Photo by Melody
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Plants grown happily by creekwalker

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Adam's Needle, Spoonleaf Yucca, Needle-Palm
Yucca filamentosa
Yucca filamentosa Cole Camp, mo
Allegheny Monkey Flower
Mimulus ringens
Mimulus ringens Cole Camp, mo
American Elder, Common Elderberry
Sambucus canadensis
Sambucus canadensis Sedalia, mo
American Mayapple, Mandrake Root
Podophyllum peltatum
Podophyllum peltatum Cole Camp, mo
American Persimmon, Common Persimmon, Eastern Persimmon, Date Plum
Diospyros virginiana
Diospyros virginiana Cole Camp, mo
American Pokeweed, Inkberry, Pidgeonberry, Pokeberry
Phytolacca americana
Phytolacca americana Cole Camp, mo
American Water Willow
Dianthera americana
Dianthera americana Cole Camp, mo
Annual Aster, Baby’s Breath Aster, Hierba del Marrano, Saltmarsh Aster
Aster subulatus
Aster subulatus Cole Camp, mo
Annual Fleabane, Eastern Daisy Fleabane
Erigeron annuus
Erigeron annuus Cole Camp, mo
Annual Smartweed, Marshpepper Knotweed, Mild Water Pepper, Akatade
Persicaria hydropiper
Persicaria hydropiper Cole Camp, mo
Apple 'Granny Smith'
Malus x domestica
Malus x domestica Cole Camp, mo
Apple Mint, Woolly Mint
Mentha suaveolens
Mentha suaveolens Cole Camp, mo
Apple 'Winesap'
Malus x domestica
Malus x domestica Cole Camp, mo
Asiatic Dayflower, Blue Dayflower
Commelina communis
Commelina communis Cole Camp, mo
Autumn Olive
Elaeagnus umbellata
Elaeagnus umbellata Sedalia, mo
Basil Bee Balm, White Basil-balm, White Bergamot
Monarda clinopodia
Monarda clinopodia Cole Camp, mo
Beaked Corn Salad
Valerianella radiata
Valerianella radiata Cole Camp, mo
Beaked Corn Salad
Valerianella radiata
Valerianella radiata Cole Camp, mo
Raimannia longiflora
Raimannia longiflora Cole Camp, mo
Raimannia longiflora
Raimannia longiflora Cole Camp, mo
Beefsteak Plant
Perilla frutescens
Perilla frutescens Cole Camp, mo
Beggar Lice, Beggar's Ticks, Panicled Tick Trefoil, Perplexed Tick Trefoil
Desmodium perplexum
Desmodium perplexum Cole Camp, mo
Bicolor Bird's Foot Violet, Bicolor Crow Foot Violet
Viola pedata var. bicolor
Viola pedata var. bicolor Cole Camp, mo
Bigfruit Evening Primrose, Missouri Evening Primrose
Oenothera macrocarpa
Oenothera macrocarpa Cole Camp, mo
Bird's Foot Violet, Crow Foot Violet
Viola pedata
Viola pedata Cole Camp, mo
Black Raspberry, Wild Black Raspberry, Black-Cap, Thimbleberry
Rubus occidentalis
Rubus occidentalis Cole Camp, mo
Black Walnut
Juglans nigra
Juglans nigra Cole Camp, mo
Black-eyed Susan, Orange Coneflower
Rudbeckia fulgida
Rudbeckia fulgida Cole Camp, mo
Sanguinaria canadensis
Sanguinaria canadensis Cole Camp, mo
Blue Bottle, Starch Hyacinth, Southern Grape Hyacinth
Muscari neglectum
Muscari neglectum Cole Camp, mo
Blue Camas, Atlantic Camas, Quamash, Wild Hyacinth
Camassia scilloides
Camassia scilloides Cole Camp, mo
Blue Vervain
Verbena hastata
Verbena hastata Cole Camp, mo
Bluebill, Vase Vine, Leather Flower
Clematis viorna
Clematis viorna Cole Camp, mo
Bottlebrush Tree
Callistemon rigidus
Callistemon rigidus Fort Myers, fl
Bramble, Wild Blackberry
Rubus fruticosus
Rubus fruticosus Cole Camp, mo
Brazilian Pepper Tree
Schinus terebinthifolius
Schinus terebinthifolius Fort Myers, fl
Bristly Greenbrier
Smilax tamnoides
Smilax tamnoides Cole Camp, mo
Broadleaf Arrowhead, Duck Potato, Katniss, Wapato
Sagittaria latifolia
Sagittaria latifolia Sedalia, mo
Broadleaf Cattail, Bulrush, Cossack Asparagus, Flags, Reed Mace
Typha latifolia
Typha latifolia Cole Camp, mo
Buffalo Bur
Solanum rostratum
Solanum rostratum Sedalia, mo
Buffalo Pea False Indigo, Cream Wild Indigo
Baptisia leucophaea
Baptisia leucophaea Cole Camp, mo
Bull Thistle, Spear Thistle
Cirsium vulgare
Cirsium vulgare Cole Camp, mo
Bur Oak, Burr Oak, Mossycup Oak
Quercus macrocarpa
Quercus macrocarpa Waverly, mo
Burning Bush, Cork Bush, Winged Euonymus
Euonymus alatus
Euonymus alatus Cole Camp, mo
Butterfly Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Pleurisy Root
Asclepias tuberosa
Asclepias tuberosa Cole Camp, mo
Butterfly Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Pleurisy Root
Asclepias tuberosa
Asclepias tuberosa Sedalia, mo
Buttonbush, Honey Bells, Honeyball, Button Willow
Cephalanthus occidentalis
Cephalanthus occidentalis Cole Camp, mo
Canadian Clearweed
Pilea pumila
Pilea pumila Sedalia, mo
Canadian Wild Ginger, Canadian Snakeroot
Asarum canadense
Asarum canadense Cole Camp, mo
Cardinal Flower
Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia cardinalis Cole Camp, mo
Carolina Buttercup, Swamp Buttercup, Marsh Buttercup
Ranunculus hispidus var. nitidus
Ranunculus hispidus var. nitidus Cole Camp, mo
Carolina Spring Beauty
Claytonia caroliniana
Claytonia caroliniana Cole Camp, mo
Nepeta cataria
Nepeta cataria Cole Camp, mo
Chicory, Italian Dandelion, Radicchio, Succory, Witloof
Cichorium intybus
Cichorium intybus Cole Camp, mo
Chinese Peony, Garden Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'
Paeonia lactiflora
Paeonia lactiflora Cole Camp, mo
Symphytum officinale
Symphytum officinale Sedalia, mo
Common Burdock, Lesser Burdock
Arctium minus
Arctium minus Cole Camp, mo
Common Evening Primrose, Night Willow-herb, Hoary Evening Primrose
Oenothera biennis
Oenothera biennis Cole Camp, mo
Common Hackberry, American Hackberry
Celtis occidentalis
Celtis occidentalis Cole Camp, mo
Common Milkweed, Common Silkweed, Silk Grass, Virginia Silk, Silky Swallow Wort, Virginian Silk
Asclepias syriaca
Asclepias syriaca Cole Camp, mo
Common Ninebark, Eastern Ninebark
Physocarpus opulifolius
Physocarpus opulifolius Cole Camp, mo
Common Pear, European Pear 'Moonglow'
Pyrus communis
Pyrus communis Cole Camp, mo
Common cinquefoil
Potentilla simplex
Potentilla simplex Cole Camp, mo
Compass Plant
Silphium laciniatum
Silphium laciniatum Cole Camp, mo
Coralberry, Indian Currant, Bird's Eye Bush
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Cole Camp, mo
Creasy, Creecy, Creesy, St. Barbara's Herb, Wintercress, Yellow Rocket
Barbarea vulgaris
Barbarea vulgaris Cole Camp, mo
Creeping Charlie, Gill-over-Ground, Ground Ivy, Hedgemaids, Alehoof
Glechoma hederacea
Glechoma hederacea Sedalia, mo
Crow-poison, Wild Garlic
Nothoscordum bivalve
Nothoscordum bivalve Cole Camp, mo
Crown Vetch
Coronilla varia
Coronilla varia Cole Camp, mo
Cup Plant
Silphium perfoliatum
Silphium perfoliatum Cole Camp, mo
Curly Dock
Rumex crispus
Rumex crispus Cole Camp, mo
Cut-leaved Teasel
Dipsacus laciniatus
Dipsacus laciniatus Sedalia, mo
Dainty Daisy, Daisy Fleabane, Aspen Fleabane, Oregon Fleabane
Erigeron speciosus
Erigeron speciosus Cole Camp, mo
Dandelion, Lion's Tooth, Bitterwort, Chicoria, Fortune-Teller, Wild Endive, Puffball
Taraxacum officinale
Taraxacum officinale Cole Camp, mo
Deptford Pink, Grass Pink
Dianthus armeria
Dianthus armeria Cole Camp, mo
Downy Serviceberry, Shadblow, Juneberry, Sarvis Tree
Amelanchier arborea
Amelanchier arborea Cole Camp, mo
Early Forsythia, Korean Forsythia, Yellowbells
Forsythia ovata
Forsythia ovata Cole Camp, mo
Early Goldenrod
Solidago juncea
Solidago juncea Cole Camp, mo
Eastern Coneflower, Eastern Purple Coneflower
Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea purpurea Cole Camp, mo
European Nettle, Stinging Nettle, Common Nettle
Urtica dioica
Urtica dioica Cole Camp, mo
False Solomon's Seal, Spikenard, Solomon's Plume, Feathery False Lily of the Valley
Maianthemum racemosum
Maianthemum racemosum Cole Camp, mo
Field Mustard, Rape Mustard
Brassica rapa
Brassica rapa Cole Camp, mo
Flowering Dogwood, Eastern Dogwood
Cornus florida
Cornus florida Cole Camp, mo
Fourleaf Milkweed
Asclepias quadrifolia
Asclepias quadrifolia Cole Camp, mo
Foxglove Beardtongue, Foxglove Penstemon, Talus Slope Penstemon, Smooth Penstemon
Penstemon digitalis
Penstemon digitalis Cole Camp, mo
Fragrant Sumac
Rhus aromatica
Rhus aromatica Cole Camp, mo
Garden Phlox
Phlox paniculata
Phlox paniculata Sedalia, mo
Giant Ragweed, Great Ragweed, Palmate Ragweed
Ambrosia trifida
Ambrosia trifida Cole Camp, mo
Golden Alexanders
Zizia aurea
Zizia aurea Cole Camp, mo
Golden Ragwort, Golden Groundsel, Squaw Weed
Packera aurea
Packera aurea Cole Camp, mo
Hydrastis canadensis
Hydrastis canadensis Cole Camp, mo
Grapefruit 'Ruby Red'
Citrus x paradisi
Citrus x paradisi Fort Myers, fl
Gray-headed Coneflower, Pinnate Prairie Coneflower
Ratibida pinnata
Ratibida pinnata Cole Camp, mo
Great Blue Lobelia
Lobelia siphilitica
Lobelia siphilitica Cole Camp, mo
Great Mullein, Common Mullein, Aaron's Rod, Adam's Flannel, Fairy Tale Plant
Verbascum thapsus
Verbascum thapsus Cole Camp, mo
Corylus americana
Corylus americana Cole Camp, mo
Hedge Bindweed, Wild Morning Glory
Calystegia sepium
Calystegia sepium Cole Camp, mo
Hedge Parsley
Torilis arvensis
Torilis arvensis Cole Camp, mo
Hemp Dogbane, Indian Hemp
Apocynum cannabinum
Apocynum cannabinum Cole Camp, mo
Henbit, Deadnettle
Lamium amplexicaule
Lamium amplexicaule Cole Camp, mo
Hoary Puccoon, Yellow Puccoon, Indian Paint, Gromwell
Lithospermum canescens
Lithospermum canescens Cole Camp, mo
Hoary Vervain
Verbena stricta
Verbena stricta Cole Camp, mo
Honey Locust
Gleditsia triacanthos
Gleditsia triacanthos Sedalia, mo
Humulus lupulus
Humulus lupulus Stover, mo
Solanum carolinense
Solanum carolinense Cole Camp, mo
Ivy-Leaved Morning Glory
Ipomoea hederacea
Ipomoea hederacea Cole Camp, mo
Japanese Hops
Humulus japonicus
Humulus japonicus Cole Camp, mo
Jerusalem Artichoke, Sunchoke
Helianthus tuberosus
Helianthus tuberosus Cole Camp, mo
Sorghum halepense
Sorghum halepense Cole Camp, mo
Ladino Clover, White Clover, White Dutch Clover
Trifolium repens
Trifolium repens Cole Camp, mo
Lamb's-Quarters, White Goosefoot, Fat Hen, Wild Spinach
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium album Cole Camp, mo
Late Figwort, Carpenter's Square, Eastern Figwort
Scrophularia marilandica
Scrophularia marilandica Cole Camp, mo
Late-flowering Boneset, Late-flowering Thoroughwort
Eupatorium serotinum
Eupatorium serotinum Cole Camp, mo
Lead Plant
Amorpha canescens
Amorpha canescens Cole Camp, mo
Lemon Balm
Melissa officinalis
Melissa officinalis Cole Camp, mo
Louisiana Blue Phlox, Woodland Phlox, Wild Sweet William, Wild Blue Phlox
Phlox divaricata
Phlox divaricata Cole Camp, mo
Lowbush Blueberry, Wild Blueberry
Vaccinium angustifolium
Vaccinium angustifolium Cole Camp, mo
Man of the Earth, Big-root Morning Glory, Wild Potato Vine
Ipomoea pandurata
Ipomoea pandurata Cole Camp, mo
Many-ray Aster, Woodland Aster
Symphyotrichum anomalum
Symphyotrichum anomalum Cole Camp, mo
Marsh Horsetail
Equisetum palustre
Equisetum palustre Cole Camp, mo
Missouri gooseberry
Ribes missouriense
Ribes missouriense Cole Camp, mo
Musk Thistle, Nodding Plumeless Thistle
Carduus nutans
Carduus nutans Cole Camp, mo
Nanking Bush Cherry
Prunus tomentosa
Prunus tomentosa Cole Camp, mo
Northern Sea Oats, Spangle Grass, Indian Woodoats, Broadleaf Uniola, Wild Oats, River Oats
Chasmanthium latifolium
Chasmanthium latifolium Cole Camp, mo
Obedient Plant, False Dragonhead
Physostegia virginiana
Physostegia virginiana Cole Camp, mo
Ohio Buckeye
Aesculus glabra
Aesculus glabra Otterville, mo
Ohio Spiderwort, Bluejacket, Snotweed
Tradescantia ohiensis
Tradescantia ohiensis Cole Camp, mo
One-Seeded Bur Cucumber
Sicyos angulatus
Sicyos angulatus Sedalia, mo
Orange Daylily, Tawny Daylily, Ditch Lily
Hemerocallis fulva
Hemerocallis fulva Cole Camp, mo
Osage Orange, Bois d'arc, Bodock Tree, Horse Apple, Hedge Apple
Maclura pomifera
Maclura pomifera Sedalia, mo
Ox-Eye Daisy 'Vulgare'
Leucanthemum Cole Camp, mo
Ox-Eye Daisy 'Vulgare'
Leucanthemum Cole Camp, mo
Ox-Eye Daisy 'Vulgare'
Leucanthemum Cole Camp, mo
Ozark Bluestar, Shining Blue Star
Amsonia illustris
Amsonia illustris Cole Camp, mo
Pale Coneflower, Pink Coneflower, Tall Coneflower
Echinacea pallida
Echinacea pallida Cole Camp, mo
Palespike Lobelia, Spiked Lobelia
Lobelia spicata
Lobelia spicata Cole Camp, mo
Partridge Pea, Sleeping Plant, Beach Sensitive Pea
Chamaecrista fasciculata
Chamaecrista fasciculata Cole Camp, mo
Pencil Flower
Stylosanthes biflora
Stylosanthes biflora Cole Camp, mo
Perforate St. John's Wort, Common St. John's Wort
Hypericum perforatum
Hypericum perforatum Cole Camp, mo
Plantain-leaf Pussytoes, Woman's Tobacco
Antennaria plantaginifolia
Antennaria plantaginifolia Cole Camp, mo
Poison Ivy, Eastern Poison Ivy
Toxicodendron radicans
Toxicodendron radicans Cole Camp, mo
Prairie Blue-Eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium campestre
Sisyrinchium campestre Cole Camp, mo
Prairie Mallow, Scarlet Globemallow, Cowboy's Delight
Sphaeralcea coccinea
Sphaeralcea coccinea Utica, ks
Prairie Rose
Rosa setigera
Rosa setigera Cole Camp, mo
Prairie Rose
Rosa setigera
Rosa setigera Sedalia, mo
Prickly Pear Cactus, Palma-Brava, Opuntia
Opuntia monacantha
Opuntia monacantha Cole Camp, mo
Purple Milkweed
Asclepias purpurascens
Asclepias purpurascens Cole Camp, mo
Pursh, Rose Pink, Rose Gentian
Sabatia angularis
Sabatia angularis Cole Camp, mo
Queendevil, Gronovius' Hawkweed
Hieracium gronovii
Hieracium gronovii Cole Camp, mo
Red Cedar Juniper, Eastern Red Cedar
Juniperus virginiana
Juniperus virginiana Cole Camp, mo
Red Clover
Trifolium pratense
Trifolium pratense Cole Camp, mo
Red Dead Nettle, Purple Dead Nettle
Lamium purpureum
Lamium purpureum Cole Camp, mo
Rose Verbena, Clump Verbena, Homestead Verbena
Glandularia canadensis
Glandularia canadensis Cole Camp, mo
Rose Verbena, Purple Verbena, Homestead Verbena 'Taylortown Red'
Glandularia canadensis
Glandularia canadensis Sedalia, mo
Rose of Sharon, Althea
Hibiscus syriacus
Hibiscus syriacus Cole Camp, mo
Rough Horsetail, Scouring Rush, Winter Scouring Rush, Common Scouring Rush, Dutch Rush
Equisetum hyemale
Equisetum hyemale Cole Camp, mo
Rough-leaf Dogwood
Cornus drummondii
Cornus drummondii Cole Camp, mo
Rue Anemone, Wood Anemone, Windflower, Crowfoot
Thalictrum thalictroides
Thalictrum thalictroides Cole Camp, mo
Sampson's Snakeroot
Orbexilum pedunculatum
Orbexilum pedunculatum Cole Camp, mo
Scarlet Indian Paintbrush
Castilleja coccinea
Castilleja coccinea Cole Camp, mo
Scrub Dayflower, Slender Dayflower, Whitemouth Dayflower, Hierba de Pollo
Commelina erecta
Commelina erecta Cole Camp, mo
Seedbox, Bushy Waterprimrose
Ludwigia alternifolia
Ludwigia alternifolia Cole Camp, mo
Self-Heal, Selfheal, Heal All
Prunella vulgaris
Prunella vulgaris Cole Camp, mo
Sensitive Briar, Cat's Claw, Fourvalve Mimosa
Mimosa quadrivalvis
Mimosa quadrivalvis Cole Camp, mo
Shagbark Hickory
Carya ovata
Carya ovata Cole Camp, mo
Capsella bursa-pastoris
Capsella bursa-pastoris Cole Camp, mo
Showy Stonecrop 'Autumn Joy'
Sedum telephium
Sedum telephium Cole Camp, mo
Slender Bush Clover
Lespedeza virginica
Lespedeza virginica Cole Camp, mo
Slender Mountain Mint, Narrow-leaved Mountain Mint
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Cole Camp, mo
Small Skullcap
Scutellaria parvula
Scutellaria parvula Cole Camp, mo
Smartweed Dodder
Cuscuta polygonorum
Cuscuta polygonorum Cole Camp, mo
Smooth Sumac
Rhus glabra
Rhus glabra Cole Camp, mo
Smooth Yellow Violet
Viola pensylvanica
Viola pensylvanica Cole Camp, mo
Snow on the Mountain
Euphorbia marginata
Euphorbia marginata Cole Camp, mo
Soapwort, Bouncing Bet, Goodbye Summer
Saponaria officinalis
Saponaria officinalis Cole Camp, mo
Species, Natural Hybrid Orchid, Slender Ladies' Tresses, Spiranthes
Spiranthes lacera
Spiranthes lacera Cole Camp, mo
Spotted Jewel Weed, Touch-Me-Not
Impatiens capensis
Impatiens capensis Cole Camp, mo
Spotted Lady's Thumb, Red Shank, Crab's Claw, Lady's Pinch, Redleg, Peachwort, Kiss Me Over The Gard
Persicaria maculosa
Persicaria maculosa Cole Camp, mo
Spotted St. Johnswort, Spotted St. John's Wort
Hypericum punctatum
Hypericum punctatum Cole Camp, mo
Spring Beauty, Good Morning Spring, Virginia Springbeauty
Claytonia virginica
Claytonia virginica Cole Camp, mo
Spring Larkspur, Dwarf Larkspur
Delphinium tricorne
Delphinium tricorne Cole Camp, mo
Squaw Weed, Prairie Ragwort, Prairie Groundsel
Packera plattensis
Packera plattensis Cole Camp, mo
Star of Bethlehem, Nap at Noon, Snowdrop, Eleven-o'clock Lady, Sleepydick
Ornithogalum umbellatum
Ornithogalum umbellatum Cole Camp, mo
Starry Campion, Widow's Frill
Silene stellata
Silene stellata Cole Camp, mo
Starry Campion, Widow's Frill
Silene stellata
Silene stellata Cole Camp, mo
Strawberry 'Ozark Beauty'
Fragaria x ananassa
Fragaria x ananassa Cole Camp, mo
Strawberry 'Sequoia'
Fragaria x ananassa
Fragaria x ananassa Cole Camp, mo
Helianthus annuus
Helianthus annuus Cole Camp, mo
Swamp Smartweed
Polygonum hydropiperoides
Polygonum hydropiperoides Cole Camp, mo
Sweet Cherry 'Bing'
Prunus avium
Prunus avium Cole Camp, mo
Sweet Cherry 'Black Tartarian'
Prunus avium
Prunus avium Cole Camp, mo
Sweet Cudweed, Old-Field Balsam, Life-Everlasting, Rabbit Tobacco, Indian Posy, Cat's Foot
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium Cole Camp, mo
Sweet Pea, Everlasting Pea
Lathyrus latifolius
Lathyrus latifolius Stover, mo
Tall Bellflower
Campanulastrum americanum
Campanulastrum americanum Cole Camp, mo
Tall Thistle
Cirsium altissimum
Cirsium altissimum Cole Camp, mo
Tiny Bluet, Least Bluet
Houstonia pusilla
Houstonia pusilla Cole Camp, mo
Tomato 'Big Boy'
Lycopersicon lycopersicum
Lycopersicon lycopersicum Cole Camp, mo
Cardamine concatenata
Cardamine concatenata Cole Camp, mo
Trumpet Vine, Trumpet Creeper, Cow-Itch Vine
Campsis radicans
Campsis radicans Sedalia, mo
Two-flower Dwarf Dandelion
Krigia biflora
Krigia biflora Cole Camp, mo
Variegated Tropical Hibiscus 'Snow Queen'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Fort Myers, fl
Velvet Leaf, Butter Print, China Jute
Abutilon theophrasti
Abutilon theophrasti Cole Camp, mo
Venus' Looking Glass
Legousia speculum-veneris
Legousia speculum-veneris Cole Camp, mo
Violet Wood Sorrel
Oxalis violacea
Oxalis violacea Cole Camp, mo
Virginia Bluebells, Virginia Cowslip, Lungwort Oysterleaf
Mertensia virginica
Mertensia virginica Cole Camp, mo
Virginia Creeper, Woodbine
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Cole Camp, mo
Virginia Strawberry, Wild Strawberry
Fragaria virginiana
Fragaria virginiana Cole Camp, mo
Virginia Threeseed Mercury, Rhomboid Copperleaf, Diamond Three-Seeded Mercury
Acalypha rhomboidea
Acalypha rhomboidea Cole Camp, mo
Weedy Yellow Nutsedge, Weedy Nutsedge, Weedy Nutgrass
Cyperus esculentus
Cyperus esculentus Cole Camp, mo
Western Ironweed, Baldwin's Ironweed
Vernonia baldwinii
Vernonia baldwinii Cole Camp, mo
White Mulberry
Morus alba
Morus alba Sedalia, mo
White Oak, Charter Oak
Quercus alba
Quercus alba Cole Camp, mo
Wild Bergamot
Monarda fistulosa
Monarda fistulosa Cole Camp, mo
Wild Black Cherry
Prunus serotina
Prunus serotina Cole Camp, mo
Wild Carrot, Queen Anne's Lace
Daucus carota
Daucus carota Cole Camp, mo
Wild Four O'Clock, Heartleaf Four O'Clock, Nightblooming Four O'Clock
Mirabilis nyctaginea
Mirabilis nyctaginea Cole Camp, mo
Wild Garlic, Field Garlic
Allium vineale
Allium vineale Cole Camp, mo
Wild Petunia
Ruellia humilis
Ruellia humilis Cole Camp, mo
Wild Plum, American Plum, Goose Plum
Prunus americana
Prunus americana Cole Camp, mo
Wild Quinine, American Feverfew
Parthenium integrifolium
Parthenium integrifolium Cole Camp, mo
Wingstem, Yellow Ironweed
Verbesina alternifolia
Verbesina alternifolia Cole Camp, mo
Winterberry Holly, Black Alder
Ilex verticillata
Ilex verticillata Cole Camp, mo
Wood Betony, Canadian Lousewort
Pedicularis canadensis
Pedicularis canadensis Cole Camp, mo
Woolly Blue Violet, Sister Violet
Viola sororia
Viola sororia Cole Camp, mo
Yarrow, Milfoil, Staunchweed, Sanguinary, Thousandleaf, Soldier's Woundwort
Achillea millefolium
Achillea millefolium Cole Camp, mo
Yellow Sweet Clover, Ribbed Melilot
Melilotus officinalis
Melilotus officinalis Cole Camp, mo
Yellow Wood Sorrel
Oxalis stricta
Oxalis stricta Cole Camp, mo

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