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Plants grown happily by Lodewijkp

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Achuma, Aguacolla, Gigantón, Huachuma, San Pedro Cactus
Echinopsis pachanoi
Echinopsis pachanoi ,
African Evergreen, American Evergreen, Arrowhead Vine, Five Fingers, Goosefoot Vine, Nepthytis 'Green gold'
Syngonium podophyllum
Syngonium podophyllum ,
African Evergreen, American Evergreen, Arrowhead Vine, Five Fingers, Goosefoot Vine, Nepthytis 'Green gold'
Syngonium podophyllum
Syngonium podophyllum ,
Agave, Cabbage Head Agave, Cabbage Head Century Plant
Agave parrasana
Agave parrasana ,
Agave, Century Plant, Mezcal blanco, Mezcal ceniza
Agave shrevei subsp. magna
Agave shrevei subsp. magna ,
Agave, Chisos Agave, Harvard's Agave, Havard's Century Plant
Agave havardiana
Agave havardiana ,
Agave, Desert Agave
Agave deserti
Agave deserti ,
Agave, Desert Agave
Agave deserti var. simplex
Agave deserti var. simplex ,
Agave, Flexible-spined Hardy Century Plant
Agave flexispina
Agave flexispina ,
Agave, Lechuguilla, Shin Dagger
Agave lechuguilla
Agave lechuguilla ,
Agave, McKelvey's Century Plant
Agave mckelveyana
Agave mckelveyana ,
Agave, Mountain Agave
Agave montana
Agave montana ,
Agave, Striata Agave
Agave striata
Agave striata ,
Agave, Thread Leaf Agave
Agave filifera
Agave filifera ,
Agave, Utah Agave, Utah Century Plant
Agave utahensis
Agave utahensis ,
Austral Tobacco, Sweet-Scented Tobacco
Nicotiana suaveolens
Nicotiana suaveolens ,
Chinese Astragalus, Chinese Milkvetch
Astragalus membranaceus
Astragalus membranaceus ,
Chocolate Vine, Five-Leaf Akebia, Raisin Vine
Akebia quinata
Akebia quinata ,
Clematis Species, Traveller's Joy, Old Man's Beard
Clematis vitalba
Clematis vitalba ,
Cliff Stonecrop 'Lizard'
Sedum glaucophyllum
Sedum glaucophyllum ,
Cogongrass, Cogon Grass, Satintail, Japanese Blood Grass 'Rubra'
Imperata cylindrica
Imperata cylindrica ,
Common Fig, Edible Fig, Higo
Ficus carica
Ficus carica ,
Creeping Winter Savory
Satureja montana
Satureja montana ,
Cycad, Japanese Sago Palm, King Sago Palm, Sago Cycas, Sago Palm
Cycas revoluta
Cycas revoluta ,
East Indian Lemon Grass
Cymbopogon flexuosus
Cymbopogon flexuosus ,
Elderberry, Black Elder, European Elder, Bourtree 'Eva'
Sambucus nigra
Sambucus nigra ,
Fatsia, Paperplant, Japanese Aralia
Fatsia japonica
Fatsia japonica ,
Giant Oats, Spanish Oats
Stipa gigantea
Stipa gigantea ,
Hardy Bamboo
Fargesia rufa
Fargesia rufa ,
Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina 'Gulf Stream'
Nandina domestica
Nandina domestica ,
Armoracia rusticana
Armoracia rusticana ,
Ice Plant 'WOW Fire Wonder'
Delosperma ,
Japanese Rush, Japanese Sweet Flag, Grassy-leaved Sweet Flag 'Licorice'
Acorus gramineus
Acorus gramineus ,
Jenny's Stonecrop, Crooked Yellow Sedum, Stone Orpine, Spruce-leaved Stonecrop, Prickmadam
Sedum rupestre
Sedum rupestre ,
Jiao-gu-lan, Sweet Tea Vine
Gynostemma pentaphyllum
Gynostemma pentaphyllum ,
Kamschatca Stonecrop, Russian Stonecrop 'Variegatum'
Sedum kamtschaticum
Sedum kamtschaticum ,
Sceletium tortuosum
Sceletium tortuosum ,
Labrador Tea, Marsh Tea, Swamp Tea
Rhododendron groenlandicum
Rhododendron groenlandicum ,
Lemon Bottlebrush, Crimson Bottlebrush
Callistemon citrinus
Callistemon citrinus ,
Lemon Verbena, Verveine Odorante
Aloysia triphylla
Aloysia triphylla ,
Longevity Spinach, Sabungai
Gynura procumbens
Gynura procumbens ,
Mahonia 'Charity'
Mahonia x media
Mahonia x media ,
Moses-in-the-Cradle 'Flame'
Tradescantia spathacea
Tradescantia spathacea ,
Motherwort 'Grobbebol'
Leonurus cardiaca
Leonurus cardiaca ,
Motherwort 'Grobbebol'
Leonurus cardiaca
Leonurus cardiaca ,
Motherwort 'Grobbebol'
Leonurus cardiaca
Leonurus cardiaca ,
Neem Tree
Azadirachta indica
Azadirachta indica ,
Pomegranate, Granate Apple
Punica granatum
Punica granatum ,
Prairie Acacia, Whiteball Acacia, Fern Acacia, Timbre
Acacia angustissima
Acacia angustissima ,
Prickly Pear Cactus 'Crystal Tide'
Opuntia polyacantha
Opuntia polyacantha ,
Rodway Black Gum
Eucalyptus aggregata
Eucalyptus aggregata ,
Salvia Species, Bee Sage, Sacred White Sage
Salvia apiana
Salvia apiana ,
Sea Poppy, Horned Poppy, Yellow Horned Poppy
Glaucium flavum
Glaucium flavum ,
Sedum pulchellum
Sedum pulchellum ,
Showy Hebe, Variegated Hebe 'Variegata'
Hebe speciosa
Hebe speciosa ,
Small-leaved Gum, Kybean Gum
Eucalyptus parvula
Eucalyptus parvula ,
Smooth Water Hyssop, Herb of Grace
Bacopa monnieri
Bacopa monnieri ,
Staghorn Sumac, Velvet Sumac 'Tiger Eyes'
Rhus typhina
Rhus typhina ,
Sun-Opener, Sinicuichi
Heimia salicifolia
Heimia salicifolia ,
Swiss Chard, Seakale Beet 'Bright Lights'
Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla
Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla ,
Thornless Blackberry 'Black Satin'
Rubus fruticosus
Rubus fruticosus ,
Tree Tobacco
Nicotiana glauca
Nicotiana glauca ,
Turtle Vine 'Pink lady'
Callisia repens
Callisia repens ,
West Indian Lemon Grass
Cymbopogon citratus
Cymbopogon citratus ,

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