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Plants grown happily by Opoetree

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Aechmea Bromeliad, Urn Plant, Silver Vase Bromeliad
Aechmea fasciata
Aechmea fasciata Oak View, ca
African Violet
Saintpaulia ionantha
Saintpaulia ionantha Oak View, ca
Allium, Ornamental Onion, Mediterranean Bells, Sicilian Honey Lily, Sicilian Honey Garlic
Allium siculum
Allium siculum Oak View, ca
Aloe Vera, Medicinal Aloe, Savila
Aloe vera
Aloe vera Oak View, ca
American Persimmon, Common Persimmon, Eastern Persimmon, Date Plum
Diospyros virginiana
Diospyros virginiana Oak View, ca
American Wisteria
Wisteria frutescens
Wisteria frutescens Oak View, ca
Anacharis, Canadian Elodea, American Waterweed, Oxygen Weed
Elodea canadensis
Elodea canadensis Oak View, ca
Anacharis, Canadian Elodea, American Waterweed, Oxygen Weed
Elodea canadensis
Elodea canadensis Oak View, ca
Angelonia, Summer Snapdragon
Angelonia gardnerii
Angelonia gardnerii Oak View, ca
Angelonia, Summer Snapdragon
Angelonia gardnerii
Angelonia gardnerii Oak View, ca
Annual Phlox, Drummond's Phlox
Phlox drummondii
Phlox drummondii Oak View, ca
Prunus armeniaca
Prunus armeniaca Oak View, ca
Argentine Rain Lily, Rainlily
Habranthus robustus
Habranthus robustus Oak View, ca
Asparagus Fern, Sprenger Asparagus 'Sprengeri'
Asparagus densiflorus
Asparagus densiflorus Oak View, ca
Australian Sarsparilla, False Sarsaparilla, Happy Wanderer, Coral Pea, Lilac Vine
Hardenbergia violacea
Hardenbergia violacea Oak View, ca
Avocado, Alligator Pear
Persea americana
Persea americana Oak View, ca
Baby's Breath 'Covent Garden'
Gypsophila elegans
Gypsophila elegans Oak View, ca
Ball Cactus, Cream Cactus, Cream Pincushion, Flat Cream Pincushion, Heyder's Nipple Cactus
Mammillaria heyderi
Mammillaria heyderi Oak View, ca
Balsam, Touch-Me-Not 'Camellia Flowered Mix'
Impatiens balsamina
Impatiens balsamina Oak View, ca
Bank Catclaw, Prostrate Acacia, Sweet Wattle
Acacia redolens
Acacia redolens Oak View, ca
Basil, Sweet Basil
Ocimum basilicum
Ocimum basilicum Oak View, ca
Bead Tree, Persian Lilac, Pride of India, Pride of China, Chinaberry, Umbrella Tree, White Cedar
Melia azedarach
Melia azedarach Shafter, ca
Bear's Breeches, Oyster Plant
Acanthus mollis
Acanthus mollis Oak View, ca
Belladonna Lily, Naked Lady
Amaryllis belladonna
Amaryllis belladonna Oak View, ca
Bermuda Buttercup, Yellow Sour Grass, Cape Sorrel, African Woodsorrel, Sour Sob, Goat's Foot
Oxalis pes-caprae
Oxalis pes-caprae Oak View, ca
Bigleaf Hydrangea, Lacecap 'Shooting Star'
Hydrangea macrophylla
Hydrangea macrophylla Oak View, ca
Billbergia Bromeliad, Queen’s-Tears
Billbergia nutans
Billbergia nutans Oak View, ca
Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower
Strelitzia reginae
Strelitzia reginae Oak View, ca
Blood Orange 'Moro'
Citrus sinensis
Citrus sinensis Oak View, ca
Blue Candle, Whortleberry Cactus, Cactus Myrtle
Myrtillocactus geometrizans
Myrtillocactus geometrizans Oak View, ca
Blue Candle, Whortleberry Cactus, Cactus Myrtle
Myrtillocactus geometrizans f. cristate
Myrtillocactus geometrizans f. cristate Oak View, ca
Blue Fescue 'Elijah Blue'
Festuca glauca
Festuca glauca Oak View, ca
Blue Hibiscus, Lilac Hibiscus, Purple Hibiscus, California Hibiscus
Alyogyne huegelii
Alyogyne huegelii Oak View, ca
Blue Hibiscus, Lilac Hibiscus, Purple Hibiscus, California Hibiscus
Alyogyne huegelii
Alyogyne huegelii Oak View, ca
Blueblossom Ceanothus, California Lilac, Blue Brush
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Oak View, ca
Bottlebrush Tree
Callistemon rigidus
Callistemon rigidus Oak View, ca
Bougainvillea 'Barbara Karst'
Bougainvillea Oak View, ca
Boxleaf Euonymus, Japanese Euonymus, Japanese Spindletree 'Aureo-marginatus'
Euonymus japonicus
Euonymus japonicus Oak View, ca
Boxleaf Euonymus, Japanese Euonymus, Japanese Spindletree 'Microphyllus Aureovariegatus'
Euonymus japonicus
Euonymus japonicus Oak View, ca
Boysenberry 'Boysen'
Rubus ursinus
Rubus ursinus Oak View, ca
Brazilian Rose Wood, Green Ebony
Jacaranda mimosifolia
Jacaranda mimosifolia Oak View, ca
Brown's Larkspur, Dunce Cap Larkspur, Giant Larkspur, Mountain Larkspur, Tall Larkspur, Western Lark
Delphinium glaucum
Delphinium glaucum Oak View, ca
Bush Lily, Clivia Lily, St. John's Lily, Boslelie, Fire Lily
Clivia miniata
Clivia miniata Oak View, ca
California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica
Eschscholzia californica Oak View, ca
Carpathian Walnut, English Walnut, Persian Walnut
Juglans regia
Juglans regia Oak View, ca
Chrysanthemum, Garden Mum, Florist's Mum 'Golden Marilyn'
Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum
Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum Oak View, ca
Climbing Polyantha Rose 'Cecile Brunner, Cl.'
Rosa Oak View, ca
Cockscomb, Plume Plant, Feathered Amaranth (Plumosa Group) 'Golden Yellow'
Celosia argentea var. plumosa
Celosia argentea var. plumosa Oak View, ca
Common Cosmos, Mexican Aster
Cosmos bipinnatus
Cosmos bipinnatus Oak View, ca
Common Lilac, French Lilac
Syringa vulgaris
Syringa vulgaris Oak View, ca
Common Maidenhair Fern
Adiantum aethiopicum
Adiantum aethiopicum Oak View, ca
Coontail, Hornwort
Ceratophyllum demersum
Ceratophyllum demersum Oak View, ca
Coral Bells, Sandia Alumroot 'Raspberry Regal'
Heuchera pulchella
Heuchera pulchella Oak View, ca
Coriander, Cilantro, Chinese Parsley
Coriandrum sativum
Coriandrum sativum Oak View, ca
Cornflower, Bachelor's Button
Centaurea cyanus
Centaurea cyanus Oak View, ca
Coulter's Matilija Poppy, California Tree Poppy
Romneya coulteri
Romneya coulteri Oak View, ca
Coulter's Matilija Poppy, California Tree Poppy
Romneya coulteri
Romneya coulteri Oak View, ca
Crape Myrtle, Crepe Myrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
Lagerstroemia indica Oak View, ca
Crassula commutata
Crassula commutata Oak View, ca
Creeping Juniper, Trailing Juniper, Creeping Cedar 'Blue Chip'
Juniperus horizontalis
Juniperus horizontalis Oak View, ca
Cretan Oregano, Pot Oregano, Rhigani, Pot Majoram
Origanum onites
Origanum onites Oak View, ca
Crocosmia 'Emberglow'
Crocosmia Oak View, ca
Cyclamineus Narcissus, Cyclamen Daffodil 'Itzim'
Narcissus Oak View, ca
Lotus scoparius
Lotus scoparius Oak View, ca
Deodar Cedar, Himalayan Cedar
Cedrus deodara
Cedrus deodara Oak View, ca
Desert Cabbage, Paddle Plant, Flapjack Plant, Ice Sculpture Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Oak View, ca
Desert Cabbage, Paddle Plant, Flapjack Plant, Ice Sculpture Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Oak View, ca
Devil's Trumpet, Thorn Apple, Jimson Weed, Jamestown Weed, Torna Loco
Datura ceratocaula
Datura ceratocaula Oak View, ca
Dutch Crocus, Spring Crocus
Crocus vernus
Crocus vernus Oak View, ca
Dutch Iris
Iris x hollandica
Iris x hollandica Oak View, ca
Echeveria x imbricata
Echeveria x imbricata Oak View, ca
Elderberry, Black Elder, European Elder, Bourtree 'Fastigiata'
Sambucus nigra
Sambucus nigra Oak View, ca
Elephant Ear, Taro, Dasheen, Eddo
Colocasia esculenta
Colocasia esculenta Oak View, ca
Englemann's Prickly Pear Cactus, Texas Prickly Pear Cactus, Cactus Apple
Opuntia engelmannii
Opuntia engelmannii Oak View, ca
English Ivy, Common Ivy
Hedera helix
Hedera helix Oak View, ca
Euphorbia ferox
Euphorbia ferox Oak View, ca
Faucaria felina subsp. tuberculosa
Faucaria felina subsp. tuberculosa Oak View, ca
Feathered Poppy, Fringed Poppy (Laciniatum Group) 'Rose Feathers'
Papaver somniferum
Papaver somniferum Oak View, ca
Tanacetum parthenium
Tanacetum parthenium Oak View, ca
Flaming Katy, Christmas Kalanchoe, Florist Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Oak View, ca
Floribunda Rose, Climbing Rose 'Joseph's Coat'
Rosa Oak View, ca
Flowering Cabbage, Ornamental Kale, Collard, Cole
Brassica oleracea var. acephala
Brassica oleracea var. acephala Oak View, ca
Four O'Clock, Marvel of Peru 'Red Glow'
Mirabilis jalapa
Mirabilis jalapa Oak View, ca
Freesia 'Double Mix'
Freesia lacteal
Freesia lacteal Oak View, ca
Garden Verbena 'Sparkler Purple/White'
Verbena Oak View, ca
Garden Verbena 'Sparkler Red/White'
Verbena Oak View, ca
Gayfeather, Blazing Star, Button Snakeroot 'Alba'
Liatris spicata
Liatris spicata Oak View, ca
Gazania, Treasure Flower 'Daybreak Tiger Stripes Mixed'
Gazania rigens
Gazania rigens Oak View, ca
Gerbera Daisy, Transvaal Daisy, African Daisy, Barberton Daisy, Gerber Daisy 'Royal Salmon Rose'
Gerbera jamesonii
Gerbera jamesonii Oak View, ca
Giant Bird of Paradise, Natal Strelitzia, Wild Strelitzia
Strelitzia nicolai
Strelitzia nicolai Oak View, ca
Gladiolus 'Peter Pears'
Gladiolus x hortulanus
Gladiolus x hortulanus Oak View, ca
Gladiolus 'White Prosperity'
Gladiolus x hortulanus
Gladiolus x hortulanus Oak View, ca
Globe Candytuft, Common Candytuft
Iberis umbellata
Iberis umbellata Oak View, ca
Glory of the Snow
Chionodoxa forbesii
Chionodoxa forbesii Oak View, ca
Golden Barrel Cactus
Echinocactus grusonii
Echinocactus grusonii Oak View, ca
Grape Hyacinth
Muscari botryoides
Muscari botryoides Oak View, ca
Grapefruit 'Ruby Red'
Citrus x paradisi
Citrus x paradisi Oak View, ca
Gray Santolina, Lavender Cotton, Holy Herb, Ground Cypress, Petite Cypress 'Pretty Carroll'
Santolina chamaecyparissus
Santolina chamaecyparissus Oak View, ca
Greater Periwinkle
Vinca major
Vinca major Oak View, ca
Grecian Windflower, Poppy Anemone 'Monarch de Caen Mix'
Anemone coronaria
Anemone coronaria Oak View, ca
Green Euryops, Bush Daisy 'Viridis'
Euryops pectinatus
Euryops pectinatus Oak View, ca
Hardy Ice Plant, Trailing Ice Plant, Cooper's Ice Plant
Delosperma cooperi
Delosperma cooperi Oak View, ca
Hardy Water Lily, Waterlily 'Alaska'
Nymphaea Oak View, ca
Harlequin Flower
Sparaxis tricolor
Sparaxis tricolor Oak View, ca
Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina
Nandina domestica
Nandina domestica Oak View, ca
Hellebore, Lenten Rose
Helleborus orientalis
Helleborus orientalis Oak View, ca
Hellebore, Lenten Rose 'Brandywine Hybrids'
Helleborus Oak View, ca
Hollyhock 'Chater's Double Mix'
Alcea rosea
Alcea rosea Oak View, ca
Horned Pansy, Horned Violet 'Penny Azure Twilight'
Viola cornuta
Viola cornuta Oak View, ca
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Dolly Parton'
Rosa Oak View, ca
Impatiens, Busy Lizzy 'Fiesta Sparkler Rose'
Impatiens walleriana
Impatiens walleriana Oak View, ca
Indian Hawthorn, India Hawthorn 'Ballerina'
Rhaphiolepis indica
Rhaphiolepis indica Oak View, ca
Italian Woodbine, Perfoliate Honeysuckle,Goat-leaf Honeysuckle, Italian Honeysuckle
Lonicera caprifolium
Lonicera caprifolium Oak View, ca
Japanese Maple 'Baby Lace'
Acer palmatum
Acer palmatum Oak View, ca
Japanese Plum 'Santa Rosa'
Prunus salicina
Prunus salicina Oak View, ca
Japanese Plum 'Satsuma'
Prunus salicina
Prunus salicina Oak View, ca
Key Lime, Mexican Lime, Mexican Thornless Key Lime
Citrus aurantiifolia
Citrus aurantiifolia Oak View, ca
Korean Lawngrass, Zoysia Grass
Zoysia japonica
Zoysia japonica Oak View, ca
Lace Aloe, Torch Plant
Aloe aristata
Aloe aristata Oak View, ca
Lace Cactus
Echinocereus reichenbachii
Echinocereus reichenbachii Oak View, ca
Lamprocapnos Species, Bleeding Heart, Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart
Lamprocapnos spectabilis
Lamprocapnos spectabilis Oak View, ca
Lantana camara
Lantana camara Oak View, ca
Laurel Sumac
Malosma laurina
Malosma laurina Oak View, ca
Lavandula Species, French Lavender (UK), Spanish Lavender (US)
Lavandula stoechas
Lavandula stoechas Oak View, ca
Lilium, Easter Lily
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium longiflorum Oak View, ca
Lily of the Nile, African Lily
Agapanthus africanus
Agapanthus africanus Oak View, ca
Live Oak
Quercus virginiana
Quercus virginiana Oak View, ca
Loquat, Japanese Plum
Eriobotrya japonica
Eriobotrya japonica Oak View, ca
Madagascar Ocotillo, Madagascan Ocotillo, African Ocotillo
Alluaudia procera
Alluaudia procera Oak View, ca
Maidenhair Tree 'Bullwinkle'
Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba Oak View, ca
Mandarin Orange, Satsuma, Tangerine
Citrus reticulata
Citrus reticulata Oak View, ca
Marguerite Daisy, Summer Daisy, Cobbity Daisy, Paris Daisy 'Ruby Slippers'
Argyranthemum frutescens
Argyranthemum frutescens Oak View, ca
Marigold, African Marigold, Aztec Marigold
Tagetes erecta
Tagetes erecta Oak View, ca
Mealy Cup Sage, Mealycup Sage 'Victoria Blue'
Salvia farinacea
Salvia farinacea Oak View, ca
Mexican Manzanita, Pointleaf Manzanita
Arctostaphylos pungens
Arctostaphylos pungens Oak View, ca
Miniature Climbing Rose, Climbing Patio Rose 'Jeanne La Joie'
Rosa Oak View, ca
Morning Glory, Grannyvine 'Heavenly Blue'
Ipomoea tricolor
Ipomoea tricolor Oak View, ca
Mother of Thousands, Mexican Hat Plant
Kalanchoe daigremontiana
Kalanchoe daigremontiana Oak View, ca
Nasturtium 'Whirlybird Mix'
Tropaeolum majus
Tropaeolum majus Oak View, ca
Nectarine Tree
Prunus persica var. nucipersica
Prunus persica var. nucipersica Oak View, ca
New Zealand Tea Tree, New Zealand Tea Bush, Manuka 'Ruby Glow'
Leptospermum scoparium
Leptospermum scoparium Oak View, ca
Old Man of Mexico, Old Man Cactus, Viejo, White Persian Cat Cactus
Cephalocereus senilis
Cephalocereus senilis Oak View, ca
Nerium oleander
Nerium oleander Oak View, ca
Oleander Leaf Protea
Protea neriifolia
Protea neriifolia Oak View, ca
Olive Tree 'Fruitless'
Olea europaea
Olea europaea Oak View, ca
Oriental Lily 'Star Gazer'
Lilium Oak View, ca
Osteospermum, African Daisy, Cape Daisy 'Serenity White Bliss'
Osteospermum ecklonis
Osteospermum ecklonis Oak View, ca
Our Lord's Candle, Chaparral Yucca, Quixote Yucca
Hesperoyucca whipplei
Hesperoyucca whipplei Oak View, ca
Panda Plant, Pussy Ears, Teddy Bear Plant
Kalanchoe tomentosa
Kalanchoe tomentosa Oak View, ca
Paper Spine Cactus
Tephrocactus articulatus var. papyracanthus
Tephrocactus articulatus var. papyracanthus Oak View, ca
Peanut Cactus 'Fire Chief'
Echinopsis Oak View, ca
Peanut Cactus 'Fire Chief'
Echinopsis Oak View, ca
Peanut Cactus 'Yellow Peanut'
Echinopsis chamaecereus f. lutea
Echinopsis chamaecereus f. lutea Oak View, ca
Petunia 'Rainmaster'
Petunia Oak View, ca
Petunia, Grandiflora Petunia 'Aladdin Yellow'
Petunia Oak View, ca
Petunia, Trailing Petunia 'Wave Misty Lilac'
Petunia Oak View, ca
Pink Jasmine, White Jasmine
Jasminum polyanthum
Jasminum polyanthum Oak View, ca
Pink Ladies, Mexican Evening Primrose, Showy Evening Primrose
Oenothera speciosa
Oenothera speciosa Oak View, ca
Plumbago, Cape Leadwort
Plumbago auriculata
Plumbago auriculata Oak View, ca
Plumeria, Frangipani, Temple Tree, Pagoda Tree, Temple Flower 'Treasure Isle'
Plumeria rubra
Plumeria rubra Oak View, ca
Poinsettia, Flor de Nochebuena (Christmas Eve Flower)
Euphorbia pulcherrima
Euphorbia pulcherrima Oak View, ca
Polka Dot Plant, Polka-Dot Plant, Freckle Face 'Splash Select Rose'
Hypoestes phyllostachya
Hypoestes phyllostachya Oak View, ca
Polka Dots, Honey Bunny, Bunny Ears, Alba Bunny Ears
Opuntia microdasys var. albispina
Opuntia microdasys var. albispina Oak View, ca
Portuguese Squill, Caribbean Lily, Cuban Lily, Giant Squill, Hyacinth of Peru
Oncostema peruviana
Oncostema peruviana Oak View, ca
Pot Marigold, English Marigold 'Pacific Beauty Mixed Colors'
Calendula officinalis
Calendula officinalis Oak View, ca
Potato Vine
Solanum laxum
Solanum laxum Oak View, ca
Pride of Madeira
Echium candicans
Echium candicans Oak View, ca
Purple Crest Aeonium, Black Tree Aeonium 'Zwartkop'
Aeonium arboreum
Aeonium arboreum Oak View, ca
Purple Leaf Plum, Purple Cherry Plum
Prunus cerasifera
Prunus cerasifera Oak View, ca
Queen Palm, Cocos Plumosa, Jeriva
Syagrus romanzoffiana
Syagrus romanzoffiana Oak View, ca
Red Echeveria 'Pulv-Oliver'
Echeveria Oak View, ca
Regal Pelargonium (UK), Martha Washington Geranium (US), Pansy Flowered Geranium 'Maiden Rose Pink'
Pelargonium x domesticum
Pelargonium x domesticum Oak View, ca
Rosary Vine, String of Hearts
Ceropegia woodii
Ceropegia woodii Oak View, ca
Rose Pincushion Cactus
Mammillaria crinita f. zeilmanniana
Mammillaria crinita f. zeilmanniana Oak View, ca
Rose of Sharon, Shrub Althea 'Minerva'
Hibiscus syriacus
Hibiscus syriacus Oak View, ca
Rubber Plant, Rubber Tree, Decora Tree
Ficus elastica
Ficus elastica Oak View, ca
Ruby Ball, Moon Cactus 'Hibotan'
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Oak View, ca
Salvia, Dwarf Mexican Bush Sage 'Santa Barbara'
Salvia leucantha
Salvia leucantha Oak View, ca
Scarlet Firethorn
Pyracantha coccinea
Pyracantha coccinea Oak View, ca
Scarlet Pimpernel, Pimpernel, Adders Eyes
Anagallis arvensis
Anagallis arvensis Oak View, ca
Scarlet Trumpet Vine, Blood Trumpet Vine, Red Bignonia
Distictis buccinatoria
Distictis buccinatoria Oak View, ca
Showy Stonecrop 'Brilliant'
Hylotelephium spectabile
Hylotelephium spectabile Oak View, ca
Silk Tree, Mimosa Tree, Pink Siris, Persian Silk Tree
Albizia julibrissin
Albizia julibrissin Shafter, ca
Silver Dollar Gum, Redbox, Red Box
Eucalyptus polyanthemos
Eucalyptus polyanthemos Oak View, ca
Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law's Tongue
Sansevieria trifasciata
Sansevieria trifasciata Oak View, ca
Antirrhinum majus
Antirrhinum majus Oak View, ca
Society Garlic, Pink Agapanthus
Tulbaghia violacea
Tulbaghia violacea Oak View, ca
Spanish Bayonet, Aloe Yucca, Spanish Dagger
Yucca aloifolia
Yucca aloifolia Oak View, ca
Spearmint, English Mint
Mentha spicata
Mentha spicata Oak View, ca
Species Rose 'Lutea'
Rosa banksiae
Rosa banksiae Oak View, ca
Spider Flower, Spider Legs, Grandfather's Whiskers 'Rose Queen'
Cleome houtteana
Cleome houtteana Oak View, ca
Spider Flower, Spider Legs, Grandfather's Whiskers 'Rose Queen'
Cleome houtteana
Cleome houtteana Oak View, ca
Split Rock Plant, Liver Plant, Stone Plant 'Royal Flush'
Pleiospilos nelii
Pleiospilos nelii Oak View, ca
Spring Beauty, Miner's Lettuce
Claytonia perfoliata
Claytonia perfoliata Oak View, ca
String of Beads, String of Pearls
Senecio rowleyanus
Senecio rowleyanus Oak View, ca
Sugar Gum
Eucalyptus cladocalyx
Eucalyptus cladocalyx Oak View, ca
Sun Rose, Orchid Rock Rose
Cistus x purpureus
Cistus x purpureus Oak View, ca
Helianthus annuus
Helianthus annuus Oak View, ca
Sweet Marjoram, Knotted Marjoram
Origanum majorana
Origanum majorana Oak View, ca
Sweet Orange, Navel Orange 'Washington'
Citrus sinensis
Citrus sinensis Oak View, ca
Sweet Pea
Lathyrus odoratus
Lathyrus odoratus Oak View, ca
Sweetgum 'Palo Alto'
Liquidambar Oak View, ca
Tazetta Narcissus, Paperwhite Daffodil, Paperwhites 'Ziva'
Narcissus Oak View, ca
Thickleaf Aeonium, Fisiulera
Aeonium arboreum
Aeonium arboreum Oak View, ca
Tiger Jaws, Tiger's Jaw
Faucaria tigrina
Faucaria tigrina Oak View, ca
Toyon, California Holly, Christmasberry
Heteromeles arbutifolia
Heteromeles arbutifolia Oak View, ca
Tree of Heaven, Chinese Sumac, Stink Tree
Ailanthus altissima
Ailanthus altissima Oak View, ca
Triumph Tulip 'Bing Crosby'
Tulipa Oak View, ca
Umbrella Sedge, Drain Flat-sedge
Cyperus eragrostis
Cyperus eragrostis Oak View, ca
Valencia Orange Tree 'Valencia'
Citrus sinensis
Citrus sinensis Oak View, ca
Variegated Spider plant, Airplane Plant 'Variegatum'
Chlorophytum comosum
Chlorophytum comosum Oak View, ca
Verbena 'Tukana Scarlet'
Verbena Oak View, ca
Violet Trumpet Vine, Painted Trumpet, Argentine Trumpet Vine
Clytostoma callistegioides
Clytostoma callistegioides Oak View, ca
Violet-flowered Petunia, Prostrate Petunia, Wild Petunia 'Laura Bush'
Petunia Oak View, ca
White Mulberry
Morus alba
Morus alba Oak View, ca
Wild Iris, Fortnight Lily, Cape Iris
Dietes iridioides
Dietes iridioides Oak View, ca
Yellow Meadow Rue
Thalictrum flavum subsp. glaucum
Thalictrum flavum subsp. glaucum Oak View, ca
Zebra Plant
Aphelandra squarrosa
Aphelandra squarrosa Oak View, ca
Zinnia 'Lilliput'
Zinnia elegans
Zinnia elegans Oak View, ca

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