Polystichum munitum Brookeville, md
White Dwarf Fan Columbine 'Alba'
Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila
Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila Brookeville, md
White Horsenettle, Silverleaf Nightshade, Bull Nettle, Olive-leaf Nightshade, Devil's Tomato
Solanum elaeagnifolium
Solanum elaeagnifolium Brookeville, md
White Mulberry
Morus alba
Morus alba Brookeville, md
White Oak, Charter Oak
Quercus alba
Quercus alba Brookeville, md
White Snakeroot
Ageratina altissima
Ageratina altissima Brookeville, md
White Snakeroot 'Chocolate'
Ageratina altissima
Ageratina altissima Brookeville, md
Wild Black Cherry
Prunus serotina
Prunus serotina Brookeville, md
Wild Carrot, Queen Anne's Lace
Daucus carota
Daucus carota Brookeville, md
Woolly Blue Violet, Sister Violet
Viola sororia
Viola sororia Brookeville, md
Yellow Flag, Yellow Iris, Water Flag Iris
Iris pseudacorus
Iris pseudacorus Brookeville, md

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