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Plants grown happily by mswestover

Common nameLatin nameLocation
Abutilon, Flowering Maple 'Luteus'
Abutilon Yulee, fl
Abutilon, Flowering Maple 'Marginata'
Abutilon pictum
Abutilon pictum Yulee, fl
Abutilon, Flowering Maple 'Souvenir de Bonn'
Abutilon Yulee, fl
Adenium arabicum
Adenium arabicum Yulee, fl
African Mask, Amazon Elephant's Ear 'Amazonica'
Alocasia Yulee, fl
Agave, Century Plant, American Aloe, Maguey
Agave americana var. medio-picta
Agave americana var. medio-picta Yulee, fl
Agave, Century Plant, American Aloe, Maguey
Agave americana
Agave americana Yulee, fl
Alocasia 'Purpley'
Alocasia Yulee, fl
Amaryllis 'Hermitage'
Hippeastrum Yulee, fl
Asiatic Lily 'Sunray'
Lilium Yulee, fl
Autumn Sage 'Hot Lips'
Salvia x jamensis
Salvia x jamensis Yulee, fl
Bamboo Muhly, Faury Bamboo
Muhlenbergia dumosa
Muhlenbergia dumosa Yulee, fl
Bear's Breeches, Oyster Plant
Acanthus mollis
Acanthus mollis Yulee, fl
Bengal Clock Vine, Blue Sky Vine
Thunbergia grandiflora
Thunbergia grandiflora Yulee, fl
Black Bamboo 'Black Jade'
Phyllostachys nigra
Phyllostachys nigra Yulee, fl
Blackberry Lily, Leopard Lily 'Freckle Face'
Iris domestica
Iris domestica Yulee, fl
Blue Ginger
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora Yulee, fl
Blue Mist Spiraea, Bluebeard 'First Choice'
Caryopteris x clandonensis
Caryopteris x clandonensis Yulee, fl
Bolivian Jew, Turtle Vine, Chain Plant, Inch Plant
Callisia repens
Callisia repens Yulee, fl
Boston Fern, Sword Fern
Nephrolepis exaltata
Nephrolepis exaltata Yulee, fl
Candle Bush, Empress Candle Plant, Candletree, Candelabra Bush, Ringworm Tree, Candlestick Cassia
Senna alata
Senna alata Yulee, fl
Cherokee Bean, Coral Bean
Erythrina herbacea
Erythrina herbacea Yulee, fl
Chinese Wisteria
Wisteria sinensis
Wisteria sinensis Yulee, fl
Chinese Yellow Banana, Golden Lotus Banana
Musella lasiocarpa
Musella lasiocarpa Yulee, fl
Christmas Senna, Winter Cassia
Senna bicapsularis
Senna bicapsularis Yulee, fl
Cigar Plant
Cuphea melvillea
Cuphea melvillea Yulee, fl
Common Camellia, Japanese Camellia 'La Peppermint'
Camellia japonica
Camellia japonica Yulee, fl
Crab Claws, Hanging Lobster Claw
Heliconia rostrata
Heliconia rostrata Yulee, fl
Crossvine, Cross-Vine, Trumpet Flower 'Tangerine Beauty'
Bignonia capreolata
Bignonia capreolata Yulee, fl
Cycad, Japanese Sago Palm, King Sago Palm, Sago Cycas, Sago Palm 'Aurea'
Cycas revoluta
Cycas revoluta Yulee, fl
Dancing Ladies Ginger, Dancing Girls Ginger 'Purest Angel'
Globba winitii
Globba winitii Yulee, fl
Dancing Ladies Ginger, Dancing Girls Ginger, Jungle Jewels Ginger 'Mauve Dancing Girl'
Globba winitii
Globba winitii Yulee, fl
Devil's Backbone, Japanese Poinsettia, Slipper Spurge, Redbird Cactus, Christmas Candle
Euphorbia tithymaloides
Euphorbia tithymaloides Yulee, fl
Drago, Dragon Tree
Dracaena draco
Dracaena draco Yulee, fl
Dragon Flower, Dragon Arum, Voodoo Lily, Black Lily
Dracunculus vulgaris
Dracunculus vulgaris Yulee, fl
Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia gigantea
Aristolochia gigantea Yulee, fl
Dutchman's Pipe Cactus, Night blooming Cereus
Epiphyllum oxypetalum
Epiphyllum oxypetalum Yulee, fl
Dwarf African Mask,Dwarf Amazon Elephant's Ear 'Poly'
Alocasia Yulee, fl
Eastern Prickly Pear, Devil's Tongue, Low Prickly Pear
Opuntia humifusa
Opuntia humifusa Yulee, fl
Elephant Ear, Taro 'Big Dipper'
Colocasia esculenta
Colocasia esculenta Yulee, fl
Empress Tree
Paulownia elongata
Paulownia elongata Yulee, fl
False Banana, Abyssinian Banana, Wild Banana
Ensete ventricosum
Ensete ventricosum Yulee, fl
Firecracker Plant, Coral Plant, Coralblow, Fountain Plant
Russelia equisetiformis
Russelia equisetiformis Yulee, fl
French Kiss
Costus spicatus
Costus spicatus Yulee, fl
Ghost Fern 'Ghost'
Athyrium Yulee, fl
Ginger 'Giant Plume'
Curcuma elata
Curcuma elata Yulee, fl
Gloriosa Lily, Glory Lily 'Rothschildiana'
Gloriosa superba
Gloriosa superba Yulee, fl
Golden Dew Drop, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry 'Sweet Memories'
Duranta erecta
Duranta erecta Yulee, fl
Golden Dew Drop, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry 'Sweet Memories'
Duranta erecta
Duranta erecta Yulee, fl
Golden Lobster Claw, Expanded Lobster Claw
Heliconia latispatha
Heliconia latispatha Yulee, fl
Golden Rat Tail
Cleistocactus winteri
Cleistocactus winteri Yulee, fl
Graptoveria 'Fred Ives'
X Graptoveria
X Graptoveria Yulee, fl
Gulf Muhly Grass, Gulf Hairawn Muhle
Muhlenbergia capillaris var. filipes
Muhlenbergia capillaris var. filipes Yulee, fl
Hardy Ginger Lily 'Moy Giant'
Hedychium Yulee, fl
Hawaiian Umbrella Tree, Dwarf Umbrella Plant 'Trinette'
Schefflera arboricola
Schefflera arboricola Yulee, fl
Hoya, Wax Plant, Porcelain Flower
Hoya cumingiana
Hoya cumingiana Yulee, fl
Hummingbird Bush, Flame Acanthus, Wright Anisacanth, Muicle
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii Yulee, fl
Hummingbird Plant, Uruguayan Firecracker Plant
Dicliptera suberecta
Dicliptera suberecta Yulee, fl
Hybrid Hot Pepper, Ghost Pepper 'Bhut Jolokia'
Capsicum chinense
Capsicum chinense Yulee, fl
Japanese Fiber Banana, Japanese Hardy Banana
Musa basjoo
Musa basjoo Yulee, fl
Jenny's Stonecrop, Crooked Yellow Sedum, Stone Orpine, Spruce-leaved Stonecrop, Prickmadam 'Angelina'
Sedum rupestre
Sedum rupestre Yulee, fl
Kangaroo Fern
Microsorum pustulatum
Microsorum pustulatum Yulee, fl
Lamb's Ear
Stachys byzantina
Stachys byzantina Yulee, fl
Lavender Scallops, Kalanchoe Stonecrop
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi Yulee, fl
Lemon Bottlebrush, Crimson Bottlebrush
Callistemon citrinus
Callistemon citrinus Yulee, fl
Lily of the Nile 'Storm Cloud'
Agapanthus orientalis
Agapanthus orientalis Yulee, fl
Lily of the Nile, African Lily
Agapanthus africanus
Agapanthus africanus Yulee, fl
Lion's Ear, Lion's Tail, Wild Dagga
Leonotis leonurus
Leonotis leonurus Yulee, fl
Lobster Claw, Parrot's Beak
Heliconia schiedeana
Heliconia schiedeana Yulee, fl
Macho Fern, Giant Sword Fern 'Macho'
Nephrolepis biserrata
Nephrolepis biserrata Yulee, fl
Man Fern, Soft Tree Fern, Tasmanian Tree Fern, Wooly Tree Fern
Dicksonia antarctica
Dicksonia antarctica Yulee, fl
Marmalade Bush, Orange Browallia
Streptosolen jamesonii
Streptosolen jamesonii Yulee, fl
Mediterranean Bells, Sicilian Honey Lily, Ornamental Onion, Sicilian Garlic
Nectaroscordum siculum
Nectaroscordum siculum Yulee, fl
Mexican Bush Sage
Salvia leucantha
Salvia leucantha Yulee, fl
Mexican Flame Vine, Orange Glow Vine
Senecio confusus
Senecio confusus Yulee, fl
Mexican Sunflower, Bolivian Sunflower, Marigold Tree
Tithonia diversifolia
Tithonia diversifolia Yulee, fl
Mother of Thousands, Mexican Hat Plant 'Jaws of Life'
Kalanchoe daigremontiana
Kalanchoe daigremontiana Yulee, fl
Nephytis, Arrowhead Vine, Five Fingers, Goosefoot Arrowvine 'Albo-Variegatum'
Syngonium podophyllum
Syngonium podophyllum Yulee, fl
Night Blooming Jasmine, Night Scented Jessamine, Queen of the Night
Cestrum nocturnum
Cestrum nocturnum Yulee, fl
Orange Bottlebrush Ginger, Red Butterfly Ginger
Hedychium coccineum
Hedychium coccineum Yulee, fl
Ostrich Fern, Garden Fern, Shuttlecock Fern
Matteuccia struthiopteris
Matteuccia struthiopteris Yulee, fl
Palm Grass
Setaria palmifolia
Setaria palmifolia Yulee, fl
Parrot's Beak
Gmelina philippensis
Gmelina philippensis Yulee, fl
Pink Fruiting Banana
Musa velutina
Musa velutina Yulee, fl
Pink Trumpet Ginger, Dwarf Ginger Lily
Siphonochilus kirkii
Siphonochilus kirkii Yulee, fl
Pomegranate 'Wonderful'
Punica granatum
Punica granatum Yulee, fl
Rabbit's Foot Fern, Lacy Paw, Lacy Hare's Foot, Fijian Hares' Foot Fern
Davallia fejeensis
Davallia fejeensis Yulee, fl
Rangoon Creeper, Drunken Sailor
Combretum indica
Combretum indica Yulee, fl
Resurrection Fern, Little Gray Polypody
Pleopeltis polypodioides
Pleopeltis polypodioides Yulee, fl
Rice-Paper Tree
Tetrapanax papyrifer
Tetrapanax papyrifer Yulee, fl
Rose Glory Bower, Cashmere Bouquet, Mexicali Rose, Mexican Hydrangea
Clerodendrum bungei
Clerodendrum bungei Yulee, fl
Rose of Sharon, Althea
Hibiscus syriacus
Hibiscus syriacus Yulee, fl
Rosy Garlic
Allium roseum
Allium roseum Yulee, fl
Siam Tulip
Curcuma alismatifolia
Curcuma alismatifolia Yulee, fl
Spanish Flag, Firecracker Vine, Exotic Love Vine
Ipomoea lobata
Ipomoea lobata Yulee, fl
Species Orchid, Ground-rooting Epi, Fire-star Orchid, Rainbow Orchid, Epidendrum
Epidendrum radicans
Epidendrum radicans Yulee, fl
Species Orchid, Nun's Orchid, Nun's Cap Orchid, Phaius
Phaius tankervilleae
Phaius tankervilleae Yulee, fl
Spike Speedwell 'Purpleicious'
Veronica spicata
Veronica spicata Yulee, fl
Spiral Ginger
Costus spiralis
Costus spiralis Yulee, fl
Striped Giant Reed 'Variegata'
Arundo donax
Arundo donax Yulee, fl
Swamp Hibiscus, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Texas Star, Scarlet Hibiscus
Hibiscus coccineus
Hibiscus coccineus Yulee, fl
Tall Bearded Iris 'Best Bet'
Iris Yulee, fl
Tall Bearded Iris 'Champagne Elegance'
Iris Yulee, fl
Tall Bearded Iris 'Clarence'
Iris Yulee, fl
Tall Bearded Iris 'Painted Clouds'
Iris Yulee, fl
Tall Bearded Iris 'Pass The Wine'
Iris Yulee, fl
Tall Bearded Iris 'Pink Attraction'
Iris Yulee, fl
Tall Bearded Iris 'Tennison Ridge'
Iris Yulee, fl
Tall Bearded Iris 'Victoria Falls'
Iris Yulee, fl
Trailing Abutilon, Flowering Maple, Chinese Lanterns
Abutilon megapotamicum
Abutilon megapotamicum Yulee, fl
Tree Dahlia
Dahlia imperialis
Dahlia imperialis Yulee, fl
Tropical Hibiscus 'El Capitolio Sport'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Yulee, fl
Tropical Hibiscus 'President'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Yulee, fl
Tropical Hibiscus 'President'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Yulee, fl
Tulip Poplar, Tulip Tree 'Integrifolium'
Liriodendron tulipifera
Liriodendron tulipifera Yulee, fl
Tulip Tree 'Mediopictum'
Liriodendron Tulipifera
Liriodendron Tulipifera Yulee, fl
Umbrella Plant, Umbrella Papyrus, Umbrella Palm
Cyperus involucratus
Cyperus involucratus Yulee, fl
Upright Elephant Ear, Giant Taro, Wild Taro
Alocasia macrorrhizos
Alocasia macrorrhizos Yulee, fl
Upright Elephant Ear, Giant Taro, Wild Taro
Alocasia macrorrhizos
Alocasia macrorrhizos Yulee, fl
Upright Elephant Ear, Giant Taro, Wild Taro 'Borneo Giant'
Alocasia macrorrhizos
Alocasia macrorrhizos Yulee, fl
Variegated Pinecone Ginger, Variegated Pine Cone Ginger 'Variegata'
Zingiber zerumbet
Zingiber zerumbet Yulee, fl
Walking Iris, Apostle Plant
Neomarica gracilis
Neomarica gracilis Yulee, fl
Wu Wei Zi, Chinese Magnolia Vine
Schisandra chinensis
Schisandra chinensis Yulee, fl
Yellow Jessamine, Carolina Yellow Jasmine
Gelsemium sempervirens
Gelsemium sempervirens Yulee, fl
Yunnan Banana 'Gigantea'
Musa itinerans
Musa itinerans Yulee, fl

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